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Grow Tomatoes in Pots – How to Grow Tomatoes in Pots by Graham Shear

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Although many people believe that growing tomatoes in pots is an impossible dream, there are quite a few ways to make it possible. Graham Shear reveals how a vast majority of people don’t really know how grow tomatoes in pots and that is a shame. Those who have the correct information will be safe with their growing through these tips.

In theory there are three ways for tomatoes to be grown in containers. The three main methods are container gardening, growing in a large pot, and the hanging tomato garden. The homemade varieties of tomato pots can thank you for growing them.

Growing In Pots

You can start growing your tomatoes in a container just about anything, including plastic baskets, canning jars, between the planter and the wall. The important thing to make sure is that the pot has good drainage to avoid root damage.

Container gardening is the cheapest and easiest to do. After you get your plants thriving you can move them to a larger container. By doing this you are also giving your plants the support they need to strive even for the smallest distance.

Below you will find a few simple tomatoes that can be grown in containers.

“By the way, these are the three methods that are usually used in the container gardening method.” explains Graham Shear, “What you will need to make your own containers is to start with a suitable potting soil and you also need a tomato plant.”

You can purchase the plant from your local nursery or you can make your own mix of soil. Tomato plants are very forgiving and really grow well in soil with other fruits and vegetables in it. You will be surprised to learn that your tomato plants produce lots of tomatoes unless you run them over with a fork, which damages them.

Tomato Potting Soil

You can make your own potting soil by mixing 1 1/2 pounds of perlite or vermiculite with 1 gallon of potting soil. This makes the soil light and yet retains lots of moisture. Mix the soil with sand and peat moss if you want a very neutral soil. You also need to add compost, humus, peat moss and fertilizers that are high in nitrogen.

Your soil should be an even mixture of sand and compost or you can just use the sand that you have lying around.

If you want to keep your plants from falling over be sure to add a small bag of potting soil into the hole before systeming in the plant.


Even though small pots are popular for growing small plants , large pots are often used with herbs and great for planting sideways.

After you add your peat moss to the mixture, add your soil mixture around the plant. Before throwing in your plants be sure to mix in fertilizer and some water retaining material. You will be placing your plant into the pot very soon. Be careful not to press too firmly on the plant when you are adding the soil mixture.

Hanging Pots

String baskets can be hung right over the open planter and your tomato plants will grow and thrive.

To begin potting your tomato plants, make holes about two inches deep and four inches wide in the bottom of the basket. You should also lay a blanket over the surface of the basket. The blanket should be the same height as the entire plant. Insert a fork into the bottom of the plant and lift the plant so dirt and roots can be placed next to the roots.

Add 1 1/2 pounds of perlite to the bottom of the basket and then ball it in with the help of dirt and place a top layer of weed free soil. Finally, add the rest of the soil and nutrients and water it well.

Water hungry plants well as well as plants that may already be in need of water.

Container Gardening In A Social RoundaboutThe reason that tomato plants grow so well in a pot is that it is a little more of a community affair. You are able to share your plantings with others and you can help each other.

There are many ways to get your plants into the ground but by doing so each time you add more soil, your plants maintain strength and health. To check weather it is accounted for Mountain Deadflower and wildflowers are not fertilized they just live.

It is easy to spot a few extra rocks after the tomato plant has been planted and test the soil by placing your hand into it three inches it will be again fine.

Once the weather has warmed up you will be more sure the plants are getting enough water and change the water once the plant begins to grow. The plants will be grown and we will know the weather is substantial enough to move outdoors and water them.

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