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Think outside the box: 5 great food subscriptions to get your loved ones for Christmas

Everyone knows the best presents are the gifts that keep on giving. Food subscription boxes literally do that. Your loved one will get to open their present on Christmas Day. And again 30 days later. And again 30 days later. Every month right up until next Christmas, at which point they’ll probably beg you not to buy them anything because they’re already too indebted to you.

If you’ve chosen to buy a food box subscription as a present, you’re onto something good. But with new options hitting the market with the regularity of the boxes themselves, which one should you opt to buy?

In this guide, we’ll break down which boxes are best suited to different tastes, and help you find the perfect way to feed your friends and family for 12 months straight.


1. Cheese box subscriptions from The Cheese Geek

What is it? We all know someone who loves their cheese. A cheese subscription box from The Cheese Geek will make their dairy dreams come true. Packing 600g of finely crafted curds into each monthly cheese delivery, The Cheese Geek’s cheese subscriptions feature old favourites alongside just-as-delicious lesser known varieties. Each box comes with tasting notes and a scorecard to help wannabe cheese geeks keep tabs on their favourites.

Who’s it for? Well… cheese geeks.

How much is it? From £27.50 – £29.50 per box.


2. Vegan Bakery Box from A Kind Mama

What is it? Though vegan treats are increasingly easy to come by, herbivores still struggle to indulge their sweet tooths quite as often as their eggs and dairy guzzling cousins. This vegan bakery box from A Kind Mama steps in to fill the void, guaranteeing a smorgasbord of ethical sugary sweets every month. The Mixed Box includes two cookies, two brownies and eight donuts, while the Mixed Brownie Box swaps the donuts for two additional brownies.

Who’s it for? Vegans who love puddings as much as they love animals. Or anyone who wants to avoid dairy but not dessert.

How much is it? £13 – £15 a month.


3. Flaming Licks from Cratejoy

What is it? Quite simply the spiciest subscription box in the country. Each delivery from Flaming Licks includes one Hot Sauce of the Month, a second spicy condiment and some fiery cooking products, snacks, dried chillies or rubs. More than enough to keep even the hottest of spice heads roasting.

Who’s it for? Anyone who laughs at the Extra Hot sauce in Nando’s.

How much is it? £17.99 a month.


4. Pasta subscription box from Pasta Evangelists
















What is it? Pasta Evangelists boast “restaurant-quality pasta fresh to your door”, and they’re not talking about Prezzo on Deliveroo. This is true artisan pasta, complete with garnishes and sauces, all of it in season, and all of it from pasta’s motherland, Italy. Recipe cards explain how to assemble each dish, so subscribers can end up cooking true gourmet meals in their own homes. Recent boxes have included crab-filled squid ink tortelloni and pistacchio-filled giant dessert gnocchi.

Who’s it for? Anyone who loves pasta. (So, anyone.) Aspiring Michelin-star chefs who begrudge buying ingredients.

How much is it? £41.70 – £53.70 a month. (Around £13 per week.)


5. Healthy meals from Mindful Chef

What is it? After creating the UK’s first vegan subscription box, Mindful Chef has flourished into a food box service that caters for all diets, with meat options from Britain’s Butcher of the Year, no less. Offering different meals every week, each one nutritionally balanced and easy to prepare, Mindful Chef is a great way to try out healthy new recipes. Recent dishes include smoked salmon frittata, Middle Eastern aubergine and Thai pork meatballs.

Who’s it for? Anyone who loves to cook and wants to broaden their horizons.

How much is it? Since subscribers choose the meals they want each week, gift vouchers are available from £25.  

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The Best Steaks In London

Whether you like it blue or well-done, whether it’s served on a porcelain white plate or a slate, whether you wash it down with red wine or whiskey: steak is a British institution. You can find low-key luxurious steak dishes featuring crispy, golden fries at a local pub or you can pay upwards of £100 for a decedent cut at an upper echelon establishment. However you like your steak, London eateries have got you covered. Here are just some of the places you can indulge in satisfying, succulent steaks around the city.

