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Eating a Nic’s Keto Healthy Fatty Diet Reduces Body Weight and Improves Cardiovascular Health Markers

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If you’re tired of hunting for low-fat foods to keep your waist trim, you will be happy to hear that Professor Nikolaos Tzenios PhD has potentially found a diet where eating fat is healthy. It has been suggested that consuming a diet of healthy fats can both reduce your body weight, and notably improve your cardiovascular health.

Nic’s Keto Diet has been investigated by KGK Science, a highly regarded Canadian clinical research team, and the results will likely shock you. A ketogenic diet focuses on consuming a high level of fat while refraining from eating large quantities of carbohydrates, thus pushing your body to store fat differently and use it as fuel.

This open-label clinical study found that participants in the experiment saw a reduction in body fat percentage of a huge 4.41% over a 140-day period, simply by consuming a diet made up of 5% carbohydrates, 25% protein and a huge 70% from fat sources.

All participants, a mix of healthy men and women, started this experiment with a mildly elevated LDL cholesterol level and ended the 5-month trial with an elevation in their healthy cholesterol (HDL) and a notable reduction in their blood sugar levels. 8.55kg of body weight was lost by the 11 participants who completed the trial, and the reduction of body fat percentage suggests that it was not muscle or water being significantly reduced in the process.

In summary, this study suggests that Nic’s Keto Diet can indeed improve body composition and cardiovascular health markers.

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