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Wild and Game Launches Gluten Free Range

Cristina Diaconu By Posted on 2 m read

Game specialist Wild and Game has introduced a range of gluten-free sausages and burgers. The new six new products include wild boar and apricot sausages and burgers; wild boar, chilli and garlic sausages; venison and cranberry burgers; venison and black pepper sausages and venison, and cranberry sausages.

All of the products are made with premium British game, offering a lean and healthy alternative to factory farmed meat.

Wild and Game, founded in 2017, is on a mission to introduce more people to the pleasures of eating game. Co-founders Michael Cannon and Steve Frampton recognised that game was under-consumed in the UK despite being healthy, sustainable and readily available, and resolved to do something about it. Since founding the company, they have seen their customer base expand rapidly and won endorsements from leading chefs.

The company’s new gluten free products will make it possible for even more people to enjoy British game burgers and sausages.

“We pride ourselves on having great recipes that use a high percentage of meat – we don’t pad out our products with grain-based fillers, so producing gluten-free versions was an easy step,” says Steve. “These new products are for everyone to enjoy, not just people who need to avoid gluten: these are great recipes, most of which offer a delicious combination of game and fruit that works beautifully. I’d urge everyone to try them – we’re really excited about what we have created.”

Product details:

Venison and black pepper sausages 400g £5.79

Venison and cranberry burgers, 2 x 112g £3.59

Venison and cranberry sausages 400g £5.79

Wild boar and apricot burgers, 2 x 112g £3.59

Wild boar and apricot sausages, 400g £5.79

Wild boar, chilli and garlic sausages, 400g £5.79

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S&B Team up to Host Virtual Curry Dinner Party

On September 6th Prominent Japanese Food Company S&B will join HYPER JAPAN in inviting Japanese curry enthusiasts and food focused press to an online dinner party, featuring a lesson from experienced chef Avinash Shashidhara.

Participants who sign up for this free event will connect via Zoom to chat about Japanese curry, share recipe ideas and enjoy dinner made with S&B Golden CurryHYPER JAPAN is excited to bring people together and to continue delivering great Japanese food to London, providing UK kitchens with authentic Japanese ingredients.

Successful applicants will receive a free pack of S&B Golden Curry (Medium Hot) in advance, with the agreement that the pack will be used to cook a curry to present at the online party. Applicants will also need to agree to keep their mic and video turned on during the party. In addition to the free pack, there will also be a gift set of S&B products sent to all guests following the event.

Guest Chef Avinash Shashidhara will be presenting a special cooking lesson, giving advice on how to enhance your Japanese curry. Chef Shashidhara has worked at Claude Bosi’s kitchen at Hibiscus and with John Hoskins’ MW at The Old Bridge Hotel, in addition to 10 years at The River Café. Despite being poised to begin work as a head chef at a premier Indian restaurant “Pali Hill” in Central London, he’s found time to join us for the Virtual Curry Dinner Party.

One of Japan’s most famous food companies, S&B have been producing a dazzling variety of spices, condiments and cooking ingredients since 1923. As the first company to manufacture curry powder in Japan they’ve been responsible for the introduction of many new herbs and spices from overseas, and are looking to share their products abroad. This means flavourful products including Wasabi in Tube, Golden Curry, Nanami Togarashi Assorted Chili Pepper and Yuzu Kosho Spicy Citrus Paste will all become available in the UK.

Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis, meaning that all applications must be considered pending until HYPER JAPAN has sent confirmation. Participants will then receive an email with details on preparation and the Dinner Party itself.

limited number of spaces have been allocated for press, who can fill in the same form as the general public HERE.

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Müller & Bel Group Backed Brand Launches in UK

The Real Foodists is a clean-label, plant-based food-innovation start-up brand that harnesses the power of natural ingredients and a proprietary production process to produce delicious and innovative plant-based products that push the boundaries of health and taste.

The brand will enter the British market with Yo’ridge, a range of delicious ready-to-eat chilled ‘yo’gurty’ porridge, clean-label breakfast pots packed with bio-live cultures and made from an innovative blend of oats, lentils, sesame and coconut and combined with a touch of pure maple syrup and an abundance of fruit. The first product of its kind in the UK, if yogurt and porridge had a plant-based love child, it would be Yo’ridge. 

The award-winning brand is launching in the UK after securing $2.5 million of investment from some of the biggest players in the industry, Müller and Bel Group, to fund its global expansion. 

