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First Beer from Scotland’s First Alcohol-Free Brewing Company

Scotland’s first alcohol-free brewing company, Jump Ship Brewing today launches Yardarm, its first beer. The launch comes after a successful crowdfunding campaign, supported by RBS BackHerBusiness, which reached its target in only six days, raising £15,000 in total. More than 170 people backed the campaign from right across the UK and internationally.

Available in 330ml cans, Yardarm, is a crisp, lively lager with a good balance of malt and hops and is the first beer to be released from Jump Ship Brewing.  Brewed in small batches, Jump Ship Brewing uses natural brewing techniques, combining barley, hops and yeast with soft Scottish water, to create as much flavour as possible, with minimal alcohol.

Beer lovers can buy Jump Ship beers online at selling via Drydrinker, the UK’s biggest alcohol-free online retailer. At a RRP of £1.99, their beers can be shipped nationally and internationally. Jump Ship is also in discussions in the on-trade with specialist pubs, restaurants and wholesalers looking at stocking the beer.

Sonja Mitchell, a keen sailor, beer-lover and mother of three, decided to ‘jump ship’ from her marketing job to launch the business. The idea behind Jump Ship was born in December 2018 out of a love of beer but a horror of hangovers. Keen to enable more people to enjoy great beer without the booze, Sonja set out to discover if she could produce a world-class alcohol-free beer in Scotland.

Sonja, who brewed this beer from her own recipe, describes Yardarm as a zesty, biscuity and discretely bitter lager. It is brewed with Citra and Styrian Bobek hops for a full flavour finish, similar to a well-balanced IPA.  The beer is gluten-free, vegan and lower in calories than standard beers.

Commenting on the new alcohol-free beer Sonja Mitchell, said:

“It’s been incredible to see the response to the crowd-funding bid. Having the backing of so many amazing people, not only gives me the financial resources needed to get to market, but I also know that there’s a crowd of people looking forward to drinking my beer. The wind is truly in my sails. It’s time to Jump Ship!

Commenting on the name of the first release, Sonja said:

“The yardarm is the edge of the spar (or yard) on a mast where sails are set. It used to be a tradition in the navy that sailors were given their first ration of rum when the sun reached over the yardarm (about 11am in summer in the North Atlantic).  ‘Sun’s over the Yardarm’ is a common call out for the first drink of the day, and at only 0.5% ABV, you could even enjoy our Yardarm lager for breakfast if you liked!”

Jump Ship Brewing is keen to ensure the business has a strong charitable focus with Sonja committed to donating at least 10% of the profits to a variety of charities, which will be nominated by Jump Ship’s customers or ‘ship mates’ as they are aptly called.

Yardarm contains 40 calories per can with roughly a third of the calories found in an equivalent can of 4% ABV beer.  At less than 0.5% ABV, it contains roughly the same level of alcohol as a large ripe banana.

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Dakota Leeds Presents Luxury Festive Stays for Christmas and New Year

Looking to make your festive season even more magical? Whether it’s a romantic night for two, or a chance to spend quality time with dear friends, Dakota Leeds offers the warmest of welcomes and has a selection of lavish city getaways so you can celebrate in style at the most wonderful time of the year.


The Christmas Week Experience
You can celebrate the week of Christmas by checking in to your own sanctuary of luxury for two nights, with breakfast included. Sink into crisp cotton sheets and enjoy Dakota’s seamless service in the most stylish setting, while building up all the excitement for the big day.

