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“How Can We Make Design Choices that Will Minimise Our Impact on the Environment?”

Ugly Butterfly, Adam Handling’s zero waste pop up restaurant on the King’s Road, Chelsea, is hosting a free talk with a panel of the UK’s leading innovators in sustainable interiors to discuss how we can reduce or completely eliminate negative environmental impact in the way we design and furnish our homes and businesses.

Taking place at the King’s Road restaurant at 6.30 pm on Tuesday 24th March, with just 20 tickets available, this event is part of the Ugly Butterfly commitment to providing a sustainability conversation hub.

The panel comprises Roddy Clarke, design journalist, creative consultant and founder of The Restoration Collective; Henrietta Thompson, Editor at Large for Wallpaper* and founder of Harth, the world’s first furniture, accessories and art rental platform, and David Chenery of Object Space Place, Interior architect, design consultant and pioneer in sustainable strategies for restaurant design and fitout, aiming to ‘create a restaurant that gives more than it takes’.

All those joining the event, which must be pre-booked by emailing will be able to keep their table to eat from the menu at Ugly Butterfly following the discussion.

About Roddy Clarke

With a breadth of skills and hands-on industry experience, Roddy works as a journalist covering many areas of design with a strong focus on the positive social and environmental impacts it can have. A regular contributor to titles including Forbes, The Financial Times and the London Evening Standard, he is also working on a new online restoration platform, The Restoration Collective.

His passion for interiors, antiques and sustainability stems from a young age, learning directly from his father – a China and Porcelain restorer. Igniting a keen interest for reconditioning and handling luxury items, he moved into the industry where he spent over four years managing multiple restoration projects for private clients, stately homes and larger public spaces. It was here that he gained extensive design knowledge, as well as discovering the limits of working with antiques and vintage items.

Upon moving to London some years later, Roddy then focused his energy on the furniture retail industry. Working as a freelance stylist and offering creative direction for brands led him back to his roots to discover the true purpose of design and its role within a future society where a conscious ethos and a beautiful aesthetic can be successfully merged.

About Henrietta Thompson

Design writer and Editor at Large for Wallpaper* Henrietta Thompson co-founded Harth in 2018, a new, more sustainable approach to interior design, Harth is the world’s first furniture, accessories and art rental platform.

Making it possible to borrow new, nearly new, pre-loved and vintage pieces directly from brands, makers, galleries and dealers, as well as rent out your own items to others, Harth aims to tackle overproduction and provide a more environmentally friendly alternative to ownership or storage.

About David Chenery

David Chenery of Object Space Place is an interior architect and design consultant. Initially at Conran Design Group and then Caulder Moore, he worked on a varied range of international and UK based projects including one off retail stores, new restaurant concepts, and luxury fashion department stores.

They have been members of the Sustainable Restaurant Association for three years and have given talks to members on sustainable strategies for restaurant design and fitout. Object Space Place is now embarking on an ambitious voyage of discovery to create the design framework for a “Restorative Restaurant” to create a restaurant that gives more than it takes.

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Searcys Announces Partnership with the Hotel School

Searcys is proud to announce a new partnership with London charity Hotel School, joining a stellar team of British hospitality companies working with the organisation. 

The Hotel School was created to teach hospitality skills to homeless and vulnerable people, empowering them to find sustainable employment whilst also providing support throughout their first steps into work. As the newest partner and the first caterer joining the charity, Searcys will offer their support by welcoming Front of House apprentices at their venues, starting this month with a placement at the recently launched Saatchi Gallery Brasserie and Champagne Bar. 

Created as a joint venture between The Passage (London’s largest voluntary sector homeless resource centre) and The Goring Hotel, The Hotel School is a true coming together of the community. As one of the UK’s oldest hospitality companies, Searcys joins London’s five star hotel community and over 50 local businesses working to support the charity. 

Aiming to equip as many vulnerable and homeless people with the skills they need, the Hotel School offers various training programmes to inspire and train each individual. This includes a one-week programme giving an insight into the hospitality industry, to a 10-week programme teaching the key skills and knowledge to prepare students for the four key areas of service, kitchen, housekeeping and reception. Designed to be challenging but inspirational, the courses are part of the selection process, and have seen an 80% graduation rate. 

