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Casual Dining Previews Record New Exhibitor Innovations for 2020

Thousands of restaurant, pub and bar operators will be heading to Casual Dining at ExCeL London this month (25-26 March) for their annual tasting extravaganza. This year there will be even more to see, sample and demo – with many exhibitors exclusively launching new products that will be shaping casual dining menus in the months and year to come.

For 2020, there are over 200 exhibitors – around 70% are showcasing food and drink, while the rest will be presenting everything from the latest must-have equipment, kitchen kit, and tableware, to payment solutions, catering tech, and business services. Here’s a preview of some of the new innovations they’ll be bringing with them to the show.

Eurilait is debuting its new Alfresco Halloumi Fries. They come with a harissa spice sachet to add to the pre-cut batons of halloumi and a garlic mayo accompaniment to serve alongside the fries. Also new: Halloumi Crumb, which can be used as an alternative to minced meat, or, alternatively, it can be fried to add a salty crunch to top salads or pasta dishes (stand F76).

AAK Foodservice is launching Whirl Whipping cream Alternative. Registered with the Vegan Society, it can be stored ambient or chilled with an open shelf life of two weeks. It is can be used hot, cold or frozen to create vegan dishes and beverages (stand D45).

FrieslandCampina is launching Yazoo No Added Sugar Strawberry Flavoured Milk, with the category’s first bendable paper straw. Each 200ml serving is under 100 calories and is approved as a sugar swap by Change4life (stand H35).

GCL Food Ingredients is introducing Prawn and Lemon Grass Dumplings – a new Italian/Asian mash up that provides consumers with an innovative pasta alternative (stand D61).

Canopies UK is displaying the latest edition to the Cantabria range of retractable roofs (for al-fresco dining 365 days a year). The new ‘Skyroof’ is an architecturally designed louvred system that can rotate and retract at the touch of a button to reveal the ‘sky’ where moments earlier there was a ‘roof’ (stand F60).

Vegetarian Butcher is launching a new range of ‘meat successors’ – vegan and vegetarian products designed for flexitarians. Products include NoChicken Chunks; NoBeef Burgers and NoHotdogs, which replicate the taste and texture of real meat; as well as NoChicken Teriyaki, NoChicken Shawarma and NoChicken Gyros (stand G55).

Karimix UK’s new Korean Bulgogi Sauce is slightly salty, mildly sweet with a nutty hint. It can be used for dipping or grilling, as a stir fry/marinade, or a glaze just before serving (stand H37).

LoveSeitan’s vegan pepperoni, supplied frozen or chilled in sausage or sliced format, has the characteristically sweet-smoky flavour of its meaty counterpart. It’s made from seitan – protein-rich, low fat and 100% plant-based, and flavoured with chilli, smoked paprika, garlic and onion (stand A43).

Vita Mojo OS is launching its Order and Pay at Table system for restaurants, which means there is no longer a need for transactional behaviours of taking orders and payment. A customer can either use QR or NFC on tables to order, with staff interaction only to enhance their experience. Also new: Your Personalised Tasting Menu, which uses revolutionary AI to shape menu choices (stand G85).

Gelarto by Menodociotto’s new plant based, vegan friendly, gelato range is made with ‘rice milk’, which does not have a strong flavour profile, and is available in 5litre flavours: Vanilla, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Salted Caramel, Coconut and Cookies & Cream (stand A65).

Unilever Food Solutions launched a 2.62 litre bucket of Hellman’s Vegan Mayo last year and has now expanded the formats available to include a squeezy 430ml bottle. Made with rapeseed oil, it contains no eggs, no cholesterol and no genetically engineered ingredients (stand F55).

Sea Arch Drinks new Sea & T is a ready to drink, non-alcoholic spirit with tonic. Completely free from (no alcohol, sugar, preservatives, allergens or sweeteners), it’s made with natural ingredients and botanicals including Juniper, Sea Kelp, Samphire, and Blood Orange (stand AS10).

Trangs Group is launching hand-crafted battered vegan fish fillet, made from combining fresh jackfruit, banana blossom, oyster mushroom and nori coated in a crispy batter. The product is produced in a BRC certified factory and available for the retail and foodservice market (stand H51).