Price: From £200 per room

Availability: 22nd – 27th December 2019

The Christmas Day Getaway
Celebrate the best day of the year in style with a three-course Christmas Day lunch for two featuring a twist on classic Christmas cuisine and a selection of seasonal surprises. Stay overnight and continue the festivities with a hearty Boxing Day breakfast.
Price: From £230 per room including Christmas lunch

Availability: 25th December 2019


Stay and Celebrate this New Year’s Eve
Make a sophisticated plan for New Year’s Eve and enjoy a sparkling evening in the heart of the city’s bustling nightlife, followed by a night in your own luxurious haven for two. Ring the New Year with a sumptuous dinner for two at Dakota Grill by Executive Head Chef Craig Rogan. For the big countdown join the celebrations at Dakota Bar, which opens out onto Greek Street, and dance your way into 2020.
Price: From £270 per room (includes a £25pp allocation towards dinner)

Availability: 31st December 2019


If you want to extend your New Year celebrations, a two-night getaway is also available including breakfast.
Rooms from £350 per room for two nights

Availability: 30th December 2019 – 1st January 2020

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5 Helpful Tips for Beginner Artists

Cristina Diaconu By Posted on 2 m read

Art is the way of life for many people, and every day more people are inspired to create their masterpieces. Honing one’s artistic skill to create these masterpieces requires time, effort and dedication to the craft. This might sound daunting to beginner artists, but the journey to becoming an artist is worth all the hard work it requires. There are a few easy tips that can help in simplifying your artistic journey. Here are a few of them.  

Choose your medium

It is important to experiment and try different art styles but choosing a medium to focus on for a period of time helps you to hone that skill before moving on to another. Many beginner artists start with pencil drawings and then proceed to ink drawings and coloured pencils. These mediums teach you about shading, creating value, perspective, gradient, and so on. These are core skills to build when beginning as an artist, so they can be your first medium.

Get quality art supplies

The quality of the art supplies you use can make or break your artwork. When starting out, it is important to utilize different tools to see which you prefer for the medium you have chosen. If you are too busy to get to the art store, consider shopping for art supplies online. TheWorks is a great place to find a variety of quality art supplies at budget-friendly prices.

Create a schedule

Some people believe that art should be spontaneous, and this is not to dispute them, but when learning a new skill that one wants to perfect, it is important to have a practice schedule. A routine is essential in tracking one’s progress and ensuring that you practice often enough. When your skills have improved to a considerable extent, it would be much easier to be spontaneous because you have practised and honed certain fundamental skills.

Keep an inspiration folder

An inspiration folder is a folder of the things you would love to draw someday. Keeping an inspiration folder helps you to have a resource of images to practice with.  It also helps you to discover the kind of work that you gravitate towards. It can be a physical file of magazine cutouts or a folder on your mobile phone or computer.

Follow art tutorials

For artists that do not have access to or the time for traditional learning opportunities, following video tutorials can pose a worthy alternative. It can even give the feel of being in a class. There are different platforms for learning art online and utilizing them in your journey can help you improve quickly.

When making art, it is important to enjoy the process. Mistakes are normal and expected so do not fret when you have made a mistake; instead, let it be a teachable moment for you. Sometimes, these mistakes turn out to be great art pieces. For more tips on art and budget-friendly prices for art supplies, visit TheWorks today. 

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Top Care Tips for Your Horse

Cristina Diaconu By Posted on 3 m read

Whilst many horses are owned for working purposes, there are also a large number of them that are kept as pets. Horses are large, loving animals and with the right care and attention, they can make wonderful companions too. As many horses can live to an old age, many reaching 30 years, it’s important to know exactly what you’re committing too when you bring a horse into the family. From managed nutrition to the perfect living environment, the following care tips will help you to ensure your giving your horse the very best quality of life to keep them healthy and happy. 

Managed Nutrition

Horses large, strong animals that require a lot of attention when it comes to their nutritional needs. The most important thing to do is monitor your horses age and ensure they are receiving the right nutrition to support them. For example, older horses may require a joint or mobility supplement, to help keep them comfortable and mobile when they start to struggle. If you’re keen to invest in any joint care for your ageing horse, but you’re not entirely sure where to start, you can find a varied selection at online retailers like Petwell. It’s always beneficial to consult your vet too, as they may have recommendations or advice when it comes to the specific brand or type of supplement that’s going to work best for your horse.   