Beef & Brew

Where: Kentish Town

Let’s start off with an eatery that won’t charge you an arm and a leg for a sumptuous steak: Beef & Brew. Situated near Owl Bookshop and Her Upstairs in Kentish Town, this restaurant is a local favourite for serving Hanger steak, a delicacy that’s quite difficult to come by. Otherwise known as Butcher’s steak or onglet, Hanger steak is one of the most flavoursome steak varieties there is, and the chefs at Beef & Brew know exactly how to cook it. Still, the best part for patrons may be that it only costs £10 to experience the incredible dish. Other steaks on offer are chateaubriand, rib-eye and Galician sirloin, which comes from cows that have been reared in Galicia, Spain for 14 years. None of the steaks served at Beef & Brew cost more than £20, ensuring that your experience there will make your stomach and wallet happy. 

Sophie’s Steakhouse

Where: Chelsea

If you’re looking for a meat fix without all the bells and whistles or the hassle, we have to recommend Sophie’s Steakhouse. Situated in Chelsea, this eatery can be found near a number of entertainment venues including Finborough Theatre and City Slots casino, which are only improved upon by adding delicious steak dishes. If you’re not up for a night on the town though, Sophie’s Steakhouse is also available on Deliveroo. So you can simply get cosy and watch your favourite movies or create your own DIY casino experience by playing top slots, blackjack or roulette at while indulging in Sophie’s sumptuous steaks. Options include 10oz rib-eye, 8oz fillet, 20oz T-bone and 12oz sirloin, all of which are sourced from British native breeds. Sophie’s burgers are also pretty impressive, made with a cross rib beef and served carpaccio style in a brioche bun. If you’re looking to make your gaming even more realistic, opt for the live casino games on Mr Green, where you will be served by real-life croupiers and dealers via live-streamed video.


Where: Shoreditch

Finally, we have Tramshed. Located in a former East End tram-generator building right at the centre of Shoreditch, this restaurant is for the truly arty hearty steak eaters out there who are willing to part with quite a bit of cash. Not only is Tramshed home to the Cock ‘n’ Bull Damien Hirst installation – only parts of which can be seen at– but also Mark’s Kitchen Library, HIX ART and a beautiful Mezzanine where you can book semi-private events. Of course, our readers will probably be going there for the steak, and they surely won’t be disappointed. Every steak on the menu is aged in a Himalyan salt chamber and is sourced from Shorthown, Hereford and Aberdeen Angus cows. Collectively, they are known as Glenarm Might-Marbled Steak but under that umbrella there’s rib-eye, rib on the bone, club steak, the Shoreditch strip joint, sirloin and Porterhouse to choose from. The cheapest of these dishes in £23.50, while the most expensive is the Shoreditch strip joint sharing platter at £135.

Not only do we now have to ask how you’ll be having your steak, but we’d also love to know where you’ll be feasting. Are you down for a budget Beef & Brew, up for experience at Heliot or ready to break the bank at Tramshed? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Valencia, Spain: a wonderful place you should visit this year

By Posted on 3 m read

We are already in September and next holidays seem to be far away. And we know you are surely dreaming about your next stop. Don’t worry, we have the perfect answer for you: if you want to spend your free days in a magic place where you can build memories and have a good time with you family and friends, don´t look further and Visit Valencia. The best place for you.

Valencia has everything: beautiful beaches, the best food and an awesome nightlife. No matter what you are looking for, you can find it in Valencia. If you need more reasons to visit Valencia just keep reading!

The Best Beaches in the Mediterranean

The first thing that comes to people’s minds when they think in holidays is the beach. It helps us to relax and have fun. So if you want to enjoy the best beaches, then you will want to visit valencia beaches for sure!

With almost 15.5 miles of coast, Valencia has tons of beaches to choose from. All of them are clean, with a bunch of tourist attractions in order for you to never get bored.

If you want our recommendation we suggest visiting “Playa de las Arenas” which is 20 minutes from the city center. It’s located between “Puerto de Ocio” and “Playa de la Malvarrosa”, the most popular one. This beautiful beach has a wide variety of attractions and the best restaurants from Valencia.

An Rich Gastronomic Experience

The fact that Valencia is a Mediterranean city means amazing seafood. So most of the typical Mediterranean plates are made of it and accompanied with olive oil, wine and bread.

Food culture in Spain its well-known by its strong flavors consequence of their excellent taste. The fusion created between land food and seafood make the most exquisite plates that you can ever imagine. Well known plates like paella or fideuá are a result of a rich geographical location.