The Meatless Farm Co has created a sausage patty for an English breakfast muffin.  Made from a combination of plant-based ingredients, including pea protein and unique flavourings, they’re high in protein, a source of fibre, wheat- and gluten-free, vegan friendly and made without soy (stand D21).

Elakkia’s new crunchy, twisted, spiced snacks are brought to life with sweet yet cooling Coconut and fiery Tellicherry Pepper. The authentic Sri Lankan snack is vegan, made with healthier rapeseed oil and has no artificial colours or preservatives (stand A10).

GS Systems is launching Peazi – a new mobile order and pay solution for customers to order straight from their seats. There’s no app to download, no sign-up process, no email address to submit, no Wi-Fi to connect to, no queues to stand in. Customers browse the menu and tailor their choices, then Scan, Order and Pay with ApplePay or GooglePay (stand A37).

Billington Foodservice is launching its new Breathe Easy Brownie – a triple chocolate CBD Infused treat that may help to calm nerves and reduce anxiety (stand A71).

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Golden Wonder’s Latest Wonder-ful on-Pack Promotion

Golden Wonder’s latest on-pack promotion, the “Great Golden Wonder Takeaway Giveaway”, will be rolling out across over 25 million packs of crisps and snacks from 1st April to 31st July. This year, Golden Wonder will team up with Deliveroo to give consumers the chance to win up to a year’s worth of free takeaways

Matt Smith, Marketing Director at Golden Wonder, said: “Our customers absolutely loved our 2019 ‘I Wonder’ on-pack promotion where we gave away nearly 5,000 ‘prize surprises’, helping Golden Wonder grow faster than the market (+5.5% vs +4.9%). This year’s campaign is going to be even bigger and better! We are thrilled to be teaming up with Deliveroo to present this fantastic prize offer, in what is their first on-pack partnership with a snack brand. Customers will have the chance to win free takeaways for up to a year with one winner chosen each day. And in 2020, we are extending the campaign with the promotion featuring on the best-selling packs across our Golden Wonder Crisps, Ringos, Transform-A-Snack and Saucers product ranges.”

Smith says, “We’re constantly striving to deliver what our customers want and this doesn’t just stop with our fully-flavoured range of snacks. To make sure our 2020 promotion engaged our customers and really grabbed their attention, we looked at current food trends. Takeaways are growing massively. 70% of UK adults agree that they would prefer the comfort of eating at home rather than dressing up to go out with 22% of consumers saying they have a takeaway at least weekly and 59% at least monthly.”

“Deliveroo’s partner restaurants and takeaways grew to 15,000 in 2018 up 800% from 2015 and up 50% from 2017 – this trend has continued throughout 2019 and into 2020. We are confident that their wide choice of food options – including old favourites – as well as ‘free from’ and ‘healthy options’, will fantastically complement, and prove the perfect partnership to, our tasty range of crisps and snacks.”

The promotion is being supported across TV, cinema, online and social media. 

Golden Wonder is owned by the Tayto Group, which is the largest British-owned snacks business. It has an extensive portfolio of distinctive brands covering key segments of savoury snacking, including Golden Wonder Crisps and Snacks, Mr Porky, REAL Handcooked Crisps, Real Pork Crackling Co, Pure Bite, Midland Snacks, Portlebay Popcorn and Tayto. 

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Upfield Launches Revolutionary 100% Plant Based Cream

FLORA, the UK’s number one spread brand, is helping Chefs cater to increasingly complex consumer diets with the launch of FLORA Plant. The newest addition to the Upfield portfolio performs like dairy cream – perfect for cooking, pouring and even whipping – delivering richness to every dish, but without the dairy.

Last year, demand for plant-based diets increased by a staggering 300%. Nearly half (45%) of consumers say that plant-based dining options are a factor in the selection of a venue.

Alan Black, Head of Marketing, Upfield Professional comments: “FLORA Plant is a game-changer for the foodservice industry. Not only does it cater to those following a vegan diet, FLORA Plant helps chefs overcome the challenge of managing allergens, which if not handled extremely carefully, can lead to a loss in customers, or even worse, criminal prosecution.