Regular Vaccinations 

Your horse should be protected from diseases all year around, so it’s important to ensure they are receiving their regular vaccinations to help keep them healthy. Illnesses such as tetanus and equine influenza are really common within the horse world, but you can easily get these vaccinations by booking a slot with your vet. You may also find that your horse requires a rabies injection too, as this can help to protect them further and keep them safe when out in the fields. The condition of your horse’s environment and daily activity can play a role in the illnesses they are prone to catching, so it’s worth assessing these elements and ensuring you have the best protection for your horse. 

Controlled Environment

Providing your horse with the perfect controlled environment will really help to ensure they get are happy and comfortable, whilst keeping them safe at the same time. Horses require lots of space to gallop around and be free, so you want to try and give them access to an open field throughout the day. Similarly, they also require a warm, dry space to protect them from certain elements, so having a comfortable stable for them to use is going to be really beneficial. Horses are used to being in company, so try to find a stable or farm that houses other horses too, so you can let your horse out into a field with the others to keep them happy and give them plenty of company to prevent them from becoming anxious or lonely. 

Frequent Exercise 

Just like large dogs need long walks and plenty of exercise, horses also require a frequent amount of exercise to ensure they are well stretched and healthy. You should ideally take your horse out and exercise them for around 2 hours, anywhere between 5 and 6 times a week to ensure they get the exercise they require. You’ll also find that taking your horse out for a long ride will help to grow your bond, which is extremely beneficial. You can find a range of lovely riding clothes here, to really boost your riding to the next level making both you and your horse feel fantastic. 

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Creative and Crafty Christmas Décor Ideas

Cristina Diaconu By Posted on 3 m read

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and it’s made even more wonderful when you can spend quality time with your family creating crafty Christmas decorations. There’s something really special about spending time with family and friends whilst getting creative, with so many unique ways to add a touch of Christmas magic to your home. From hanging paintbrush Santa to a body poufGrinch, there are some great ways to bring a unique touch this Christmas. 

Hanging Paintbrush Santa’s

With an adorable bristle beard and stylish string for hanging, these hanging paintbrush Santa’s are great fun to make and really cute to look at. All you need to do is simply get yourself a few large paintbrushes like these, some paint, cotton wool and string. Paint the body of the brush red, with some delicate white spots for added character, then glue your cotton wool to the neck of the brush. This creates Santa’s hat, with the bristles providing the perfect beard to complete the look. To ensure your Santa’s hang safely, get some durable patterned string to tie through the brush loop and hang on a hook in any room to bring the Christmas spirit. 

Recycled Candle Bauble Holders

Ever wondered what you can do with all of those beautiful glass holders that once had your favourite candles in? Well, with Christmas just around the corner you can utilise them properly and turn them into bauble displays. By filling your old candle holders with some shiny baubles, you can transform the original holder and create a lovely Christmas display. This would look perfect in the bathroom, kitchen or hallway where you may keep the décor levels a little lower. For added effect, why not try adding some delicate fairy lights to the jars too to really make the decoration come to life. 

Image Source: Pinterest


Bath Pouf Grinch

This is a great one for the kids, especially if they love the Grinch. Get a bright green bath pouf just like this one and print off an image of the Grinch smiling. Carefully cut out his eyes and mouth and attach them to the bath pouf. Once you’ve created the face, add a cute little Santa hat to the top of the pouf and you have yourself a Grinch to hang in the house. This decoration is so easy to make its great fun for the kids and is really cheap to make too. You could look at other characters such as Peppa Pig with a pink bath pouf and Winnie The Pooh with a yellow one. 

Image Source: Pinterest


Delicate Spotty Pinecones

Whilst they may be very easy to make, they provide a beautiful decoration for your Christmas tree. These cute little pinecones only require two other items to make them look as cute and colourful as this and they take minutes to make. Invest in some brightly coloured, small pom poms and some shiny string. Use glue to stick the pom poms to the edge or many of the pinecones edges and use the string to delicately hang the new decorations to your Christmas tree!