“We are very excited to collaborate with Searcys. Searcys’ commitment to invest time into their employees and giving them opportunities to develop within the company is what fascinated me most about their business. It’s the key factor that we are looking for in an employer partner at Hotel School.” says Dana Sandrock, Employment and Progression Coordinator at Hotel School. 

Kate Bell, Head of People at Searcys says: “Hotel School joins our other hospitality partner Beyond Food in their important work to provide meaningful employment opportunities and 

support for our sector. All of us at Searcys have taken their work to heart and I am delighted at the warm welcome our venue teams are providing for Hotel School and Beyond Food graduates.” 

Contributing to a new generation of chefs 

As the third biggest employer in the UK, the hospitality industry accounts for over 3.2m jobs. Searcys is committed to change the often mixed perceptions of a career in hospitality and create opportunities for new jobs and career development. 

Another partnership Searcys is proud to support is Beyond Food, a London-based charity helping a new generation of chefs by giving vulnerable adults hospitality training and work placement. Searcys has supported and collaborated with the charity for the past two years with their Christmas campaign, raising £23,000 during the festive season by inviting guests to donate £1 per bill. Searcys has also placed Beyond Food Graduates at their venues in Kings Fund, the Saatchi Gallery and St Pancras. 

Last year, Brigade and Beyond Food won the UK Social Enterprise Award under ‘Education, Training & Jobs’ category, and their founder Simon Boyle was presented with the Extra Mile Award at the annual Foodservice Cateys, run by The Caterer. 

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Made for Drink Builds Team To Target Progressive On-Trade Operators

Cristina Diaconu By Posted on 2 m read

Made for Drink’s single-minded mission to reclaim the local pub/bar as the heartbeat of the ‘coming together’ local community took a significant step forward in March 2020 with the recruitment of on-trade specialist, Pete Kelly (Head of On Trade Sales) and the internal promotion of Gareth Dovey (Head of Customer Service)   

Over the last year Berkshire’s best known gastronomic snack provider has doubled its in-house production capacity & outlet distribution whilst tripling its turnover; in addition to establishing a joint venture in North America (targeting North America’s discerning independent bar trade) whilst underpinning it’s Made for Sports prowess by becoming the lead sponsor for Saracens Women’s Rugby.

According to Made for Drink founder, Dan Featherstone, ‘The last twelve months has seen our young, bustling business enjoy meteoric growth throughout our eclectic retail network, but nowhere more than the dynamic On-trade, Foodservice & Hospitality arenas. Our success at the 2019 Cateys & 2018 Product Excellence Awards (best savoury snack) underpinned our unrivalled gastronomic capacity to champion ‘Friday Night’ snacking as an unashamedly indulgent savoury treat renaissance that refuses to kowtow to the growing wave of ‘healthier living’ snacks, because to Made for Drink’s way of thinking the real secret to good living is balance, so when the focus is indulgent, never settle for second best!’

About Pete Kelly: Spent the first 10 years of his career working in the hospitality industry in bars, restaurants and nightclubs…for some of the most iconic operators, (Ministry of Sound) before entering the wine and spirit trade to sell everything from Angostura Bitters to Boschendal to Casillero Del Diablo (major National on and off-trade customers).

‘I’m as passionate about the on-trade guest experience today as I was 25 years ago when I first started out!  The time is certainly ripe for the expanding Made for Drink team to provide an exceptional snacking experience to match the more involving and thoughtful drinking experiences currently being enjoyed by the UK’s most progressive on-trade operators.’

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Hilton London Bankside Appoints Kristy Mitten

Pioneering Design Hotel Hilton London Bankside, has appointed Kristy Mitten as Director of Groups, Conference and Events. Mitten joins the team with over 15 years of exceptional hospitality and events experience, after seven successful years at the world renown Landmark Hotel, London. 

Mitten’s hospitality career began at The Bloomsbury Hotel in 2005, where she worked as a Meetings and Events Manager for five years, before moving on to the Pullman London St Pancras in 2010. During her time, she developed and implemented key sales strategies which ensured that budget was consistently over delivered and KPIs were achieved within target.

Mitten held her first Conference and Banqueting Manager position at The Landmark Hotel, London, an internationally recognised five-star hotel located in Marylebone, from 2013, before being promoted to Deputy Director of Conference and Banqueting in 2016. Throughout this period Mitten successfully delivered outstanding event experiences which directly resulted in an increase in repeat and loyal clientele. 

