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VII Hills Unveils New Bottle & Is First Spirit Brand in the UK to Become Blockchain Certified

By Posted on 2 m read

Known for being one of the best Italian dry gins in the world, the multi-award winning Seven Hills has unveiled a modern new look, inspired by the hills that established the foundation of Roman civilization and culture. 100% Italian-made, Seven Hills is committed to delivering the most authentic Italian experience, using botanicals, ingredients and materials, …

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BEPPS Launches Plant-Based Puffed Snacks

BEPPS, a proudly plant-based British brand, that provides flavourful and nutrient-rich alternatives to traditional crisps in classic beloved flavours, has launched its new family-friendly 70g sharing bags into Asda stores nationwide.

The all-natural, light and crispy puffs are a delicious, plant-based source of protein and fibre with half the calories …

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Brand New Martini Cocktail Cans from Gordon’s & Smirnoff

From trying to master new skills to finding creative ways to celebrate occasions at home, this year we’ve made the most of getting inventive with how we have fun. Whipping up a delicious cocktail can turn any evening at home into a special one, and what’s more classic than the martini cocktail? From the original …

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Hunter & Gather Launch 3 Unsweetened Keto Orientated Ketchups

With an already significant presence in ‘Optimal Health,’ clean-deck condiments, it was only a matter of time before Hunter & Gather entered the ketchup fray with an unsweetened tomato sauce offer (Unsweetened Classic Tomato, Unsweetened Barbecue & Unsweetened Spicy Chipotle) that uses only organic tomatoes and absolutely no added sugars, dates, fruits or …

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The Next Gen of Cheddar Is Here: Meet the Megablock

In a year of change and challenges, one thing has remained consistent: the UK’s love of cheese. Top of our ranks is the mighty cheddar – whether you slice it, grate it, munch it or crunch it, we want our cheese to go the extra mile in pushing the flavour boundaries and never want to …

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Lo Bros Launches CBD Kombucha and Gut Shots

Lo Bros, the living beverage brand on a mission to bring drinks to life with its unique range of innovative and vegan soft drinks, is launching Organic Gut Shots and Blueberry Lemonade CBD Kombucha. The products will retail on the functional drinks bay in Sainsbury’s …

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