Image Source: Pinterest

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Vegan Cheesemas with Branston and La Fauxmagerie

As the prime cheese-eating season falls upon us, iconic festive staple Branston pickle has partnered with La Fauxmagerie, the first plant-based cheesemonger to be established in the UK, to ensure that no one needs to compromise on their cheese eating occasions this Christmas!

The collaboration between the UK’s best-loved (vegan) sweet pickle and cheese disruptors La Fauxmagerie highlights Branston’s commitment to bringing delicious pickle and cheese pairings to all, no matter what your foodie inclinations may be. Did someone say Bring Out the Branston?

La Fauxmagerie’s vegan cheese and pickle pairings

La Fauxmagerie has crafted tasting notes which pair a flavoursome vegan cheese selection with Branston’s tangy pickle range. From the Original pickle everyone knows and loves, to the easy to spread lavishly Small Chunk, or the newest member of the Branston family Smooth pickle, Branston and La Fauxmagerie invite you to be the ultimate cheese and pickle party host, as they help you to cater to all of your guests’ needs and tastes this Christmas.

Sisters Rachel and Charlotte Stevens, the masterminds behind La Fauxmagerie, say: “Branston is a classic British staple on any cheese board. The pickle’s characteristic tangy flavour pairs beautifully with creamy, cheddar-style plant-based cheeses such as the Farmhouse or even in gooey toasties with the Red Queen. We are excited to offer vegan cheese fans the chance to buy our exclusive Branston x La Fauxmagerie December Taster Box, full of delicious vegan cheese and Branston pickle, as well as the chance to bestow our knowledge for plant-based cheese.”

Nisha George, Branston Senior Brand Manager, says: “The Christmas season is firmly upon us and we’re so excited to be heroing a vegan partnership made in heaven. Pairing with La Fauxmagerie’s tasty vegan cheeses our Branston pickle is a delicious vegan choice that brings punches of flavour to any cheeseboard occasion! Delivering crunchy texture and delicious tangy taste, let your tastebuds revel this Christmas with Branston pickle and La Fauxmagerie!”

Branston x La Fauxmagerie December Taster Box (£25,

The Christmas cheese and pickle selection will be available on La Fauxmagerie’s website and in-store for purchase as part of the ‘Small December Taster Box’ – on sale from 1st December until the end of the month for £25. These limited-edition boxes are the perfect purchase for yourself or a plant-based loved one to indulge and enjoy that festive tradition of cheese and pickle, allowing festive memories of yester-year to come flooding back, but this time with a modern and plant-based take, helping you to Bring Out The Branston this Christmas. The La Fauxmagerie x Branston December Taster Box can be bought at The boxes include the following vegan cheese & pickle pairings:

  • Farmhouse by Kinda Co. & Branston Small Chunk Pickle – Farmhouse is a semi-hard cheddar style cheese made from cashew nuts, with a strong cheddar-like profile and sweet buttery notes. Its smooth, mouth-watering umami flavour, much like that of a mature dairy cheddar, make it a natural companion to Branston Small Chunk pickle. A classic British staple on any cheese board, Small Chunk’s characteristic tangy flavour pairs beautifully with this creamy, cheddar-style cheese.
  • Papa Rica by I Am Nut Ok & Branston Original Pickle – Papa Rica is a smooth, smoky cashew cheese with a bold hit of Paprika. The combination of this cheese with Branston Original pickle packs a punch with its strong smoky finish as the Branston brings the tang and a deliciously lingering aftertaste. Best enjoyed on oatcakes or water crackers for added crunch.
  • Muenster by The Arty Vegan & Branston Smooth Pickle – Muenster’s firm bite provides the perfect base for the Smooth Branston Pickle, with its smokiness nicely complementing the tanginess of the Branston. The smoothness of this particular pickle also provides the perfect texture and ‘spreadability’ to achieve a more balanced cheese-to-pickle ratio. An absolute joy to devour on crispbread.
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Dragon-Backed Entrepreneur Puts Together His ‘Dream Team’

‘ParkingPerx’ businessman Chris Reed has announced the appointment of a highly experienced Board of Directors for the company. 