“At Upfield, we create great-tasting plant-based foods – and FLORA Plant is no different. It can be enjoyed by vegans and dairy cream lovers alike. We believe following a vegan diet, or a diet that requires the removal of specific allergens shouldn’t mean compromising on taste, and with FLORA Plant, operators know they can serve delicious dairy-free dishes to all consumers with total confidence.”

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Treat Mum to an Unmissable Afternoon Tea Experience at Dakota Leeds

Dakota Leeds has created the ultimate luxury experience this Mother’s Day, designed to pamper that special lady in your life.

Offering a deluxe backdrop and all the ingredients to spoil mums, guests are invited to relax and enjoy a heavenly afternoon tea together over a refreshing glass of Hattingley Valley sparkling wine.

Situated in the hotel’s Cocktail Lounge, the afternoon tea features a tempting array of quintessential sweet and savoury items, including delicate finger sandwiches, melt in your mouth homemade scones with clotted cream and strawberry preserve, as well as a selection of artistically designed petit fours, all presented on an elegant stand.

The tea is priced at £23.50 per person and can be enjoyed alongside an exceptional selection of unlimited teas from Taylors of Harrogate as well as a complimentary glass of Hattingley Valley sparkling wine for all Mums.

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Why Is It Good to Play at Casino Utan Registering and Konto?

Cristina Diaconu By Posted on 5 m read

Nowadays, people do not have too much spare time to relax, have fun, and forget about everyday problems. The Internet provides most of these options, as users can bring their entertainment with them at any time, on a laptop or smartphone. Thus, the organizers of the games of chance came up with the idea to switch the game to the online form.

And they made a score. True, it would take some time for people to get used to gambling from their homes, not from real casinos. But after a while, even the most experienced gamblers couldn’t notice the difference (in the sense of playing games). You can find more information on how these online platforms work at this source.

Casinos worldwide used to ask their players to create an account before they could enter and play. Registering and creating an account requires a lot of personal information like full name, bank details for making deposits, and many other forms people have to fill in order to have an active account.

How to Play with No Account


Registering on online casino as a precondition to start gambling, is a matter of past. Everything changed when the ‘no registration play’ rule was accepted and implemented a few years ago. People who prefer online casinos finally have a chance to play freely and ‘without hassle.’

There are things that every online casino player needs to acquire to be able to gamble without registering a profile. First and foremost, they need to have money. Sure, they can always try a demo version of the gambling website for free. But for the real deal, they have to pay in advance (deposit).

The next thing is a trustworthy payment platform that will help people place their deposits and make withdrawals at some point. E-wallets or some of the many available payment services will do, as transactions within them are done in just a couple of minutes.

But not everyone is familiar with these modern ways of transferring the money. Especially older people can have problems because they just don’t understand new technologies. So the necessity of payment platform may be the only drawback of playing without the registered account for some people.

The Main Benefits of Playing Without a Registered Account

Playing online casino games has been popular for a long time, and some critical changes are making their way in today’s online gambling. Some Internet casinos have accepted these changes as a challenge, and they’re applying them to their policies and rules. The ones that still haven’t changed their account registration limitations will have to do it sooner or later to remain competitive.

Casino utan registrering brought some essential changes that affected the players significantly, but in a good way. Now they don’t have to fill out prominent forms that require a lot of personal details and information. What players can do is to go to the casino they want to play at, log in as a guest user, deposit the funds, and play.

Additionally, if and when players decide they had enough fun and games, they can withdraw their funds, winnings, and bonuses through a safe and secure payment platform – the same they used to make a deposit. If they never log in to the website again, their fictitious guest account is permanently deleted.

Any financial transaction from no account websites will be done in a minute or two. The previous method (registering with full information provided) required players to wait for much longer. If some account details were missing, every transaction was stopped, blocked, or denied until the player finished the registration.

The Gambling Industry Is Changing

With these changes coming up, many online casinos will have to adapt sooner or later. Not only the upcoming changes will bring a lot of new players, but the old-fashioned casinos will also have to bring new sets of rules and policies if they wish to remain competitive in the online casino market. New technologies bring us fascinating advancements in every field, including online gambling.