CEO Steve Grun says “The UK is the perfect market for The Real Foodists. Our innovative and completely natural, plant-based food and drink will meet growing demand for products of this nature in Britain and we are confident that our first launch, our Yo’ridge range, will be very popular in the country.

“Yo’ridge is the first product of its kind in the UK. A plant-based range of ‘yo’gurty’ porridge on-the-go pots that are filled with bio-live cultures and will provide Brits with a completely unique option for breakfast.”

Yo’ridge is set to revolutionise how Brits enjoy their breakfasts. Each pot contains protein, fibre, calcium and iron, as well as both pre- and pro-biotics, so it is delicious and filling and will power the mind and body throughout the day. Served in convenient pots, Yo’ridge can be enjoyed at the breakfast table or on-the-go.

Yo’ridge is plant-based and free from dairy, soya and refined sugar. It contains absolutely no nasties, which means no additives, thickeners, emulsifiers, gums, added preservatives, or GMO ingredients. 

The Yo’ridge range is available in three delicious and nutritious varieties: 

Banana, Maple & Cocoa Nibs Breakfast Pot (RRP:  £1.99) – Yo’ridge’s core ingredients are combined with banana, pure maple syrup and cocoa nibs to deliver a sweet and comforting breakfast pot with gut-healthy cultures

Apple, Cranberry & Cinnamon Breakfast Pot (RRP: £1.99) – Apple, cranberry and cinnamon mix with Yo’ridge’s core ingredients to deliver a classic flavour combination, that gives Brits a delicious way to start the day

Blueberries, Raspberries and Blackcurrants Breakfast Pot (RRP: £1.99) – Yo’ridge’s core ingredients are enhanced with blueberries, raspberries and blackcurrants to create a pot bursting with flavour and superfood goodness







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Snacks Made from Wonky Veg a Market First

Cristina Diaconu By Posted on 2 m read

Groundbreaking brand Nudie Snacks has harnessed the plant power in wonky veg and is the first to market a new product made from fresh produce that would usually have been discarded.

The Caulifower Crisps are made from 40% fresh cauliflower grown in Scotland and come in two different flavours – cheese and caramelised onion and katsu curry. They offer bold and innovative flavours with a broad appeal to all ages and tastes.

The Ayrshire brand says the crisps are in line with its ethos of producing quality plant-based snacks that are a healthier alternative.

With no artificial flavourings or colourings, the Cauliflower Crisps are low in sugar and 40% lower in saturated fat than traditional potato crisps, making a healthier snacking option. Importantly, they are cutting food waste as the crisps are made from vegetables often thrown out because they don’t meet standard shape and size requirements.

“We wanted to find a way to use all the wonky cauliflowers that shops think they can’t or shouldn’t be selling and making them into a snack we’re proud of,” said Tracey Hogarth, founder of Nudie Snacks.

“We are the first to market this product – it’s the perfect snack and doesn’t compromise on taste or quality.

“With the health risks associated with diabetes, obesity and coronavirus, it has never been a more important time to keep your immune system and gut health in good condition. Eating pulses is better for you, keeps you fuller for longer and prevents you reaching for high-fat, high-sugar snacks.”

A 22gm bag of Cauliflower Crisps has 118 calories and is perfect for adults and children, in packed lunch boxes, to nibble on during the day or in the evening.

Suitable for those following vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free diets, the crisps are part of a new range by Nudie Snacks that includes Lentil Curls flavoured with Chilli and lime, Quinoa Chips with Sundried Tomato and Garlic, Lightly Salted Roasted Corn, Lightly Salted Hummus Chips and Popcorn.

The new range is available to buy from

Prices from £9.99 for a box of 12 packs of Cauliflower Crisps, delivered straight to your door.

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Bureau Veritas Launches ‘Nimble’ Approach to Health and Hygiene

With over 72,000 restaurants, bars and cafes making the most of the government’s Eat Out to Help Out Scheme launched this month, Bureau Veritas has said the hospitality sector will need to exercise a ‘nimble’ approach to hygiene and health and safety in order to meet the challenges of this busy time.

It comes as restaurateurs around the UK have faced a dining frenzy since last week following the launch of Eat Out to Help Out, the Government scheme offering customers up to 50% off their bill at participating restaurants, cafes and pubs during August. Yet despite the fledgling success of the scheme, there remains concerns that pubs and other hospitality venues in England may need to close to allow schools to reopen in September, especially if there’s a potential spike in coronavirus cases in the coming weeks.