As Director of Groups, Conference and Events at Hilton London Bankside, Mitten will have a crucial role in the continued success of the hotel. Hilton London Bankside offers stunning event spaces that are suitable for any occasion, including The Agora, a multi-sensory meeting room designed to inspire creativity and enhance human interactions. The space has unique features, including the ‘Push for creativity’ button, mood-improving lighting installations and recharging refreshments. In 2019, it won the CHS Awards Best Boardroom 2019 Award for creative meeting room.

Kristy Mitten says: “I am thrilled to start my new role at Hilton London Bankside. Each event space is truly unique, and I’m excited to bring my expertise to the table, inspiring and helping the team to go above and beyond so guests have an expertly executed and memorable experience”. 

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Serving Food with a Smile: Catering Employees Mental Wellbeing

Cristina Diaconu By Posted on 3 m read

Ensuring that customers receive the best possible service and experience at every venue they attend is something that persistently puts staff under a lot of stress and pressure. There’s currently lots of technology and equipment, such as kitchen lifts, in the catering industry that makes our jobs that little bit easier, with tablets to take orders being another technological edition. However, it’s still a high pressure working environment.

The little respite that is offered to employees as well as long working hours can cause physical and mental wellbeing issues.  Research by Mind reported that 45 per cent of workers felt that they are expected to cope with work stress in silence, and 31 per cent felt that they couldn’t openly talk to their line manager if they felt stressed.

Throughout this article, we will highlight some of the main causes for stress and how they can be dealt with properly in the catering workplace.

How to Define Stress

There are a hugely diverse variety of ways symptoms of stress can show. It is the body’s reaction to pressures and changes which can result in physical, emotional, and mental stress. The stress hormone cortisol is released which puts us in fight or flight mode, where we feel overwhelmed for a period of time. Stress can of course be a normal part of life and can often be useful in small amounts for helping us get motivated to accomplish tasks efficiently, even boosting memory.

Short terms stress can be a cause of having to give a speech to several people or having to complete a test, however after this stress subsides, we go back to feeling normal with no adverse health effects. However, too much stress can be detrimental to us, causing us to not feel like ourselves and unable to cope. Symptoms of too much stress are:

  • Inability to concentrate
  • Chest pain
  • Body aches and pains
  • Irritability
  • Frequent colds
  • Insomnia
  • Low energy
  • Changes in appetite
  • Anger
  • Feeling depressed

How you deal with these feelings of stress and anxiety is what is important. The best approach to take is to try to acknowledge and understand symptoms, reduce stress, and perhaps seek help.

Service with a Smile

The high stress environment that the catering industry inevitably entails will be no stranger to those that have worked in this sector before. Through a combination of busy bars, challenging customers, lugging food out and in the kitchen, then the endless cleaning afterwards, it almost seems impossible to comprehend. There’s a lack of control working in this industry, particularly with working long hours on weekends, busy festive periods that we’d prefer to spend with our families, often expected to work at short notice, and interference with our personal and social lives.

Workers having the constant worry of money is also a common cause for stress — with some employers relying on zero-hour contracts, others paying poorly, and tips being held by bosses instead. The additional stress of finances on top of working hard in a high stress environment will be a key cause of stress.

A further strain on short notice shifts will occur if employee morale and productivity is low due to stress in staff as well as more sick days being taken. So, what can be done to help manage stress?

Stress Reduction Techniques

An organisation that focus on employee satisfaction, Perkbox, found that 64 per cent of hospitality businesses don’t offer any solutions to alleviate feelings of stress. With more strategies implemented to improve the working environment, both the employers and business will flourish.

The above statistics suggest that it’s essential communication is opened in the catering sector between managers and staff members by offering one-to-one meetings to create a supportive environment workers feel comfortable talking in if they are stressed. Trying to reduce the stigma around stress and encouraging staff to come forward with any problems they’re having will help create a network of help and trust. Happy employees are hardworking employees!

Many young transitional workers choose a job in the catering sector, so there aren’t that many benefits such as health insurance. What many employers don’t know about is employee assistance programmes — affordable, effective forms of stress counselling to help support workers’ health and wellbeing. If as an employer you’re unsure about how to deal with supporting your workers, contact Mind or Samaritans for free advice.




