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Samsung Note 7 Software Update

Avatar By Posted on 2 m read

After having to recall most Note 7’s around the world due to the battery overheating, Samsung has had to push a mandatory software update through for all remaining Note 7’s to limit battery capacity to 60% to avoid them overheating.

Samsung has discontinued production of the phone, and has recalled a majority of the units sold worldwide, but some customers have decided to keep theirs which has prompted Samsung into action to avoid the same mistakes repeating themselves.

In a press release from Tuesday, Samsung stated; “The update is the latest measure taken by the company to reduce customer risk and simultaneously drive all remaining Galaxy Note 7 customers in Europe to replace their devices immediately”.

With the update essentially crippling the phone, Samsung are hoping that the customers who held onto their Note 7 will reconsider and return them.  Samsung has also begun offering incentives to trade in, as in the US they offer customers trading in their Note 7 financial incentives up to $100 if they get another Samsung phone to replace their Note 7.

The update will initially be rolling out in just Europe, and Samsung has not stated whether it will also be introduced around the rest of the world, although it can be expected considering 2.5million units were sold worldwide.

The update will begin rolling out on October 31st 2016, and although the phone will still be semi functional, it is widely expected that the customers that kept their Note 7’s will succumb and trade them in.

Samsung tested this software update previously, and have stated that it was effective in minimising the risk of the battery bursting into flames, and there have been no incidents reported from the phones that have had the update installed on them.

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iMessage to Android News Piece

Avatar By Posted on 2 m read

Unconfirmed reports have stated that mock ups and schematics for iMessage on Android have been circulating around Apple internally, according to Daring Fireball.

The plans were initially meant to be revealed at the WorldWide Developer Conference last year, but that idea never ended up materializing, and the rumours died down slightly following the event.  Following this latest revelation, the potential merging has been thrust back into the spotlight, and is gaining attention from many different parts of the technology industry.

This latest speculation has stoked the fire again, and it has got people talking about whether Apple will finally succumb to the pressure and end up making iMessage multi-platform, similar to what Blackberry did with Blackberry Messenger (BBM) a few years ago.

Apple are yet to come forward and release an official statement regarding the reports of these plans, which has only further fuelled speculation amongst Android users and industry experts alike.  However, in controversial situations like this Apple are not known for quickly coming out and issuing a statement, so as far as a lot of people are concerned, this is standard protocol for the smartphone giants.

Despite the rumours, one thing will remain the same, and that is that Facetime will remain as an Apple exclusive regardless of what will happen with iMessage.  There has been no indication that Facetime will also be transferred over, and if the iMessage transition does happen, it will cover iMessage only and no other Apple specific features.

Google have recently released an app called Duo, which is multi-platform and acts as a substitute for Facetime for Android users, but of course the app has not taken off in the Apple market as they have access to Facetime and don’t need a secondary version of it.

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