The appointments come after the founder of ProxiSmart Ltd secured co-investment from Mercia Technologies and BBC Dragon Jenny Campbell.

Coming from a wide range of sectors, the Board has been specifically designed to add value and traction in different areas. Reed said: “ParkingPerx involves several stakeholders from very different specialties. Whether it’s town centre merchants, car park operators, consumers, local authorities, or place managers, we have different audiences, each of which require different strategies. 

“I needed to assemble a team with experienced business minds, who will help the company grow from strength to strength. I also focussed on gaining team members who have a specific knowledge in these specialist areas. I am delighted – I have my dream team! And then of course I also have a Dragon!”

Diane Cheesebrough takes up the position of Chair of the Board, and announced her passion for the business:

”ProxiSmart is an exciting and compelling prospect bringing forward products that will support Smart Cities and the environment for years to come. I am extremely proud to be involved”

Along with Cheesebrough are the Redu Group’s CCO and CEO, Sam Morton and Gary Hunter, Place Management Consultant and former CEO of the Association of Town Centre Management, Martin Blackwell, Operations Director at Dransfield Properties, Medi Parry-Williams, and Managing Director at Advance Northumberland, Ken Dunbar. 

Jenny Campbell is confident that this team will help lead ParkingPerx to success, alleviating the pain of parking for shoppers throughout the country and bringing life back to the UK high street. She added: “It’s an incredibly impressive Board. Chris has surrounded himself with very talented, experienced people. I’m looking forward to adding value, but I now know the Company is in good hands.”

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Other Side Fried Has Opened

Cristina Diaconu By Posted on 2 m read

Street food favourites, Other Side Fried, have opened their doors to their very first bricks and mortar restaurant in a converted railway arch in Brixton. The launch marks a homecoming for founders, Matt and Tommy, who started the brand when living together in the area and took their fried chicken burgers to Brixton night market in their converted food truck.

Now, the two are bringing an updated menu of signature burgers, strips and sauces – with the addition of the team’s very first vegan burger and vegan Dirty Tots! The site will also serve a drinks menu of Camden Hells lager on tap and NICE white wine cans as well as whisky and coke, gin & tonic cans. 

Designed as a 16 cover takeaway restaurant, the site will join Other Side Fried’s kiosks at Leicester Square, Pop Brixton, Peckham Levels and Camden Market – and will mark the fifth anniversary of the brand. 

On 6th December, Other Side Fried will be giving away 500 FREE Buffalo burgers from 12pm to people who subscribe to their newsletter here. First come, first served! 

Other Side Fried Buttermilk fried chicken kings will open a permanent home in Brixton on 2nd December *MENU CONFIRMED* 

MENU BURGERS Classic Fried chicken, mayo, lettuce 

Buffalo Fried chicken, hot sauce, ranch sauce, lettuce and pickles 

Kiev Fried chicken, parmesan, kiev mayo, lettuce and pickles 

Vegan go vegan! Fried CHIK’N, ranch sauce, hot sauce, pickles, lettuce 

OSF Fried chicken, bacon, double american cheese, bacon, OSF sauce, pickles, lettuce 

Honey Bacon Fried chicken, bacon, smoked honey butter, pickles, lettuce 

SIDES Chicken strips 3 piece buttermilk fried chicken tenders 

Fries With cajun salt 

Dirty fries Bacon, parmesan, ranch sauce, hot sauce 

Vegan dirty tots Tater tots, “bacon” bits, ranch sauce, hot sauce 

DESSERTS OSF Brownie Salted caramel 

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Casual Dining Raises Spirits – Unveiling New Drinks Exhibitors for 2020

Four months out from Casual Dining 2020 (25-26 March, London ExCeL) and two of the show’s popular drinks pavilions are already sold out.  Boasting a dozen exhibitors each, the Artisan Spirits Lounge and The Taphouse will sample new innovations from an exciting mix of independent breweries and distilleries.