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How Can we Help our Young People Tackle Climate Change?

Cristina Diaconu By Posted on 5 m read

We’ve all become more conscious of our own impact on the world and how we can care for our planet better, tackling the negative effects of climate change as part of many people’s everyday lives. Combatting climate change is no longer simply a question on government agendas, and people of all ages from all walks of life have become more proactive in their attitudes towards the environmental crisis which is unfolding.

Our children have the biggest task ahead, and we all have a responsibility to outline and inform the problem and set out a plan to tackle it — whether you are a corporation, a parent or a teacher, everyone has a duty to share the narrative and explore new solutions. Let’s take a look at how businesses, classrooms and social media activists are amplifying this extremely important message.

The duty of schools to influence change through curriculums

A survey carried out by Yougov has revealed that many teachers feel ‘ill-equipped’ when it comes to delivering lessons on climate change. In fact, prioritising climate change education is an issue supported by over 69% of those included in the survey and calls to add it to the school curriculum in the UK are only growing. In June 2019, Labour announced its pledge to make the climate emergency an inherent part of the national curriculum in primary schools and onwards. While climate change is currently taught in key stage 3 (age 11-14) and key stage four (age 14-16), many key activists and leaders have stressed that this isn’t enough.

Waves of strikes have hit schools as a result, triggered initially by the social media activist Greta Thunberg, after she skipped lessons to hold a solo protest outside the Swedish parliament in Stockholm. Children of school age on every continent have organised themselves and led a call to action, and education methods are changing as a result.

EduCCate Global have generated a training plan to be put in place for teachers, and more than 600 teachers have signed up to the module-based program through which they receive UN accreditation as a ‘climate change teacher’. This is an extremely positive step towards building a strong system of education which tackles the biggest issues surrounding climate change.

The Greta Effect

As mentioned, there’s a growing platform for young activists on social media. These youngsters are equipped and ready to spread awareness surrounding our ecological crisis. Greta Thunberg has become a prolific figure for tackling climate change, addressing the topic with a no-nonsense, factual based approach.

Thunberg inspired school strikes after she skipped lessons to hold a solo protest outside the Swedish parliament in Stockholm. This had a domino effect across the globe — Greenpeace have even curated a worldwide map of strike locations. Most are held every Friday, known as ‘Fridays for Future’. Children of school age on every continent have organised themselves and led a call to action, and education methods are changing as a result.

The #FridaysForFuture movement has sparked a global following, and the aftermath of her appearance at the 2018 United Nations Climate Change Conference triggered two coordinated events in March 2019. These events saw more than 1.6 million people from 133 countries become active demonstrators. Greta has taken her campaign to grace covers of some of the biggest publications around the world, from Teen Vogue to TIME. She told the latter: “Young people who are in developing countries are sacrificing their education in order to protest against the destruction of their future and world”. Young people are certainly listening to Greta as a voice of their generation.

Greta shuns politicians for their ineptness in properly addressing the seriousness of climate change, saying “I realised that no one is doing anything to prevent this from happening so then I have to do something “. From sailing across the Atlantic on a zero-carbon yacht, to helping all of her own family give up meat, Greta is certainly leading the way towards a greener future.

More conscious attitudes in and outside the home environment

Climate change can be tackled in some surprising ways, and by being conscious in our homes and beyond we can teach and inspire young people to do the same.

Greener living habits

Even from within our own homes we can nurture good habits into our children and teach some good, green habits. 43.2% of households recycled their waste in 2018, but this figure needs to reach 50% by 2020 in order to comply with the EU target. Teaching kids to recycle can be fun, and you can get your little ones involved by getting crafty with some DIY recycling bins. You could push them to come up with creative ways to reuse household products such as cardboard cereal boxes and milk bottles. Composting is also becoming a popular choice in many households. You don’t have to be an expert gardener to get started with some kitchen composting! From banana skins to apple cores, avocado pits and more, anything can be composted, and over time you’ll create your own nutrient rich fertilizer.

Did you know that we can also be green when it comes to shopping? While there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding what the best eco-friendly clothes materials are, many fashion companies are striving to use more recycled materials in their garment production processes. Muddy Puddles is amongst these brands. If you’re on the look for a girls or boys waterproof jacket, the company is proud to produce some great styles using recycled fabrics. They’re perfect for dressing your mini eco-warriors in!

