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The shocking number of speeding crimes committed by millennial drivers

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Millennial drivers are flying around the UK’s roads, committing more speeding offences than any other driving crime behind the wheel, new research has revealed.


A shocking 82% of fixed penalties issued by the police to drivers under 25 over the past two years* were for speeding, significantly higher than any other driving crime in the same timeframe.


Speeding, which results in fines, points or a speed awareness course, saw millennials snapped on both mobile and static cameras around the country.


Elsewhere younger drivers also took a relaxed approach to safety, with 7% caught not wearing seatbelts, with another 7% being guilty of driving without insurance.


The research, by auto retailer, Robins and Day, was compiled from UK police constabulary data and examined 16,858 separate cases of driving offences, where fixed penalties were issued to drivers.


Further information on the research can findings can be found here:


The cliché of millennials being addicted to their phones is also true when they’re behind the wheel. This particular crime, which has seen the police introduce tougher new laws, made up 4% of the recorded offences.


Robins and Day also asked young drivers a series of questions on what is and is not legal behind the wheel and found that more often than not, they could not tell the difference.


Nearly half of millennial drivers didn’t see any problem in fending off their hunger by tucking into something when driving behind the wheel, with a further 25% believing it was fine to use a horn when stationary- both of which can be motoring offences.


However, a third were wise enough to know they were legally allowed to blast out their music as loud as they wanted in the car. While some drivers mistakenly believed perfectly legal activities, were in fact against the law. These included: wearing headphones and driving with the interior light on.


Harry Pennington, Digital Marketing Manager at Robins and Day, said: “We were anticipating there to be a number of different offences committed by young drivers, however we weren’t predicting speeding offences to dominate the list of crimes we examined.


“Speeding puts not only the drivers, but other road users and pedestrians at risk. It’s important that the UK’s young drivers understand how serious it could be, and the punishments they could face as a result of it.


“We certainly were not expecting to see so many drivers unable to tell the difference with what’s legal or not when driving. With most being fresh from doing their driving tests, we’d think this knowledge would be recent in their minds.”

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Revealed: The Real Cost of True Love for Disney Princesses

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From Aladdin and Jasmine, to Cinderella and Prince Charming, marriage is at the heart of most Disney films…but which Disney princess boasts the most expensive engagement ring, and which settled for the more modest option?

Using real life valuations at today’s prices, jewellers, F.Hinds, can reveal how much some of the most famous Disney engagements would cost.

One princess reigns over the rest when it comes to the value of their happily ever afters, according to the research.

Belle, from Beauty and the Beast would be the queen of them all with her engagement ring valued at £100,000, nearly more than the eight other princesses combined.

Belle’s ring is made from platinum and set with a 4-carat yellow diamond surrounded by a halo of flawless diamonds, trumping her nearest rival, Princess Tiana, from Princess and the Frog by a massive £70,000.

The Beast, who judging by the size of his castle certainly isn’t short of a bob or two, has to find true love before the curse which gives his beastly appearance can be lifted.

The top 5 engagement rings were:

1: Belle: £100,000

2: Tiana: £30,000

3: Elsa and Jasmine: both £24,000

4: Snow White: £15,000

5: Ariel: £4,500

The research, carried out by jewellery experts, F.Hinds, also found that money wasn’t everything when it comes to true love. Some suiters could rely upon affection instead of the size of this wallets to win the hearts of their princesses.

Not all the princes would have to have to break the bank, as not every damsel would be expecting an extravagant ring. F.Hinds’ estimations found that some princesses would require a more modest proposal.

Flynn Rider would fair best on value, with his bride Rapunzel’s ring, coming in at a more humble £600, complete with amethyst and yellow gold. Elsewhere, Brave’s Princess Merida would have the second least expensive ring with her future prince only having to cough up £1,200.

Cinderella, arguably one of them most famous members of Disney royalty, would see Prince Charming put up £2,000 for her topaz stone and white gold ring. While Ariel from the Little Mermaid, would need Prince Eric to spend £4,500, for a pearl and white gold ring, to prise her from the ocean.

Steve Mellows, E-commerce Manager at F.Hinds said “Glitz and glamour is something that we all relate to when it comes to Disney princesses, so we thought we’d look at how much true love would cost in today’s economy.

“We know it’s all fantasy and we knew that these rings would be expensive, they are princesses after all, but we weren’t expecting the costs to vary so much.

“We thought the rings’ value would be much closer, especially between Belle and Cinderella, but this simply wasn’t the case, surprisingly Princess Belle’s is far more valuable than any others.

“It’s no surprise the Beast isn’t afraid to flash the cash, after all, it’s either stump up £100,000, or have the looks of a beast for the rest of his days.