Active Nightlife in Valencia

If you want to know Valencia at night you are lucky. Valencia is one of the most popular touristic cities in Spain to party all night long. Valencia has a lot of restaurants, clubs and bars where you can spend a good time. There are places for everyone and we can name a few popular night spots like:

  • El carmen: El Carmen is one of the neighborhoods of the district of Ciutat Vella, which makes up the historic center of Valencia. This part of the city shows us the authentic Spanish culture and a more traditional and local side of Valencia, but that doesn’t mean there is no night life. El Carmen has a lot of night clubs and bars where you can have a great night.
  • Puerto Deportivo: For people who want a more luxury place Puerto Deportivo is a great option. Located between la marina and the coast, this port has the most luxury restaurants to spend a great time and it also has cocktail bars so you can enjoy a more exciting night.
  • Aragon: This part of Valencia is most popular between Erasmus students. You’ll find the cheapest prices of food and drinks.

Great Variety in Shops

Shopping in Valencia is one of the most fun activities you can do. Valencia is the third biggest city in Spain which turns it a great shopping center. It has thousands of stores of any kind (being the best ones the shoes and clothes stores). If you want to shop here you need to take account of their schedule. The biggest retailers are opened between 10:00 am and 9:00 pm, but the smaller local stores are opened between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm, so you need to have in mind you can only go shopping early.

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A foodie’s guide to wedding catering

By Posted on 5 m read

Regardless of your wedding theme or style, or even your religion, one thing that everyone definitely remembers from a wedding is the food. Whether you’re opting for a full sit-down meal or a buffet style offering, you will need to feed your guests during the day. Of course, it can get expensive—catering is the third priciest part of a wedding, even more so than the engagement ring! Thankfully, there are a wide range of culinary options you can take with your wedding, allowing you to choose a standout meal that is as visually stunning as it is delicious.

Shop around with various caterers

To pinpoint the right food for your wedding, it’s worth trying a number of different caterers and seeing what they have to offer. This gives you the chance to sample a variety of cuisines, helping you pick a caterer that’s right for both your budget and your tastebuds. If you have a specific theme, think about how your food could incorporate this, or discuss this with the caterers to see what they can offer you.

However, it can be difficult finding the initial contacts, and getting in touch with them. This is where hiring a wedding planner comes into play. You may not think it’s worth the investment, but wedding planners spend their entire careers networking with vendors and suppliers, building professional relationships in order to successfully plan weddings. As luxury wedding planners Snapdragon explain, having a wedding planner immediately gives you access to a long list of caterers for you to choose from. In some cases, you may be able to snag a better deal on your food by letting your wedding planner be the point of contact. Wedding planners will be able to contact the best caterers on your behalf, and can help speed to process up, while also offering their own recommendations based on previous events.

Impress guests with hors d’oeuvres at cocktail hour

If you’re hosting a particularly long wedding day, you should probably serve more than one meal. Early starts could mean you provide your guests with breakfast, or you could break up the day with a cocktail and canapé reception following your ceremony. Have hors d’oeuvres to accompany the drinks while your guests mingle, and keep any hunger pangs at bay.

Despite being small bites, hors d’oeuvres can be spectacular and many caterers take extra care in this preparation, ensuring that every piece is uniform, and the taste is perfectly balanced—no one wants one specific flavour to overpower each bite. When deciding on the range of nibbles, choose something that resonates with who you are as a couple, but keep your guests in mind! You might be a massive fan of oysters, but some might have seafood allergies and will not appreciate having nothing else on offer.

Bear in mind that hors d’oeuvres are no substitute for the main meal; you don’t want to spoil your guests’ appetite by overfeeding them small bites throughout the day. The Martha Stewart wedding blog recommends eight to twelve bites of food per guest, however this depends on how heavy each piece is. Try and aim for at least three different options, as it gives guests the chance to sample a few different choices, while still letting their favourites come out a second or third time. This also gives you the chance to cater for any dietary requirements. If you know in advance that some of your guests are vegan, vegetarian, or have any allergies, they can be catered for during this time.