As parents, teachers, and companies, we’re all empowered to teach and join our youngsters in combatting climate change. There are so many innovative, simple life changes that you can make to get started.



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How to Support Friends & Family During Stress Awareness Month 2020

Cristina Diaconu By Posted on 5 m read

How is your mental health? As we approach Stress Awareness Month in April, it’s a pertinent time to consider our own wellbeing and also, the wellbeing of others. Many mental health problems are stress related and can impact your personality, energy levels, outlook and your physical health. Poor mental health isn’t rare. In fact, one in four people in the UK have been affected by mental health at some point in their lives. According to the NHS, “mental health is about how we think, feel, and behave” and it can take many different forms.

People who are facing high levels of stress at home, in the workplace or in other areas of their life, may feel it straining on their mental health, often resulting in them feeling isolated, misunderstood and anxious. In many cases, they will struggle to reach out to loved ones or professionals in order to address the problem. So, why not reach out to someone during Stress Awareness Month? It could make the world of difference to their wellbeing and help them feel supported. Read on to find out how best to approach the subject.

1.      Look out for the signs

As previously stated, a friend or family member with mental health difficulties is likely to feel isolated. They may not come to you directly to discuss mental health issues, so you should try and be on the lookout for some tell-tale signs. These signs can include:

  • Low confidence
  • Lack of social interest
  • Lack of appetite
  • Obsessive behaviour
  • Panic attacks
  • Getting tearful on a regular basis

Of course, mental health has many facets, and these are tell-tale signs to a few different problems. But, if a loved on is showing any of these signs then it is worth reaching out and offering your support.

2.      Check in on them

Once you’ve identified a problem, or you know someone has been vulnerable to mental health issues in the past, checking in on them is of the utmost importance. Some people can put up a front and may seem perfectly fine on the surface. However, anyone could be struggling, even if they are smiling through it. Take your friend out for a coffee or send your relative a mindfulness card to let them know that you’re thinking of them. Not only will this action alone make them feel seen, but it will give them an opportunity to open up in a safe and comfortable space.

When checking in on a friend about mental health, the location you choose is important. Make sure you choose a peaceful place to have the conversation, with few distractions so that they feel comfortable and focussed. Remember, you are not a doctor, so don’t try and diagnose them. Primarily, you are there to listen and comfort rather than to offer medical advice. Keep your questions open ended and try not to second guess their answers. Another useful approach is to repeat their answers back to them so that they feel confident that you are giving them your full attention and understanding them.

Once they have shared their experience with you, open up the conversation about wellbeing and mindfulness. Let them know that you’ll be right there with them every step of the way and that you’ll support them in any lifestyle changes they want to make.

If the problem feels out of your hands, encourage your loved one to seek medical advice. Offer help in finding professional support or direct them towards a helpline such as the Samaritans.

3.      Send a mindfulness card

Although a text message is an easy and quick way to check up on someone, a card would be much more thoughtful. Many UK greeting card manufacturers offer a selection of cards that have been specifically designed around mindfulness practices and mental wellbeing. Choosing one of these rather than sending a quick text will show your loved one that you’ve really been thinking about them. Furthermore, a handwritten message triggers a stronger emotional response than a text or online message. It could make the world of difference to someone who is going through a difficult period.

4.      Help them practice mindfulness

Sending a card or practicing mindfulness may not be automatic ‘fixes’ for mental health problems, but they can both play big parts in maintaining wellbeing. Mindfulness is officially defined as a “quality or state of being conscious or aware of something” and mindfulness practice revolves around gaining greater control over your emotions. The practice is rooted in Buddhist philosophies and has helped many people manage mental help difficulties through fitting simple routines into their day. You can practice mindfulness by:

  • Slowing down
  • Taking notice of the little things
  • Practicing deep breathing exercises
  • Trying meditation, yoga, or Tai Chi
  • Downloading a mindfulness app to help you work out a routine that works for you

By practicing mindfulness with a loved one who is struggling with mental health issues, you will not only make them feel supported, but also keeping on top of your own mental wellbeing. Looking after your own mental health is of vital importance if you want to support a loved one. As the analogy goes, you have to attach your own oxygen mask before you can start helping others with theirs. You can help build a more robust support system on strong and healthy foundations, so don’t neglect your own mental health in place of others’.