With this in mind, and with many customers returning, buoyed by the confidence of strict hygiene measures, social distancing and ‘track and trace’ systems, Bureau Veritas has suggested that adopting a nimble approach and continuously adapting the protocols implemented in recent months will be critical to keeping hospitality venues open.

Tracy Wain, Food Safety Technical Manager at Bureau Veritas, comments: “It is great to see restaurants, bars and cafes experiencing a resurgence since the introduction of the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme. Lets’ hope that the hospitality sector does not return to an uncertain footing when it comes to controlling the spread of coronavirus cases post-lockdown.

“There’s already talk about potentially closing pubs and restaurants to facilitate school reopenings in September, which highlights the huge task still facing the hospitality industry. This includes demonstrating to the government and the wider public that its hygiene, health and safety credentials are fit to stem the transmission of this disease.

“As businesses continue to adjust to this new normal, this can only be done by creating a nimble culture of quick and rapid reactive response to any risks as and when they occur. Ultimately, daily monitoring and continuous adjustment to operational practices will determine the sector’s ability to bounce back economically.”

One of the most significant areas that needs constant review and improvements are industry-wide track and trace systems where venues must take details of all customers when entering the premises, so that they can be traced and contacted in the event of an outbreak.

Tracy adds: “The key thing is matching the required government and industry guidelines released in recent months to the style of the business, and given the evolving nature of the situation, this isn’t yet an exact science. There is little value in writing a risk assessment if the business does not have the means or resources to follow it. It is vital that the risk assessment is based on the practicalities of delivering the service.

“The good news is where there are challenges, there are also opportunities. The hospitality sector has been incredibly inventive when it comes to diversifying and trying new approaches. Whether that’s restaurants offering home delivery packs, new takeaway and delivery services, even alternative menus which are more suited to current guidelines and operational restrictions – and it’s this resilient and adaptive approach that will stand the sector in good stead as it presses ahead with economic recovery.”

As part of its commitment to helping the food industry navigate the coronavirus pandemic, the Bureau Veritas Food Safety team has created a free webinar on the current government and industry guidelines, as well as how to effectively manage outbreaks.

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REAL Launches a Non-Alcoholic, Sparkling Wine Alternative

Non-alcoholic drinks company REAL lead the movement for the “sober curious” to provide the only true alternative to sparkling wine with their category defining, award winning range – now served from a sophisticated cork-and-cage 750ml glass bottle and embossed with their new avant-garde branding. REAL’s Sparkling Fermented Teas have all the complexity, depth of flavour and length of a quality sparkling wine – with naturally occurring notes of zesty citrus, tart fruits, and aromatic herbs but none of the alcohol. 

Born out of a desire to create a grown-up non-alcoholic alternative that could compete with a fine wine, REAL have developed and refined a product that meets the needs of this exciting and ever-growing sector. Fermented as a sparkling wine from exquisite loose-leaf teas REAL’s carefully crafted production process offers a flavour complexity without the need to add further flavourings. This gives it a flavour profile akin to wine, balances acidity with length, body and mouthfeel, a point favoured by chefs and sommeliers as it makes a great non-alcoholic pairing for food. Here they have a pioneering non-alcoholic beverage to delight drinkers and non-drinkers alike, designed to be served in a flute, served with food and poured to share.  

REAL’s modern approach to bottling in the non-alcoholic category reflects their ethos and passion across the arts, technology, innovation and sober curious movement. Visually, this is conveyed through their fresh branding – a juxtaposition of the simplicity and freedom of expression found in primal art with the intricate and exquisite detail which is layered over it.  

Comparable to the process of winemaking and the use of different grapes to garner multi-dimensional flavour, the REAL team headed up by Founder, David Begg works closely with Tea Master Will Battle, to research hundreds of different teas to understand which would deliver the best results. With no added flavours or ingredients beyond tea, sugar and their proprietary culture, the complex character of REAL’s Fermented Sparkling Tea results from the use of superior quality loose-leaf tea in a highly controlled process, only achievable with the level of knowledge and precision known in the world of wine making. As an added benefit, this carefully managed process is entirely natural and only produces a small amount of sugars, resulting in a healthy drink with extraordinary flavour.  