Choose main meals carefully

Much like the canapés before the reception, you need to make sure your that your wedding’s main meal will satisfy your guests. While you do have the option to impress your guests with a lavish meal, remember that you’re paying for the meal of all your guests, and buying a steak dinner for everyone can get very expensive, very quickly. Take any dietary requirements into consideration, and if you don’t know for sure, simply ask your guests. You may have to speak to your chosen caterer about vegan options, nut allergies, and any religious requirements, such as kosher or halal.

If you’re having a themed wedding, the food is another way to inject this into your big day. For movie or TV-themed weddings, ask your caterer if they come up with a menu featuring foods from the show. However, if this requires a bit of extra creativity—like a Game of Thrones inspired “pigeon” pie for example—then make sure you discuss this with your caterer.

Get guests involved with customised food

If you’re looking for something a little different, and want to give your guests more a choice with your food, you can avoid the traditional set menu. Culinary kiosks, or “pop up” style restaurants with freshly prepared food allows your guests to customise their food, and order what they want to eat on the menu, while watching the chefs prepare it. This could include anything from burgers to paella, and will leave you guests impressed with the thoughtfulness you’ve shown with the range of food options.

Get in contact with a couple of your favourite food trucks and ask them if they could cater your wedding, offering a choice of sinfully delicious treats for your guests to enjoy. There are a number of food trucks dedicated to catering weddings, from fresh oven-baked pizza to paella to burgers.

Finish off the day with a dessert food truck, serving up churros or waffles for your guests to indulge in, along with your wedding cake. Serving this up well after the main gives your guests a break after the filling main meal, and lets them mingle and enjoy the reception party without feeling like they spent hours eating. Having a sweet treat also gives them the chance to top up their energy levels after a couple hours of ‘dad dancing’.

If there will be children at the wedding, keep in mind that they may not enjoy the same kinds of food as the adults. Whether you’re going for a buffet style, sit-down meal, or for food kiosks, discuss having kid-friendly options with the caterers.

Regardless of the theme or style of your wedding, it’s important to have the right food to suit you and your guests. Take your time, and make sure to sample all the food from the caterers you talk to—which is half the fun of planning your wedding!

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UK Pet Owners Prefer Intelligent Dogs

By Posted on 2 m read

According to Statista, 26% of UK households own a dog; more than any other type of pet. Furthermore, The Kennel Club, the UK’s official governing body of canine activities, has confirmed that gun dogs remain the most popular family of dog breed. Gun dogs include Retrievers, Setters, Pointers and Spaniels and almost 89,000 were registered in 2017.

Gun dogs also happen to be one of the more intelligent families of dog. Pet food health specialists James Wellbeloved compiled survey data revealing Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers and English Springer Spaniels are placed as third, fourth and fifth, respectively, on the list of the UK’s most intelligent dogs.

The survey used to compile this list, by Animal Friends Pet Insurance, asked participants to judge dog breeds based on five separate aspects of intelligence: trainability; the dog’s ability to concentrate; how talkative the dog breed is (i.e. how much it barks); energy levels; and friendliness.

Gun dogs were bred to assist humans in hunting. Traditionally they would help find and retrieve game and birds, although Newfoundland Retrievers from Canada, who have since become our Labrador Retrievers, would help fishermen haul in their nets. Consequently, gun dogs are an extremely versatile breed when it comes to training, capable of understanding a wide range of commands. Thus, Retrievers and Spaniels are not only popular pets, but are trained to perform a number of societal tasks, including search-and-rescue and assisting disabled people.

However, it is not only gun dog’s trainability that makes them popular, but their high level of friendliness. Retrievers and Spaniels are considered among the friendliest of all dog breeds, making them trustworthy pets for families with young children and households that enjoy guests.

Throughout the UK, including in Manchester and Leeds, the most popular breed of gundog is the Labrador Retriever, with 35,068 registrations in 2017, officially making them the country’s favourite pet.

The Border Collie was voted the most intelligent dog breed in the country, and the German Shepherd was voted in second place. Incidentally, both are pastoral breeds, meaning, like gun dogs, they have been bred by humans to fulfil complex duties and to understand a high number of commands. However, pastoral dogs are less popular as pets, largely because of their high energy levels and, while they are still considered friendly, they are less friendly with strangers than gun dogs.