“That being said, money was not everything when it came to true love, with some princesses the love of the prince was the key to their hearts and for a happily ever after.”

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A Round of Celebrity Poker

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The game of poker, while maybe not for everybody, certainly is an interesting way of living, especially when you are able to make ends meet. It can also be quite an exciting hobby. As far as the celebrities’ choices for killing time go, lots of them seem to be drawn to the thrills attached to the popular card game.

Some time ago we wrote about the real possibility of spotting celebrities while gaming online. We mentioned Ben Affleck as a likely candidate to be faced against at some of the best internet poker sites and rooms back in the day (he is now more of a blackjack guy). Popular actor is definitely not an isolated case of poker enthusiast in the Hollywood world. Batman’s best friend, Matt Damon, shares his passion for that kind of activities. Speaking of superheroes, ex-Spiderman Toby Maguire is no stranger to high stakes poker nights in L.A. It maybe absorbs him so much that he actually forgets to star in a movie from time to time. Also, once famous James Wood might be nowadays more recognizable for his game than contribution to cinematography. Some of the other significant mentions should involve: Jason Alexander (best known as George from Seinfeld) who likes to hit a local casino from time to time, Ray Romano (Everybody Loves Raymond) – frequent guest at WSOP events, renowned Kevin Pollack, Don Cheadle and fashionable comedy star Kevin Hart, who has been seen in the company of some industry legends such as Daniel Negreanu.

Let’s not forget about the one person who probably made the biggest name for herself in the poker world – Hollywood’s own Jennifer Tilly. Her ties to the profession run so deep she no longer can be called just actress who occasionally enjoys a nice evening at the table. One of her greatest accomplishments is winning WSOP ladies only tournament back in 2005. Playing for real while keeping a regular job might be easier for some and harder for others. There are few athletes and sports people, still having careers or retired, who have a thing for poker. Both Ronaldos, famous footballers of which one is still playing, were at some point involved in marketing campaigns for the game, same as their colleague Neymar. Fatima Moreira de Melo went deeper and became member of PokerStars PRO team since she had changed field hockey sticks for cards. Michael Phelps, multi-medallist swimmer, even in his active days was taking part in poker events and playing on his phone a lot.

The attention poker obtained from the rich and famous is substantial. There are many tournaments with celebrities, or specially for them, going around at various times of the year, often for charity purposes. One sure thing is they want to participate in exciting events, and another – that people want to see it. On telly if it’s possible. The living proof for this theory was American TV game show that ran for 5 seasons, called Celebrity Poker Showdown featuring famous personalities playing no limit Texas Hold’em against each other. Actors and actresses probably had the biggest representation but other professions were there, too. Some of the guests got hooked on the feeling and continued to pursue it after the show ended, like Shannon Elizabeth who came third in NBC National Heads-Up Championship in 2007.

Ben Affleck - World Series of Poker celebrity poker tournament - Rio Casino, Las Vegas

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Louis Walsh Narrates New Canine Christmas Movie

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TV Personality and X Factor judge Louis Walsh will be lending his voice to a new Christmas movie especially for dogs. The launch of the new festive TV Channel, Christmas 24 took place on the 21st October and, to celebrate, the channel has created a new Christmas movie which premiered on the 28th October at 4;50pm.


Merry Woofmas, will include a range of canine cameos from some popular furry Instagram friends including Ramsay the Staffy, Marcel Le Corgi and Mika the Huskey. Settling down with the whole family watching a film is an integral part of the festive season. Because of this, Christmas 24 will be celebrating the spirit of Christmas with an original new TV channel that is dedicated to offering Christmas movies. Merry Woofmas has been created by NBCUniversal International Networks and will no doubt be a hit for the whole family, in particular the four legged members.


The story in Merry Woofmas, will be narrated by X Factor’s Louis Walsh, and will see the Pyrenean Sheepdog Holly hoping that Santa will leave a big, juicy bone under the Christmas tree, just for her. However, even though Holly sees a lot of furry friends, coming to wish her Merry Christmas, there is no guarantee that she’ll get her which.


The Talent Show judge has said how much he enjoyed narrating this special movie for dogs. Merry Woofmas has been created because pets can be stimulated by a range of different sounds. The animal behaviourist Dr. Candy d’Sa and veterinarian Robert White-Adams have been a vital part of the making of this special Christmas movie, offering help with the scripting and production of the doggie movie in order to make sure that it contains a range of on-screen stimuli that will receive a positive response from dogs. These stimuli include making the movie in the dog’s visual colour spectrum of blues and yellows as well as offering slow-moving imagery and short scenes that can cater to a dog’s attention span.