5.      Raise awareness

A final way that you can show solidarity and support on World Mental Health Day is by raising awareness. Be loud and proud about your support, and make sure others know how best to assist their friends and relatives. Even today in 2019, there is a lot of stigma surrounding mental health, so tackle that head-on by talking about it. Perhaps you have a sceptical family member, or a friend who hasn’t read-up on the issue? Next time you see them, try not to shy aware from the topic — the more people engaged in the conversation this World Mental Health Day the better.


For any further advice or support, call the Samaritans helpline for free: 116 123 or email (response time: 24 hours).



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Dalloway Terrace Welcomes Spring as It Transforms into a Greenhouse

The arrival of spring, lengthening of days and warmer weather, means it’s time for Dalloway Terrace to sport a new outfit. Just in time for the sunshine that the new season brings, the renowned Bloomsbury restaurant has once again been transformed, this time into a whimsical overgrown greenhouse. 

The idyllic transformation will transport guests to the stunning surroundings of a quintessentially English garden complete with an abundance of cascading roses, sweet peas and tulips entwined around terracotta pots. Also laced throughout the restaurant will be a selection of herbs filling the terrace with fragrant notes of Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme and Mint. 

Hotly anticipated and courtesy of master florist McQueens Flowers, the ‘Dalloway Spring Greenhouse’ will evoke the sights of Virginia Woolf’s tranquil garden at her 16th-century Sussex retreat, ‘Monk’s House’. The garden played a very important part in Woolf’s life and provided a 

source of both inspiration and tranquillity. Virginia wrote most of her major novels in a wooden writing lodge tucked in the corner of the orchard in her garden. 

Alongside the enchanted floral display – Dalloway will be complete with an exclusive list of botanical cocktails (priced at £14 each ) inspired by the flowers of an English country garden. Highlights of the new cocktail list include the Sweet Pea, created with Seedlip Garden 108, Bitter Orange and Elderflower, Daffodil, a refreshing mix of Belsazar Rose Vermouth, Crème de Pêche, Muyu Jasmine Verte and Jasmine Saicho Cold Brew Tea. Also available will be the Bluebell consisting of Ciroc Vodka, Supusawa, Muyu Chinoto Verde, Italicus and Soda Water and the Garden Rose, combining Villa Ascenti Gin, Manzana Verde, Mint & Lime Cordial with LE Rhubarb & Cardamom Soda 

The Bloomsbury hotspot brings its seasonal transformation full circle, complete with Spring dishes including Welsh Spring Lamb Cutlets, served with Charred Courgettes, Aubergines and Salsa Verde (£32), Primavera Tart of Peas, Asparagus, Broad Bean and Baby Leaf Salad (£10.50) and Heritage Beet Salad, Baby Watercress, Rocket, Dorstone Cheese, Orange with Toasted Hazelnuts (£12). Also available will be an Afternoon Tea, with the sweets taking inspiration from British favourites. Highlights of the tea (£40 per person) include Blueberry and Violet Cupcakes, an English Strawberry Tartlet and Raspberry and Pistachio Opera Cake. The savoury offering includes Spring Lamb and Mint Sliders, Marinated Cucumber on White Bread, Cheddar Cheese with Onion Chutney on Multigrain Bread and Smoked Halibut on Guinness Bread. 

Spring at Dalloway is complete with delightful touches such as seasonal seeds for guests to take home allowing them to create their own slice of Dalloway Terrace. Also available will be floral lollipops that have delicate edible flowers set within them. 

Named after the eponymous character penned by Virginia Woolf, an author whose name will forever be associated with Bloomsbury, Dalloway Terrace is an elegant, poetic and quintessentially English space. Set in the heart of the historic and vibrant Bloomsbury, London’s literary centre, the beautiful indoor-outdoor space provides the perfect spot to soak in the new season.

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Exploring The Bahamas – Stunning Hotels and Delicious Dining

As well as beautiful beaches, tropical plants and a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, visitors to the Bahamas can expect to experience gorgeous weather at any time of the year. The temperature drops less than 10 degrees Celsius between summer and winter, meaning even a winter trip is wonderfully warm and sunny. But, of course, it isn’t just the weather that makes a trip. There are some truly fantastic places to stay in the Bahamian capital city of Nassau and delightful restaurant options offering delicious cuisine.