However, not all regions of the country agree, with utility dogs (those which are too large to be categorised as toy dogs) on the rise in many urban areas. In particular, French Bulldogs have seen a recent surge in popularity, with registrations increasing rapidly quarter on quarter. In 2017, 30,887 were registered in the UK and between quarter 1 in 2017 and quarter 1 in 2018, there was a 23% increase and saw them named the most popular dog in London.

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Throwback Shoes of 2018

By Posted on 3 m read

It’s well known that fashion comes in cycles. In looking to the future, we inevitably end up gazing longingly at the past. Back to the Future lied to us. There are no hoverboards, and we’re dressing more like Marty McFly circa 1985 than the futuristic duds Zemeckis predicted we’d be wearing in 2015.

The hurt of missing out on hoverboards aside, we’re enjoying something of an 80s and 90s revival in all corners of culture. Music today is just a little grungier, we’re all wearing a lot more denim and velvet doesn’t seem like the mistake it might have been five years ago. For sneakerheads, this blast from the past couldn’t be more welcome.

The 90s was a golden age for footwear and many of the style popularised around that time are highly coveted today. Perhaps the only thing better than finding a pristine pair of vintage trainers is learning that your favourite sportswear designers are going full circle and bringing back vintage shapes, colours and designs. If you only buy one new pair of sneaks this year, make sure it’s one of these.

Key Throwback Styles to Look Out For

The Essentials: Nike Air Jordan III “Black Cement”

No list of throwback shoes would be complete without a look at the Nike Air Jordan. The latest style is presented in a restrained palette of black, white, grey and red. This style has everything, from the now-iconic cement pattern to the visible air bubble. An instant classic, no matter how many times it’s updated.

The Multi-tasker: Puma Suede Golf Shoes

Suitably named the Suede G, these vintage Puma suede golf shoes wouldn’t look out of place dressed up with a crisp suit or teeing off at your local golf course. These studless golf shoes are understated and effortlessly stylish. The design was first introduced in 1968 and it returns this year to bring a touch of old-school flavour to a game that is rapidly becoming a leader in style

The Dad Shoes: New Balance MADE 990v4 “1982”

Perfect peeking out of the bottom of a pair of stone-washed Levis, these understated grey shoes are everything a pair of sensible shoes should be, and so much more. Another solid contender for the perfect pair of understated dad shoes is the Kiko Kostadinov x ASICS GEL-BURZ 1, but there’s just something so accessible about the New Balance 1982s.

The Pair to Be Seen In: COMME des GARÇONS x Nike Air Max 180

There’s no chance anyone will miss this loud and proud pair from Nike. The result of a collaboration with COMME des GARÇONS, this bright pink colour is designed to be noticed, commented on and wholly coveted. When two fashion giants like COMME des GARÇONS and Nike come together, it’s worth taking notice, and there’s little chance of being able to ignore them with this output.

The Everyday Runners: Givenchy 1952 Active running sneaker

You can’t go wrong with a retro runner, and this designer pair from Givenchy tick all of the retro boxes. The white and cream base contrast with the primary blue and red accents. They’re just the kind of shoes you can wear with a suit, on vacation, or out with the kids. Though retro, they’re still enough to make the wearer look like a thoroughly modern man.

The Pre-Worn Charm: Chuck Taylor All Star Basic Wash

If you’re fond of vintage trainers but not the thought of jamming your foot in another person’s shoes, the iconic skater retailer Chuck Taylor has just the answer. Designed to look like a worn-in and recently washed pair of classic high top converse, these are just the shoes you need to stroll around Shoreditch pretending that your whole outfit is vintage.

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Going Abroad on Holiday? Learn How to Get the Best Deals on Currency Exchange this Summer

By Posted on 5 m read

The summer holidays are looming, and many of us are counting down the days until we climb aboard that plane and head off on overseas adventures. If you’re going abroad for your summer holiday, you may be thinking about where to get your travel money, and how to make sure you get the best deals. With exchange rates fluctuating, and a plethora of travel money options available, hopefully, this guide will help you get more for your money this summer.


Understanding exchange rates

When you go to change money at a bureau de change, or you take cash out of an ATM overseas, you’ll be given the current exchange rate. This relates to how much foreign currency you get in exchange for your pound. The exchange rate changes on a continual basis, and you’ll find that different banks and retailers offer slightly different rates. Before you change a lump sum of money, it’s best to make sure you understand the exchange rate and to have a look around for the best rate. You can shop around online, or go into different banks, high street stores, post offices and travel agencies and ask for their lowest offer. It’s quicker to compare prices online, as you can see the rates offered by a host of different retailers and banks at the same time.