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Bertinet Bakery Launch new Sourdough Loaf

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The Bertinet Bakery has announced the launch of a new product. The Bakery company has recently experienced a great deal of success following the launch of their sliced sourdough loaf. In order to expand their range while making the most of this previous success, the Bertinet Bakery have released a new, slightly smaller offering of the sour dough. This new product is a 500g loaf and ha been launched into 80 stores.

The bread was released at 80 different Waitrose stores across the country last week and it i thought that this new sourdough loaf will fill a gap in the market that offers an alternative to standard sliced bread. The Bertinet Bakery has developed this new sourdough product that is baked in tins and can offer the same uses as standard bread, without the additives. This loaf is slightly smaller than regular loaves, but the range includes both white and a darker malted wheat sourdough that is sold with malted wheat flakes melted onto the crust.

The Bertinet Bakery pride themselves on their new sourdough range, made out of a few simple ingredients and not having any additives. The new product resembles a standard loaf of bread but is healthier, natural and has a delicious full flavour. The Bakery already has an established Artisan range that has been developed in order to offer something for every type of bread lover. The Artisan range offered by the company is available in 35 different Waitrose stores across the UK. The Bertinet Bakery is owned and run by Richard Bertinet, the chef and author who has more than 35 years experience as a baker to utilise while baking. Bertinet’s four books all refer to a range of different baking aspects. Richard Bertinet’s The Bertinet Kitchen is also popular, as customers travel from around the world in order to learn how to bake.

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Aldi Told to Reconsider Adverts

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German supermarket and global discount chain Aldi, has been told by a self-regulatory group to reconsider adverts on YouTube as well as in print adverts.

Aldi, which is planning a $3.4bn U.S. expansion, gloated in print adverts that ran in Texas that shoppers could save up to 50% on their shopping bills by shopping at Aldi instead of Wal-Mart or Kroger.

Aldi also ran nationwide YouTube adverts which featured many well know bloggers and consumers uploading videos of them shopping at Aldi. The YouTube adverts reportedly included an on-screen statement that people “really do save up to 50%* by switching to Aldi,” the asterisk doesn’t link back to any disclosures.

HEB supermarket, which is based in San Antonio, Texas, challenged the adverts to the National Advertising Division (NAD), a self-regulatory unit administered by the Better Business Bureau. HEB supermarket argued that Aldi’s adverts were problematic for several reasons; including that the claims regarding discounts were based on comparisons between Aldi’s own private-label brands and national brands.

HEB alleged that it has three competing private-label brands for most of the products advertised by Aldi, and that HEB’s prices are either similar to or cheaper than Aldi’s private-label brands.

The National Advertising Division sided against Aldi and recommended that they stop running the challenged adverts and “ensure that the future price comparisons clearly define the basis of comparison, are limited based on the scope of comparison.”

The NAD added that if Aldi is comparing its prices to those of its competitors that sell their own private-label products, Aldi should “avoid the implication…that the competitor does not make the private-label product.”

It was also recommended that any disclosures by Aldi should be clear and conspicuous, and in close proximity to the claim.

Aldi feebly argued that the NAD lacked jurisdiction on the ground that the National Advertising Division only deals with national advertising.

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OakNorth Completes Loan with Notes

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OakNorth is a UK bank that can provide fast and flexible as well as accessible debt finance to entrepreneurs in order to grow their business. The bank is the first in the UK to have its core systems hosted completely on the cloud, this occurred in May of last year. OakNorth has also grown its loan book to £370 million and has raised from over 7,000 more than £280 million in retail deposits. It has also become one of the fastest growing financial service companies in the UK. Founded by Rishi Khosla and Joe Perlman because of the trouble they had securing financial backing for their entrepreneurial idea Copal Amba.

OakNorth has completed a loan to Notes, the specialty coffee, food and wine company worth £600,000. The company Notes has already opened six different sites across the centre of London and the funding will be put towards opening two more sites. The new Specialty shops will be located in Victoria and Angel Court. The Brand hopes that the current success they are experiencing could allow them room for a great deal of expansion.

This loan to Notes will be the first completed by OakNorth that falls under the British Bank’s Help to Grow scheme. OakNorth joined the scheme in January 2017, and hopefully this will not be the last loan completed under this new scheme set up to help fast growing businesses reach their full potential.

Notes is a company that combines the concepts of a coffee chain and wine bar, and has benefitted from the Help to Grow scheme which will aim to provide up to £2 million to fast-growth businesses in an attempt to target the £1 billion gap found in the up-scale lending area of finance.