A Selection of Stunning Hotels

Just to the north of Nassau, the Atlantis Resort resides on a two-mile stretch of beautiful beaches called Paradise Island. The most desirable destinations in the Bahamas blend natural wonders with modern luxury and few do this better than the Atlantis Resort. This resort is designed with the mythical kingdom of Atlantis in mind and is the biggest open-air marine environment in the world. From your room in The Cove Atlantis or Royal Towers, you can walk to the sunken ruins which show Atlantis as it may have once existed. With more than 250 different species of aquatic life to explore along with 13 swimming pools in the Adventure Water Park, there is lots to see and do at this resort. For relaxation, you’ll find 13 bars and nightclubs, 9 casual dining restaurants and 8 fine dining restaurants. Add to this a championship-level golf course and a spa which covers more than 30,000 square feet, and you might find little reason to leave.

Also in Nassau, you’ll find the SLS Baha Mar, one of three hotels situated within the Baha Mar resort complex. This lovely boutique hotel marries style and service, with a fabulous rooftop bar, two pools and five restaurants which have been designed with dramatic décor in mind. The trendy hotel has 299 rooms and guests can access any of the amenities on neighbouring resorts owned by Baha Mar, including 40 restaurants and bars, a large spa, 18-hole golf course and shopping arcades.

For something with a little more history and character, Graycliff is a wonderful option. This property dates back to 1740 and had been in use as a private mansion from the 1940s until it was re-imagined as a boutique hotel. Home to the world’s third-largest wine cellar, this Colonial-style hotel also has its own cigar factory, chocolate factory and Culinary Academy. With two pools, gazebo patio and Italian-style gardens, the property also has a gorgeous outdoor space to boast about. Two restaurants and a Piano lounge are more than enough to accommodate guests staying in the 20 rooms, which are popular with A-listers.

Sensational Dining Options

An impressive selection of restaurants can be found in Nassau serving both authentic local cuisine and dishes with South American or European inspired flavours. At The Atlantis, you’ll find Nobu, an Asian-Bahamian fusion restaurant which has Peruvian influences. Here you can sample the Bahamian signature dish of conch (a type of large sea snail) with light garlic sauce, scallops with wasabi pepper or Maine lobster with truffle panko.

If you develop a taste for conch, you shouldn’t miss venturing to Goldie’s Conch House in downtown Nassau. The wonderful conch salad, steamed snapper and grilled grouper are fresh and delicious, just as you would imagine in this tropical paradise. For some local dining, the Cricket Club is situated near Arawak Cay and offers delights such as broiled lobster and pan-fried grouper. Meals can be enjoyed while watching friendly matches between local cricket players on the sporting ground a stone’s throw away.

For sumptuous fine dining, Dune at The Ocean Club is home to a fusion of French-Asian cuisine with Bahamian influences. Chef Jean-Gorges Vongerichten’s menu includes local snapper with a sweet and sour jus, New York strip steak and steamed shrimp salad. All can be enjoyed in a chic setting featuring a display kitchen and views of the fabulous beach.

With beautiful beaches, gorgeous hotels and restaurants serving delicious dishes to enjoy, a trip to Nassau in the Bahamas should certainly be on your bucket list.

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The Frog Hoxton Announces New Guest-Chef Series

The Frog Hoxton – the popular East London restaurant from critically-acclaimed chef Adam Handling – has announced a second series of guest chef dinners. Kicking off in April, the series will once again see Head Chef Jamie Park and the Hoxton team collaborating with an exceptional line-up of culinary concepts on a set of one-off dinners. The series will feature an exciting mix of emerging talent amongst well-established and celebrated industry names, as well as a diverse range of international culinary flavours (see full line-up below).

Adam says, “I’m so excited to be launching a brand-new series of guest-chef dinners. It’s wonderful for our group to collaborate with so many inspiring and talented chefs, and to offer emerging chefs a London platform for people to try out their amazing food. There’s such a diverse line-up of cooking styles for this series and I can’t wait to have these fantastic chefs cooking at The Frog Hoxton.”

The series of dinners will begin on 7th April until 4th August 2020, and tickets for each dinner are £60.00 per person.

7th April – KITCHEN F.M.