When you go to a bureau de change, you often see two sets of numbers. One is the rate the bank buys at, and the other is the sale rate. The sale rate will be higher than the purchase price, as this enables the bank or retailer to make money on the transaction. In some cases, you get a slightly better rate if you exchange a large sum of money, for example, over £500. If you’re a customer of the bank, you may also be able to access slightly more favourable rates.


Your travel money options

There are myriad options open to you when it comes to taking money abroad. You can exchange money in advance or make arrangements while you’re on holiday. Here are some of the most popular travel money choices:


Exchanging money at the bureau de change

If you’re keen to get sorted before you travel, visiting a bureau de change is a great idea. It’s very easy to get your currency this way, and there are many different places you can exchange cash for travel money. All you need to do is go to a bureau de change, say how much money you’d like to exchange, and then settle the bill. You’ll need ID in some places. You can pay by cash or card, and you’ll be told the rate and the amount of currency you’ll receive before you make your payment. Popular currencies like US dollars and euros are likely to be available at all times, but it’s best to order or check in advance if you need other currencies.


Prepaid travel cards

If you don’t want to walk around carrying a substantial amount of cash on you, prepaid travel cards are an excellent option. These cards are very easy to use, and essentially, they work like debit cards. You choose how much credit you want to put on your card, for example, 450 euros, and every time you pay with your card on holiday, the amount will be deducted from your balance. Prepaid cards are widely accepted in most European countries, and you can top up your balance and use your card on another trip if you’ve still got cash left over when you get home. Prepaid cards are a safe and convenient way to cover holiday spending.


Traveller’s cheques

Travellers cheques are a viable option for tourists visiting the US. They are used less commonly in Europe these days. Traveller’s cheques are cheques that you can cash in when you travel, and they represent a safe and secure means of carrying money with you on holiday. You don’t have to take a load of cash out with you, and you can keep hold of your cheques if you don’t spend them all while you’re away. Alternatively, you can access buy-back schemes, which enable you to turn your cheques back into UK currency.


Taking cash out overseas

If you haven’t had time to change currency in the UK, or you need more money while you’re away, you can use an ATM, just like you would at home. All you need is your bank card and your PIN. You simply choose the amount you want to take out and follow the instructions on the screen. Most ATMs offer you the chance to change the language to English. When you enter the amount of cash you’d like, you’ll be given the option of choosing the rate in pounds or the local currency. Opt for the local currency, as this rate is usually better. When using ATMs abroad, try and stick to using those located outside banks and financial organisations, and always protect your PIN.


Buying holiday money online

If you’re hoping to exchange money for your summer holiday, you can take advantage of the convenience and simplicity of shopping online. You can compare exchange rates, take a look at the best deals and place an order in a matter of minutes. Often, you can order money online and then pick up your cash at a chosen location. Buying holiday money online is a fantastic option for those who don’t live close to a bureau de change and customers who want to order a currency that may not be available in-store. Comparison site money expert’s have written an in-depth travel currency guide for 2018 that explores these options in more detail.

If you’re going overseas for your holiday, it’s natural to want to get more bang for your buck. There are multiple options when it comes to ways to change money, and some are better suited to certain travellers than others. If you plan to be away for a long time, you may find that a combination of options works best. You can exchange money before you go, take prepaid travel card or travellers cheques with you and use an ATM abroad if you need more cash. Whatever method you choose to use, it’s always a good idea to spend a minute or two comparing exchange rates to make sure you get the best deal.

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What to Write in a Thank-You Card

By Posted on 3 m read

An excellent way to thank guests for their gifts is to send them a thank-you note, in which you give them your most sincere thanks for the present. What should they be like? Read on and find out more about it below.

Paragraphs with love and feeling, funny and spontaneous phrases…. a lot of ideas of thank you cards can come to our minds as a way of thanking others. Of course, not only the content matters, but also the type of paper, the quality of the images and the handwriting are important. A handwritten card or thank-you note is one of the most meaningful and simple ways to express gratitude. Nothing can be compared to how you feel when receiving a thank you card.