Online casinos must abide by these new methods so they would remain competitive. A lot of them have already adapted to these changes and are looking forward to the new player influx. Also, they need to cooperate with trustworthy and secure payment platforms that allow users to transfer their funds back and forth with no hassle whatsoever.

There are not as many payment platforms available for now, but that will change along as well. Thanks to these funds processing online platforms, players can quickly deposit their funds as well as withdraw their funds whenever they want. The entire withdrawal process won’t take longer than a minute or two, which is a fantastic time compared to many previous options that were available.

The New Experience


The new approach of keeping access to the online casino simple is a win-win combination, both for organizers and clients. Players that already play at online casinos without having a registered account say that this new approach is far better and more comfortable than the ones offered before. It’s a hassle-free method which will undoubtedly attract even more players in the future.

As soon as gambling platforms understand how important privacy is for players, they’ll have to accept ‘no registration’ rules and start working according to them. Sometimes all these changes may take a toll on some casinos since it’s not easy to apply such changes quickly.

As for players, they don’t have to bother with entering all kinds of information. It means they neither have to worry about the safety of their data. And last but not least, no one will know that they gamble, whether for fun or as professionals.


The new online gambling method will undoubtedly improve the overall experience both for casinos and their players. People want the simple access, deposit payment, and fund withdraws; casinos want more pleased clients that will come back over and over. For now, no account gambling platforms seems like an acceptable and sustainable method.



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Cotswolds’ Original Christmas Fair Opens Applications for 2020 Exhibitors

Applications are now open for exhibitors hoping for a presence at the longest-running luxury Christmas fair in The Cotswolds, The Mary Howard Christmas Fair; an eagerly-anticipated event on the Cotswold calendar, now in its 41st year.

A family-run event with a rich heritage and much-loved reputation amongst its loyal visitor-base, the four-day fair attracts around 10,000 keen shoppers over the course of the event, with space for up to 160 hand-picked traders.

Priding itself on offering visitors the chance to discover unique, luxury and inspirational gifts to suit all tastes and interests, exhibitor categories range in everything from artisan food and drink to handmade crafts, antiques, plush clothing, unique homewares and bespoke jewellery.

Very much a supporter of small and independent business, the Fair considers each exhibitor application on an individual basis, with focus placed on those who can help to create the boutique shopping experience that visitors travel from all across the UK to enjoy. Every exhibitor is carefully considered to ensure that each stand offers a unique product and experience to shoppers, ensuring variety and maximising revenue for traders.

The Fair will this year be held from 17th-20th November at Cotswold Airport within a large, professional heated marquee structure. Emphasis is very much placed on the comfort of the exhibitor as well as the shopper, with spacious, flexible pitches, storage space, lighting provided and exhibitor parking/storage located right outside the marquee.

Keen to support each and every exhibitor as much as possible, all exhibitors are given exposure to Mary Howard Christmas Fair’s database of over 10,000 loyal customers for marketing purposes, promoted in the lead-up to the event and able to share special offers to boost year-round trade. Attending businesses are also promoted via the Fair’s social channels in the lead-up, during and post-event, with over 4,000 followers across all platforms.

“Plans for this year’s Fair are already taking shape in an incredibly exciting way,” explains Suki Howard, Co-Director of Mary Howard Christmas Fairs, “and we can’t wait to welcome our exhibitors both old and new.

“We pride ourselves not only on the special experience we offer our visitors, but in the way in which we support each and every one of our traders, ensuring they have as fruitful an event as possible. We’re looking for traders across a wide range of specialities so invite all to apply, no matter what their product or speciality. Spaces are limited and application numbers always very high, so we urge companies to apply now before our shortlisting begins.”

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Retro and Social Gaming Bars Set up Home in Birmingham’s Creative Quarter

Three new venues have launched in Birmingham’s creative quarter, Digbeth. NQ64, a late-night arcade game bar, has opened within the Custard Factory’s Courtyard, alongside membership gym, OneThreeOne, whilst social gaming concept, Roxy Ball Room has opened on Heath Mill Lane.

NQ64 specialises in retro gaming, offering classic consoles and arcade machines until the early hours, within a UV neon interior. A themed drinks menu and old school soundtrack completes the offering, with games costing either one or two tokens, and 15 tokens costing only £5.