Having grown up in the south of France, Fabien Spagnolo and Max Truel moved to London and met in the kitchen of the Michelin-starred Pollen Street Social, and later worked together at Frenchie Covent Garden. The pair then parted ways, with Spagnolo working at Michelin-starred The Ninth and The Corner Room, and Truel moving to Stem in Mayfair.

In 2017, the pair reunited to create Kitchen FM, a roving pop-up kitchen in London and the South of France, serving a seasonal menu featuring simple, modern dishes inspired by their French and Mediterranean roots, and influenced by their time in London. Previous residencies include the duo’s 2018 pop-up at Nest in Hackney, and more recently Borough’s Great Guns and Crispin restaurant.

Book your tickets here.

5th May – JAE

Born into the hospitality and produce industry and hailing from London, Jay Morjaria cooks his unique multi-heritage and East Asian inspired food at pop-ups around the UK and beyond. After working in the UK as a chef and consultant for ten years, Jay left the UK to work and train in South Korea and East Asia. His time in Korea and Japan increased his expertise in East Asian food, leading to the launch of his pop-up brand Dynasty Dining Club.

Since returning to London Jay has cooked for the UK Korean Ambassador to the UK, worked with the Japanese Embassy, and appeared on the BBC2 restaurant competition show, My Million Pound Menu.

Jay is currently developing his first restaurant, JAE, which will feature an innovative changing menu, with a focus on British seasonal produce and drawing on influences from East Asia and Jay’s heritage.

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19th May – NATIVE

Native is the first restaurant venture of Ivan Tisdall-Downes and Imogen Davis. Following a series of pop-ups and street food markets, Ivan and Imogen settled into their first permanent site in Neal’s Yard in 2016, before relocating to London Bridge in July 2018 following a successful crowdfunding campaign, continuing their movement towards zero-waste, seasonally inspired eating.

Entirely self-taught, Ivan has completed stages at The River Cottage, and more recently at Dan Barber’s Blue Hill Farm at Stone Barns, honing his skills and developing his enthusiasm for natural, foraged and seasonal produce. Despite a long-held love of food, Ivan did not consider a career in the industry until his parents left London and he was forced to spend a summer in the countryside, where he quickly gained an appreciation for Britain’s wild produce; the joy of giving people happiness through food persuaded Ivan to turn his passion into his livelihood.

Having grown up in rural Northamptonshire, Imogen has always been at one with nature, running her family falconry business and managing the infamous Rufus the hawk. Hunter gathering is in Imogen’s blood, learning from a very young age the crafts of plucking, skinning & foraging whilst nurturing a truly wonderful palate for the wild food of Britain. Imogen was named in Grace Dents “10 People to Watch in the food industry 2017”

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2nd June – SARAP

Moving from Sydney and having worked in London from 2012, Ferdinand “Budgie” Montoya counts his time at Restaurant Story, Dean Street Townhouse, Flat 3 and Foley’s as his biggest influences.

Sarap London was born out of a craving for chicken adobo and a means of rediscovering his Filipino roots. Centred around the mantra of authentic Filipino flavours delivered proudly inauthentically. Sarap aims to marry traditional recipes and reinterpret them with a modern and local narrative.

After 3 successful residencies, the most recent being at The Sun and 13 Cantons in Soho, Sarap will be moving to Brixton Village in Autumn for their first stand-alone site after recently winning the Brixton Kitchen competition.

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7th July – LOW ‘N’ SLOW

Andy Stubbs, founder of Low ‘N’ Slow, set up his street food business in 2013. His Texas inspired BBQ and modern Mexican food draws inspiration from Native breed meat and seasonal British produce.

Andy has been a regular at the award winning Digbeth Dining Club in Birmingham, winning The Independent Birmingham’s ‘Best Street Food’ award in 2019.

Andy has been a Meatopia resident for the last three years and is set to open his flagship restaurant later this year.

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Brought up in Norfolk, Yasmin (Yaz) Godfrey has always been inspired by her coastal surroundings. She started cooking from a young age with ingredients she foraged with her family and this passion for earthy flavours has become a big influence on her style of cooking.

Since making it to the quarter finals of MasterChef: The Professionals 2019, Yaz now heads up the kitchen at Fed & Watered, a local neighbourhood eatery in Acton, London where the produce takes centre stage.

Completely self-taught, Yaz’s style of food is unique; cutting edge and modern yet influenced by tradition.

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