REAL’s signature pour, Royal Flush, is made from a first flush Darjeeling tea, known as the ‘Champagne of Teas.’ The first two tips of tea, picked as they emerge in the bloom of spring, are carefully dried to tease out all of its delicate character.  Offering notes of rhubarb and gooseberry and rounding off to white fruits and a touch of blackcurrant, the delicate floral acidity and relatively short finish make Royal Flush fresh and bright, comparable to a well-made sparkling wine.  

REAL Royal Flush has won the award for Best No & Low Wine or Wine Alternative in the Imbibe No & Low Taste Awards 2020. The first award of its kind, the challenger brand entered into the Non-Alcoholic Wine category and was voted the overall category winner, with an additional specially created accolade – Sommeliers’ Choice No & Low Award – the judges were so impressed by the product.  

Similar in character to a Sauvignon Blanc, Dry Dragonis produced with Dragonwell, a pan-roasted green tea from the area around Longjing Village,China. Fresh leaves are brushed around a piping hot wok to stop the natural oxidation process early, a method which reveals more complex, nutty and straw-like flavours than other green teas. Much like a winemaker would ferment green-skinned grapes, REAL ferment the tea resulting in a drink with notes of citrus and fresh apples, grounded in a definite vegetal, green tea back note and a longer, fuller-bodied finish.

REAL Sparkling Fermented Tea – proud to gift, proud to drink, proud to share. 

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Trinity Leeds’ Free Bike Store Is the Wheel Deal

Trinity Leeds is helping people get on their bikes with a free bicycle storage facility that has opened on the Cycle to Work Day.

The new secure bike store, located opposite Superdry on Albion Street, is now open and free to use, with space for 75 bicycles. The facility is manned and ticketed, with cyclists encouraged to bring a bike lock with them.

“Whether you’re back at work and cycling in to the city centre for your commute, or you’re wanting to pop in and browse some of our stores or grab some food at Trinity Kitchen, our bike store is available for you to use, free of charge,” said David Maddison, Centre Director at Trinity Leeds.

The bike store is open from 8.30am to 7.30pm, Monday to Friday​.

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F&B Operators at Elephant Park Support the Local Community

As lockdown lifts and life in London begins to return to normal, many of the F&B operators at Lendlease’s Elephant Park are continuing to help provide relief and support to their local community.

Throughout lockdown, the sustainable community food market operator, Mercato Metropolitano (MM), with some support from the team at Lendlease, has been delivering bags of essential supplies to over a thousand vulnerable, elderly and isolated families living in and around Elephant and Castle in association with Age UK and Surrey Square Primary School. MM Factory, an urban and artisanal production facility, is due to open at Elephant Park later this year. As an advocate of sustainable development through local economic growth, MM will also provide training and employment opportunities for the community, in collaboration with local educational institutions. The grocery, deli and food markets of Mercato Metropolitano in Elephant & Castle remain open, with the additional offering of delivery and takeaway.

Currently trading with contactless delivery of Essentials Hampers, Caffeine Survival Kits and Bakery Boxes, HEJ coffee, has used its in-house roastery to provide for the local community throughout the Covid-19 crisis. The independent operator has partnered with One Life Cycle, a local youth cycling team sponsored by the company, to facilitate the deliveries. HEJ coffee has also donated coffee and hot chocolate to The Outside Project, a local LGBTIQ homeless charity. The Outside Project is operating emergency hotels that provide sanctuary to those who feel endangered, who are homeless; as well as the ‘hidden’ homeless who feel they are on the outside of services due to prejudice in society and in their homes.

Open for deliveries and takeaway, vegan Ethiopian restaurant, Beza, which previously operated within Artworks Elephant – Lendlease’s pop-up retail park created to support and incubate small local businesses – established a crowd fundraising page and raised over £1,500 to support the delivery of hot meals for local vulnerable families within the community. Beza partnered with Southwark Council, Pembroke House and Feed The Workers, a charity that connects restaurants wanting to support and provide for NHS nurses, doctors and carers working on the frontline.  

Tasty Jerk, the Caribbean take-away restaurant and former Artworks Elephant tenant, is partnering with homeless hostel, Rest Up, cooking and delivering hot meals 3 days per week in addition to their delivery and takeaway service. To help support the small business, Rest Up hostel, has also committed to paying a discounted rate where possible, to ensure Tasty Jerk can keep their emerging brand operating throughout the pandemic.