Membership based Gym OneThreeOne is set beneath Custard Factory Works and brings a customised, boutique style gym experience to Digbeth. Founded in 2016 by personal trainer Andy Jones, Studio OneThreeOne Fitness also offers personal training; the team provide bespoke fitness and health plans set around their client’s lifestyle and goals.

For a limited time, Gym OneThreeOne is offering 50 memberships – including two classes a week – to founder members for only £25 a month.

Roxy Ball Room Digbeth takes in a full-sized, ten lane bowling alley, Olympic standard butterfly ping pong tables, American pool, 18ft tournament standard shuffleboard and traditional arcade games, accompanied by a rock and indie soundtrack and an American-inspired menu.

The businesses bolster Digbeth’s eclectic leisure, retail, hospitality and live music scene which includes Digbeth Dining Club, Baked in Brick, The Mill, The Arena, Dig Brew, The Mocking Bird, Chance & Counters, The Big Birmingham Bake, and Ridding & Wynn.

James Craig, of The Digbeth Estate/ Oval Real Estate, said, “The arrival of NQ64, Gym OneThreeOne and Roxy Ball Room in Digbeth further bolsters our reputation as a vibrant destination in its own right. The openings are part of our strategy to bring fresh leisure content to Digbeth; there is more to come.”

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Searcys Reports on Successful 2019 and Sets out Goals for 2020

In a year which has seen numerous high-profile restaurants closing in the industry, with more than 1,400 restaurant closures in the UK (June 2019), this festive season has seen a positive boost in festive food and drink trading, with sales up 2.5% from 2018*.

British restaurateur and events caterer Searcys is pleased to report on a successful 2019, hosting over 15,000 commercial events across the portfolio and over 380,000 guests across the restaurants and bars, leading to a reported revenue growth increase of 17.5% from 2018, with like-for-like contributing 6.7% of the total revenue growth. In turn, this has led to an employee increase of 14%, including offering apprenticeships and investing in training schemes with the launch of Searcys’ School of Service.

2019 saw the iconic group secure new venue partnerships for their portfolio, bringing 170 years of hospitality expertise to historic venues including The Honourable Artillery Company (THE HAC) in the City, The Alnwick Garden in Northumberland, HQS Wellington and most recently, Saatchi Gallery, 11 Cavendish Square and the Royal Institution. Searcys is also delighted to have received a number of industry accolades across the year; including two prestigious Foodservice Cateys. Searcys restaurants were awarded 221 Open Table Diners Choice Awards, while their work towards sustainability and zero-waste saw The Sustainable Restaurants Association’s award Searcys a top Three Star Rating.

For 2020, Searcys will be unveiling 20 new memorable innovations to enhance the events and dining experiences across their venues.  Searcys has announced a company-wide sommelier training on low-no alcohol food pairing, while over the course of the year, 100 new service champions will graduate from Searcys’ recently opened School of Service. New additions to the menus will include the company’s own range of ice-creams, a signature bakery range and seasonal zero-waste events menus.

Matt Thomas, Managing Director of Searcys comments: “We are looking to continue our work into the next decade with an increased drive for sustainability across all venues, while celebrating the best of seasonal British produce and English sparkling wines. We will also look to create more experiential and innovative events and parties, with ‘surprise and delight’ moments. I would like to thank each and every member of Searcys team for their hard work and contribution. Together with our incredible team, we are looking forward to a new year of exciting partnerships and engaging customer events across all our iconic venues.”

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A New Menu Lands at Caractère

Cristina Diaconu By Posted on 1 m read

As the seasons change, so does the menu at Emily Roux and Diego Ferrari’s restaurant Caractère in Notting Hill. Fresh, exciting and perfectly cooked ingredients are expertly curated by this husband and wife super team.

On the basis of its namesake, ‘Caractère’, the menu is divided into six character traits with up to three dishes to choose from in each section: Curious – Small Plates; Subtle – Small Plates; Delicate – Fish; Robust – Meat; Strong – Cheese; Greedy – Dessert and each dish is a celebration of the French and Italian food Emily and Diego treasure.