Here you will find a basic guide of what to write in a thank you card that is filled with ideas and messages.

But first of all, you should know that you need to get organized and order your thank-you cards early enough if you are going to get them print. There are tons of stores like which make cheap and amazing quality cards.

Don’t forget to make a list of all the names and addresses to have on hand when you send out your thank you cards.

If you choose a card with a simple design to thank you, then you don’t have to add much. Briefly mention the specific gift or donation that you are thanking the recipient for. Then add a warm thought to give your thanks, such as: “Thank you for being my angel.”

Besides, these cards are perfect for birthdays. Can be a good idea to show a person in a simple sentence how the person he is. It is also very common to send a photo thank-you , accompanied by a phrase “Thank you very much for everything”.

If our thanks is for work or something professional, sending a handwritten note for a courtesy or an opportunity that has been offered at work is also very common. In these cases you can personalize the card depending on the kind of personality. Some people leave a card when they go to an interview and this can easy the way to make a good bond.

On the other hand, you can also prepare a wedding thank you card. The hardest part about these thank-you notes is that you may have to write a lot of them. That’s why we recommend you to write little by little in advance so that it doesn’t get tedious and that your phrases are more enthusiastic and grateful. As a phrase, it could be a phrase similar to “Thank you for joining us in the joy of our wedding with your warm wishes and your attentive gift. His gift brings us…”

Finally, the hostel, when someone opens their home for a meal, a night’s stay or a spectacular party, that definitely requires a written thank you.

In short, the texts do not need to be very long, as long as they are sincere and emotional. Mention the gift and express how much you liked it. If it has a special meaning for you, comment on it in the note.

Are you proud of the work you have done now that all the preparations have been completed?

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Technology and Jewelry – How Ecommerce Changed Diamond Shopping Online

By Posted on 3 m read

The internet has completely revolutionized the way in which consumers spend money with their favorite companies. In the short span of less than two decades, online spending has exploded in popularity, ignited primarily by the convenience it offers when compared to traditional shopping.

With that being said, there are a few industries that were slower to catch the wave of the online ecommerce boom, mostly high-ticket items such as cars and jewelry. How can you purchase an expensive item on the anonymous and mysterious landscape of the internet, without ever holding it in your hands or seeing it with your own eyes?

Surprisingly, this obviously flawed method of commerce is not deterring people from whipping out their credit cards and spending large amounts of money on high-ticket items on the internet. Each year, more and more money is being spent on online jewelry retailers as they discover new ways to appeal to Internet shoppers.

Online jewelry shopping, specifically diamond shopping, is constantly changing in hopes of providing more ways to entice curious shoppers to skip the trip to their local jewelers, by shopping through their websites. It doesn’t matter whether people are shopping for a diamond engagement ring for their partner or simply accessorizing with a bracelet, the online diamond landscape is forever changing and adapting to its consumer’s needs.

It’s All About The Imagery

One of the ways in which online diamond retailers are providing value and a sense of safety to their customers is by offering ultra high-quality imagery of their products. Shopping for diamonds in real life has the added benefit of being able to hold and see the stone in real life. But how does seeing a diamond with your own eyes compare to seeing it under a x10 microscopic view? Your eyes simply cannot compete with a microscopic, HD image.

Online diamond retailers will typically show an image that can expose every detail of the stone down to a microscopic level, allowing the consumer to see the piece in a way that they never could before. Every imperfection and every angle of the cut is viewable in HD quality and with perfect clarity.

Whether you are shopping for a ring, a bracelet, a necklace or a watch, having the ability to see the product in all of its glory, from the comfort of your own home, is a benefit that traditional store shopping can’t compete with.

Access To a Worldwide Marketplace

Another benefit of shopping for precious stones online is the fact that you have far more access to high-quality products than you ever did, before online jewelry shopping was a thing. Before the internet, the choices you had were limited to the stock that your local jewelers held. Of course, you could travel to nearby towns and cities in hopes of finding something to suit your needs. But even then, your choices were extremely limited.

Shopping online gives you the ability to look at products from all over the world. The perfect diamond bracelet could be in a completely different city, but thanks to the internet, you now have access to it as much as you would a bracelet from your local town jeweler.