Notes was launched in 2010 and since has built a reputation on the quality of its coffee. It is a company that is commonly named amongst London’s top 10 coffee shops, an impressive feat for the specialist brand.  In March 2015, Notes supplied the coffee for the winner of the UK Barista Champion.

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FUEL10K Founder Takes Part in Strathpuffer

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FUEL10K is the UK’s fastest growing breakfast brand, which was founded by Alex Matheson from Scotland, and this weekend Matheson tried his hand at something away from business as he took part in the physically demanding Strathpuffer event which took place in Strathpeffer in the Scottish Highlands.

Strathpuffer is a gruelling 24-hour mountain bike endurance event that takes places each year in Scotland, and Matheson used his history as an army captain that commanded tanks in Kosovo and Iraq to his advantage, as he trained extremely hard in preparation for the event for which he was representing his brand in as well as himself.

Prior to the event on 21st and 22nd January, Matheson commented, “I’m delighted to be taking part in my first Strathpuffer. When it comes to mountain bike challenges, they don’t come much tougher or more rewarding than this. FUEL10K is an active orientated brand and we’re on a mission to provide sporty people with exciting protein-rich breakfast products. Like our customers, we like to push ourselves and take part in challenging events too.”

2017 saw the most laps ever completed at a Strathpuffer event, and Alex Matheson and the rest of the participants had to brave the freezing conditions to complete the course. Strathpuffer’s Event Chief, Alastair Lawton, stated his delight at the fact that FUEL10K participated in the event, so maybe next year we will see the same from Matheson?

FUEL10K has plenty of innovative breakfast options, including the first meat-drink liquid breakfast, and the brand is now beginning to challenge household names such as Weetabix and Nestle. If the work ethic that Alex Matheson put into his training for Strathpuffer is anything like his business ethic, then you can certainly expect to be hearing more about FUEL10K in the near future as the brand continues its growth!

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S.Pellegrino Re-Launches Young Chef Competition

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The S. Pellegrino Young Chef competition which recognises leading young culinary talent from all over the world is officially returning this year, in what is set to be a hugely anticipated return that will see youngsters demonstrating and strengthening their skills through a series of challenges in a competition that will run over the course of 18 months.

The preliminary selection rounds and local competitions will take place throughout 2017, with the eventual winner of the Young Chef 2017/18 competition being announced during the Grand Final which will take place in Milan in June of next year, with applications opening on February 1st.

The competition really does provide young people with a fantastic platform to build themselves a career in the business, and they will gain valuable visibility on a global scale, so it really could be a life changing opportunity for some contestants and in particular the overall winner.

It is a great honour to be named S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2016,” commented the S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2016 winner, Mitch Lienhard of the United States. “The experience has provided many unforgettable moments so far, and I am thankful for the impact the title will have on my career. I look forward to continuing my work with S.Pellegrino, to help find the culinary world’s best new talent and serving as a mentor for future competitors.

This will be the third edition of the competition, with the 2015 competition being won by Mark Moriarty from Ireland, but this latest installment of Young Chef will span over the longest period of time. Central America – Caribbean has been added to the list of regions that are able to participate, with entries now available in English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French and Italian, so if you know anybody who has the ability to go far in the culinary world then you must get them involved!

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Top Marks for Champagne De Sousa

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Family-run champagne business Champagne de Sousa is a well-respected company based in France and currently owned by Erick de Sousa, who became the third generation owner in 1986. The company has enjoyed success recently after it was awarded a rating of 20/20 from a jury of champagne connoisseurs working for the well-respected French magazine ‘Terre de Vins’, thanks to its Cuvee 3A product.

This outstanding bottle of champagne combines the expertise of three villages in the Champagne region of France in Avize, Ay & Ambonnay, and the beverage was awarded the 20/20 rating in the December 2016 issue of the magazine, after a blind tasting session from the greatest Champagne houses.

This particular vintage combines the velvety Pinot Noir from Ay and Ambonnay with the freshness of the Chardonnay from Avize, with an appealing nose of lemon, mango and pineapple on top of its small but intense bubbly appearance.

It is extremely rare for Terre de Vins to hand out a perfect score and de Sousa has managed to be the first company to achieve this in five years of tasting, therefore it is expected that the Cuvee 3A will go on to become the star champagne of 2017.

The success is testament to the work that Erick de Sousa has been doing since he took over at de Sousa, and he has managed to gain a reputation along the way that makes him now stand out as one of the greatest names in champagne based on the quality of his vintages.

So this achievement really does signify the importance of organic production creating natural excellence when it comes to champagne, and I’m sure the whole team working behind the scenes at de Sousa will be proud of themselves, with the product expected grow even further in popularity in the coming months.

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