Dive in to Roast diver scallop, Jerusalem artichokes, amaranth, smoked velouté. From the ‘Subtle’ section, Roast mushroom tartelette, parsley puree, chopped black winter truffle, consommé ; or Dry aged duck, stuffed red onion, salsify, hazelnut and red wine jus from ‘Robust’. There’s always an excellent option to go onto the cheese board but for those who want to get straight onto the sweet dessert or ‘Greedy’ why not go for Molten chocolate tart, pecan praline, salted caramel and mascarpone ice cream?

To view the full menu, please click here

How to Order

Be Adventurous with Our Tasting Menu: Choose a dish from each trait – £80 pp or add matched wines for an additional £75 pp

Spontaneous Lunch Menu (available mid-week only) including starter, main and dessert £39 pp (includes coffee and water)

Go A La Carte – Select whichever dishes you like from across the menu

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The Landmark London Ranked the Best Hotel to Work at in the UK

The Landmark London has been ranked the best hotel to work at in the UK in 2020 in The Sunday Times100 Best Companies to Work For’ list. The establishment, which is owned by Khun Jatuporn, owner of Lancaster Landmark Hotel Company, achieved fourth place overall on the list, which ranks UK businesses of all types.

The magnificent five-star Grande Dame hotel has achieved this acclaimed position for its successful organisation and consistent employee engagement, which is driven by the businesses’ core values of Respect, Integrity, Continuous Improvement and Fun. This accolade builds on an exceptional 2019, which saw The Landmark London hotel listed as number six, up from number 27 in 2018. 

The hard fought and exclusive list celebrates the top 100 companies (with 250 to 3,000 employees) with the highest index scores. Marking its 20th year, the annual list is highly regarded in the business calendar nationwide. 

The list ranks Britain’s best companies primarily through surveys of employee satisfaction and engagement and measures the organisation across a diverse criteria. This includes its leadership, the opportunity it provides for personal growth, staff wellbeing, work/life balance, how it gives back to society and the pay and benefits it provides. 

This recognition is proof that hospitality industry can be a great place to work and builds on The Landmark London hotel’s ongoing efforts to improve the experience of individuals working within the industry. The hotel was amongst the first to sign up to ‘Our Hospitality Commitment’, a voluntary code of conduct working with People 1st International, to support the sector in continuing to offer diverse opportunities and fantastic careers.

The Landmark London hotel continues to strive for the best for their team members and by nurturing its people, ensures a personable world class service, that makes every guest experience exceptional.

Brian Hladnik, Managing Director of Lancaster Landmark Hotel Company comments, “We are exceptionally proud that The Landmark London hotel has been ranked the best hotel to work for in the UK and the fourth best company overall in The Sunday Times ‘100 best companies to work for’ 2020 list. It is a testament to our robust people programme and thanks to the hard work of our team and our continual investment in their development. The whole team across the portfolio is extremely committed to achieving excellence in all they do, and work every day to deliver memorable moments to each other and to the hotel guests.”

Andrew Batchelor, General Manager of The Landmark London hotel, says: “We are thrilled to have received this prestigious accolade, which showcases the continuous dedication and determination from all our team members to achieve the very best, ensuring they create a memorable experience and exceptional service for our guests”. 

Nicola Forshaw, Director of Human Resources at The Landmark London hotel, says: “We are delighted to achieve this position in The Sunday Times ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ 2020 list. Year on year, we focus on improving the way we nurture our people and it means the world to us that The Landmark London hotel continues to rank well in The Sunday Times’ diverse criteria. This covers a huge area, from leadership, to staff wellbeing, pay and benefits, as well as looking at the opportunities we provide learning new skills and personal growth, and even how the organisation gives back to society. It is therefore a huge honour and privilege to be acknowledged for our ongoing people practices”.

The hotel was also awarded The Investors in People Platinum Level Accreditation in 2018 and 2019. It was the first hotel in the world to achieve this level by obtaining the highest score in accommodation business sector globally, resulting in the hotel gaining the IIP Platinum Employer of the year 2019.

Most recently, in September 2019, The Landmark London hotel was named as the AA Hotel of The Year London 2019-2020, for its seamless service and five star luxury guest experience.

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