Online jewelry shopping used to be risky, as did all online shopping. However, thanks to the development of tighter security measures and a more convenient infrastructure, online jewelry shopping is constantly growing in popularity. If you are looking to purchase a new diamond accessory, just remember that your local jeweler isn’t your only option.

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How to eat more sustainably and help the environment

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Next time you’re tucking into a hearty meal, there’s every chance your food is having a negative effect on the world around you. Widespread unsustainable food production is becoming more and more of a problem as the world’s population grows, and it is obvious that something has to change. You can do your part by adopting a sustainable diet that minimises the waste you create through your day-to-day eating habits. And the best part is, this doesn’t have to be hard to achieve or deprive you of delicious food you love. Here are a few of the ways you can do it.

Reduce your food waste

The amount of food we throw away as consumers is unacceptable, with 2017 figures showing that UK households binned £13bn—or 7.3m tonnes—worth of food in 2015. It is clear that we need to do more to reduce the amount of food we waste, and there are a number of different ways to do so.

When buying food, you should plan your meals a week in advance and buy only the ingredients those meals require. This will prevent you from purchasing excess ingredients that go unused, go off and go in the bin.

Having purchased your food, you also need to be careful with how you store it. Keep fruits and vegetables separate as some fruits give off a gas called ethylene as they ripen, causing other produce to spoil faster. Store milk in glass bottles as they seal it more efficiently. And don’t wash your fruit before you put it in the fridge, as the added moisture can lead to mould forming. Other tips to reduce household food waste include preparing perishable foods soon after shopping, using your freezer as often as you can to preserve your food, and utilising leftovers to make other meals.

Buy low-waste food

On top of the food that consumers throw away, there is a deplorable amount of food that goes to waste before it even reaches the supermarkets. According to a survey conducted by environmental charity Feedback, a selection of fruit and vegetable farmers throw away around 16% of their crop every year. This is enough to provide 250,000 people with their recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day for a year.

Shockingly, this is mostly done to meet cosmetic specifications, with some farmers reporting that 40% of their crop was rejected by supermarkets for being the wrong shape or size. With such high levels of waste in the production stage, buying low-waste food that is not thrown away for these reasons is a great way to make your diet more sustainable.

One example of a low-waste product is the nutritionally complete powdered food Huel. Because the shape, size and variations in colour of Huel’s ingredients are not relevant in its production, they are never rejected for cosmetic reasons. In this way, Huel’s production process is a huge improvement on the traditional one. In addition, as founder Julian Hearn recently stated, the beauty of Huel’s powdered product is that as there’s no liquid, bacteria can’t survive, giving it a long shelf life. This again succeeds in reducing the waste created by the product, this time by consumers themselves.  

Alternatively, some supermarkets now sell ‘wonky’ fruit and vegetables that many retailers would still reject for not meeting cosmetic standards. Morrison’s has recently pledged to increase their ‘‘wonky fruit” range by 50% this year, after launching it in 2015.

Go vegan

Meat and dairy production’s negative impact on the environment is well documented. According to the most recent statistics released by FAO in 2013, livestock is responsible for 14.5% of the world’s emissions. Livestock also uses up an inordinate amount of resources; for instance, the standard meat-heavy American diet requires a staggering 4,200 gallons of water each day (for animals’ drinking water, irrigation of crops, cooking, etc.).

It is for these reasons that reducing our meat and dairy consumption is an essential way adopt a sustainable lifestyle. Making the effort to go vegan, or at the very least do so part-time, can make a world of difference.

Vegan food can be just as delicious as non-vegan food, and plant-based alternatives are more readily available than they ever have been, so there’s no need to be worried that switching to a vegan diet will be difficult. Whilst some people are able to adopt a vegan diet rapidly, you may want to take your time and try out what works best for you.

Instead of eating vegan exclusively, try to work plant-based alternatives into your diet once or twice a week to begin with. Some alterations—like replacing cow’s milk with almond or soya milkare very easy to make. Swapping in powdered food products like Huel is again a great option; as the brand not only reduce waste but are also 100% vegan.

With the world’s resources becoming increasingly depleted by our unsustainable eating habits, there is a more pressing need than there ever has been for us to adopt sustainable diets. Fortunately, changes like these can help each and every one of us make a difference.

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