Making their show debut in the former are: Belgrove Rum, Faith & Sons Gin, Strawbar (eau de vie spirit distilled from organic Greek strawberries) and Tarsier Spirit (Southeast Asian dry gin).  In the latter: Binary Botanical (a lightly sparkling table beer aimed at ‘wine lovers’), Freestar, Lucky Saint, Orbit Beers, ShinDigger Craft Beer, Small Beer Brew Co, and The Five Points Brewing Co.

While The Vineyard – a new area for 2020, has been launched to sate the growing demand for wine at the show.  It’ll boast a raft of new companies (expect sparkling wine producers to feature strongly), with The Emissary Prosecco, and its vegan friendly Doc Treviso Brut 2017, having already snapped up the first stand.

Casual Dining’s event manager Eva Ellis says: “Offering a varied drinks menu – full of differentiation, innovative styles, flavours and blends, and distinctive ‘brand’ personality – is essential for any successful restaurant, pub and bar operator.  But where do you start?

“For example, according to some of the latest industry research this year: wine is the UK’s favourite alcoholic tipple, gin is the No.1 spirit, sparkling wine is booming, beer trumps wine in pubs, the premiumisation mega trend is helping drive alcohol sales, quality’s up but quantity’s down, all-the-while more British consumers generally are regularly choosing more low-and-no ABV options.

“That’s a lot of bases for casual dining operators to cover.  Fortunately, our exhibitors range from some of the world’s biggest-selling beer and cider brands to some of the industry’s newest start-ups – so, whatever your customers’ favourite drink there’s sure to be plenty to suit every taste here.”

Other new names announced today include Rémy Cointreau, LYRE’S Spirits, Soulfresh, Nirvana Brewery, Punchy Drinks, and Love Drinks (which represent Abelha Organic Cachaça, Bitter Truth, Brighton Gin, Einstök Icelandic craft beers, El Dorado demerara rums, Four Pillars Gin, Gosling’s Rum, Hernö Gin, Kamm & Sons British aperitif, and White Heron liqueurs).

Among the returning exhibitor highlights are Carlsberg, Mast-Jaegermeister UK, Diageo (whose portfolio includes J&B, Johnnie Walker, Windsor, Cîroc, Smirnoff, Captain Morgan, Baileys, Tanqueray, Shui Jing Fang, Ypióca, and Guinness), Molson Coors Brewing Company (Carling, Coors Light, Staropramen, Cobra, Doom Bar, Rekorderlig, Aspall, Bavaria and more), West Berkshire Brewery, Toschi UK, LA Brewery Kombucha, and Pedrino.

Conker Spirit, LUXLO Spirits, Sea Arch – Not Gin, Manchester Gin, Pinkster Gin, Pococello, Poetic License Distillery, and The Sweet Potato Spirit Company are back in the Artisan Spirits Lounge.  Big Smoke Brew Co, Big Drop Brewing Co, Celtic Marches Beverages, Hop Kettle Brewery, and Wild Beer Co complete The Taphouse’s line-up.

Soft drinks – particularly premium adult offerings – are always a big category at the show.  Coca-Cola European Partners, Britvic Soft Drinks, Fentimans, Nix & Kix, Karma Cola, Belvoir Fruit Farms, Dalston’s, Lemonaid, Pip Organic, Batch Organics, Long Tail Mixers, Lixir Tonic and many more – will be sampling everything from craft sodas, seltzers, fruit juices and cordials, to mixers, tonics, flavoured waters and smoothie kits.

The initial exhibitor list will be available online in early December.

Over 5,000 attendees will attend Casual Dining 2020 at ExCeL London over 25-26 March.