Keen to find ways to provide their services to the local community, other Elephant Park operators have implemented the following offers; Tap In is delivering craft beer boxes every Wednesday and Friday via the website, whilst Jama Havana have partnered with Tap In to offer a takeaway service from the brand’s bar; Dima Beautiful is offering vouchers and quarantine kits via Instagram; and Irish childcare provider, Tigers Childcare is able to offer socially distanced visits for parents keen to sign their children up whilst they are currently closed.

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The Pavilions El Nido, Palawan To Open In 2022

The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts has announced the signing of El Nido Beach Spa & Resort. The 96-key pool-villa luxury resort is being developed on the white sandy beaches of El Nido on Palawan island, Philippines. When completed, the 10-hectare beachfront estate will boast panoramic tropical ocean views; an adventure park, dive centre, waterfalls and adventure walks; Pavilions signature spa & wellness facilities; and unique dining experiences.

The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts continues its global growth with the developers of El Nido Beach Spa & Resort.  The new resort truly embodies our philosophy of delivering unique experiences to our guests, we’re also very excited to be the first international luxury resort brand in El Nido,” said Gordon Oldham, Founder and Owner, The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts.

We’re looking forward to being a part of a successful luxury international brand that embodies the experience led resort that we’re developing,” said Gemmalyn Crosby, President, El Nido Beach Spa & Resort.

The adventure elements of this unique property are the ultimate match for Pavilions Hotels & Resorts, with the hotel group’s signature ‘Curated Journeys’ – bespoke travel itineraries with the ethos that it’s not just about where the guests’ want to go, but how they want to feel. Exclusive to The Pavilions El Nido, Palawan Island is the ‘Adventure Park’, featuring Alpine slides; nature park stairs and rock gardens; fountain ponds; a butterfly garden and cable car.

The resort will feature a luxurious mix of one-bedroom and two-bedroom luxury villas, as well as 20 ‘Maldivian styled’ over-water villas – each with their own private plunge pool and direct access to the ocean where guests will be able to snorkel the house reef from their own villa. The development is set to be built with minimal environmental impact and sustainability in mind, with opening planned for Q1 2022.

The resort also offers property investment opportunities with villas starting from $239,000 (USD) for a one-bedroom villa with staged payments throughout the build; buyers can expect guaranteed rental returns alongside up to four weeks’ free usage each year, as well as Pavilions Hotels & Resorts owners global benefits.

El Nido is a rising star in island destinations within Asia; we’re looking forward to offering our guests the opportunity to imbibe all the island has to offer,” said Scot Toon, Managing Director Asia, The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts.

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How to Utilise the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme

Cristina Diaconu By Posted on 2 m read

There is no doubt that the coronavirus outbreak has significantly changed the world that we live in today. Sadly, the global pandemic has had a catastrophic impact on many industries, with the hospitality sector being one of the hardest hit. After the lockdown was imposed, restaurants, pubs, cafés and bars were forced to close, and hotels were eerily empty. Today, the government is doing everything it can to help support this industry, and as a result have encouraged the public to eat out at their local restaurants again by offering 50% off meals and drinks.

What is the Eat Out to Help Out scheme?

Starting on 3rd August, the new scheme has allowed diners to enjoy half price food and beverages at participating restaurants. Running every Monday to Wednesday throughout the month, the Eat Out to Help Out incentive is providing individuals with 50% off their bill up to the value of £10 per head.

It’s certainly been popular so far: In the first week alone, diners have used the scheme more than 10.5 million times. With huge names such as Caffé Nero, Hard Rock Café and Krispy Kreme taking part, you’ll be able to get your hands on a caffeine fix, main menu item and sweet treat for a fraction of the price. 

How can I find out which businesses are offering this discount?

If you are wondering which of your local restaurants are offering this discount, you can head to the government’s postcode checker and input your current location. It’s also worth keeping an eye out for posters displayed in the windows of your favourite pub or café as you walk past!

How does it work?

Before the scheme started, businesses had to register and receive approval by the Food Standards Agency. Now, when diners have paid their bill, these venues can claim back the cash, and they’ll receive the refund within a few days. 

For both adults and children eating inside a participating restaurant, the government will cover half of the cost of the meal up to £10 per person – the only items you can’t claim a discount on are alcoholic drinks or service charges. The Eat Out to Help Out scheme can also be used on top of other promotions – which means you could save some serious cash on your favourite dishes this summer.

Also, there is no limit to the number of times you can use the discount, so if you’d like to eat out for half price every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday until August 31, you can!

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