Visitors annually include senior buyers and decision makers from Admiral Taverns, Aramark, Azzurri Group, BaxterStorey, Benugo, Bill’s Restaurants, BrewDog, Carluccio’s, Casual Dining Group, CH&Co Group, Charles Wells, Center Parcs, Côte Restaurants, Daniel Thwaites, Dishoom, Domino’s Pizza Group, DoubleTree By Hilton, Ei Group, Elior UK, Flat Iron, Fuller’s, Greene King, Hall & Woodhouse, Hard Rock Café, Harvester, ISS UK, Loungers, Marston’s, Mitchells & Butlers, Nando’s, NWTC, Oakman Inns, Papa John’s, PizzaExpress, Pizza Hut Restaurants UK, Pizza Pilgrims, Prezzo, Punch Taverns, Revolution Bars Group, Shepherd Neame, Sodexo, SSP, Stonegate Pub Company, TGI Fridays, The Restaurant Group, wagamama, YO! Sushi, Young’s, and more.

“Casual Dining is the best show out there for pubs and restaurants that want to find innovative new products and inspiration,” says Ross Pike, chef director at Oakman Inns.

“Casual Dining continues to go from strength to strength.  Loved the products, the layout and the new venue.  See you next year,” says Paul Lewis, head of food and drink at Prezzo.

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New Street Food Favourites Arrive at Trinity Kitchen in Time for Festive Season

Trinity Kitchen has welcomed brand new vendors Let’s Go Dogs, Kara’s Kitchen, CrockPot Passion to its line-up – along with returning favourites BangWok and Nelly’s Barn Ltd – just in time for the festive season.

Taking residency for the next eight weeks, the latest arrivals will serve up unique dishes to fuel busy shoppers and partygoers in the lead up to Christmas, alongside Trinity Kitchen’s two new 16-foot shuffleboard tables from SHUFL and the self-serve beer wall from Beer Hawk.

Let’s Go Dogs will serve traditional German Bratwursts with a range of delicious toppings. For those looking for a pre-Christmas treat, the Bratwursts can be wrapped in bacon to create the ultimate pig in a blanket.

Meanwhile, Kara’s Kitchen offers the best paella with toppings including chorizo, chicken thigh, or king prawns with squid, as well as vegetarian and vegan options. Alternatively, go for a wrap with sobrassada topped with paella rice, homemade scotch bonnet bravas sauce, aioli and pea shoots.

CrockPot Passion specialises in comforting slow-cooked food using fresh, seasonal produce. Visitors to Trinity Kitchen can indulge in a succulent lamb hot-pot, winter fish casserole and stuffed butternut squash, washing it down with a homemade pressed apple juice.

Back by popular demand, Nelly’s Barn has swapped their West Country farm for another stint in Leeds, serving up dry-aged, locally-sourced burgers. Hungry customers can tuck into their signature ‘Streaky Blinder’ bacon cheeseburger with 28 day, dry-aged beef and the finest melt-in-the-mouth bacon and mature cheddar cheese.

Also returning to Trinity Kitchen is BangWok, offering shoppers a range of sweet, sour and spicy authentic Thai dishes, such as sriracha fried rice which comes fully loaded and topped with grilled meats.

Danielle Harris, Marketing Manager at Trinity Leeds, said: “We are very excited to welcome this latest round of street food vendors for the festive season. The run-up to Christmas can be a busy time for everyone, and with an exciting new line-up at Trinity Kitchen, there’s plenty of choice for those who want a break from their Christmas shopping or partygoers looking for a place to refuel.”

With a concept that is completely unique to Trinity Leeds, Trinity Kitchen rotates several new food retailers every few weeks, offering visitors a vibrant mix of restaurants, bars and street food vans.

The new arrivals will be at Trinity Kitchen trading alongside permanent outlets Chicago Rib Shack, Pho, Rola Wala, Tortilla, Doner Shack, Absurd Bird, Beer Hawk, Pizzaluxe and two SHUFL tables.

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