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How to get a career in the Snowsports industry

Cristina Diaconu By Posted on 5 m read

Have you ever imagined yourself in a job that’s a little bit different from your everyday office gig? Perhaps you’re seeking a change in career and have been looking for something more adventurous? Choosing a career path can be a headache, but the decision doesn’t have to be difficult; your chosen job role may involve an activity or hobby that you already have a passion for. For example, gamers can now enjoy a career in games quality testing or professional e-sports. The same idea applies to extreme sports enthusiasts, and a range of other career choices/


With that in mind, if your hobby is in winter sports, there are a range of different options you could consider. Here, we take an in-depth look at how to get a career in the snow sports industry.

If you dream of spending most of your time up in the slopes and have a passion for skiing or snowboarding, then why not consider a career as a snowboard or ski instructor?  There are academies all over the world offering instructor training courses, most of which will guarantee you a job upon completion.

These courses offer practical, hands-on experience, allowing you to learn ‘on the job’ with endless opportunities to ski or snowboard. For example, SIA Austria (Ski Instructor Academy) offer internships, which see you spending an entire winter season in Niseko Mountain in Japan.

This course does require you to have a Japanese Working Holiday Visa, which citizens between the ages of 18 – 30 across Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Jong, Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Taiwan and the United Kingdom are eligible to apply for.

Winter Sports Journalist, Events Specialists or Marketing
If you’re passionate about snow sports, the chances are you’d find yourself discussing it with like minded people at every opportunity. Unfortunately, your technical knowledge of snow sports may very well sound like you’re speaking a foreign language to those not ‘in the know’!

You could therefore consider a career based around events organisation, marketing or copywriting. After all, you’ll already be familiar with the subect and can offer your expert opinion on a range of snow sports related topics. Of course, you’ll need the appropriate skills for the job, including any previous experience and qualifications. These roles offer plenty of room for progression too, so they’re ideal if you’re looking to kick start your career.


Sales Person
If you have a keen interest in snow sports, combined with the ability to talk endlessly about the topic, you could consider a career as a skiing and snowboarding holiday sales person. This type of job does require previous sales or marketing experience, but they usually offer fast progression to team leader or sales manager positions.

Despite the fact that you may not be working up on the slopes, you’ll usually would benefit from free or discounted ski holidays. Alternatively, you could work in a resort shop, where you’ll have plenty of opportunities to share your expertise on a daily basis (whilst hitting the slopes in your free time)!


Park Builder
The duties of a park builder is to design, build and maintain the take-offs, landings and manmade features of a slope park, either in the UK or at the resort. Features in a park tend to include halfpipes, jumps, rails, tires, wall rides, quarter pipes, and many other creatively placed objects which skiers or snowboarders can use.

To work in this role, you’ll have to be able to make these features fun and safe for users. For example, take-offs need to be well positioned, gaps need to be properly spaced, and landings need to be kept smooth, along with other responsibilities. All of this would be new to someone who was unfamiliar with skiing or snowboarding, but if you’re already familiar with the sport, you’ll have a great head start.


Ski or Snowboard rental technician
This role requires you to be able to service and repair skis and snowboards. You can work as ski and snowboard technician in the UK or at a ski resort abroad. Working abroad gives you the opportunity to spend an entire season at one of your favourite resorts. Alternatively, there are ski slopes in the UK that are open all year round, so if you work a majority of the year in a resort, you can apply for these roles to fill out the remainder of your year until the ski season starts again.


If you’re technically gifted with a camera and have the relevant qualifications and experience, you can choose to pursue a career as a freelance photographer or video producer. Getting the job in this field is tough as you’ll need to build up a portfolio of contacts and previous work. You can get started by reaching out to holiday companies, resorts, agencies, industry brands and athletes.


Similar to a photographer or video producer, most designer roles require relevant qualifications and experience. Although this job won’t offer as much ski time as other positions on this list, the role provides ample opportunity for progression and you’ll be working alongside like-minded individuals who also have a keen interest in snow sports.


Catering jobs
If you work as a chef, bar or as kitchen staff at a ski resort, then there’s plenty of opportunity to spend your free time between shifts on the slopes. These roles are usually seasonal, but there’s plenty of progression opportunities for the right person.


Become a manager, administrator & Co-ordinators or ski resort rep
As a ski resort rep, you’ll be the face of the company within the resort. This role can be highly pressured, as it’s your responsibility to make sure all guests are happy and resolved any issues that may arise. Despite this, these roles are generally well paid and allow for plenty of time on the slopes.

These are just a few of the exciting roles that you can find within the skiing and snow sports industry. There are plenty of opportunities available but it’s always best to do your research before applying. If you’re looking for a career change, or simply wanting to make a living out of your passion, these roles can offer you an exciting and rewarding career on the slopes!


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The importance of temperature control in sports centres

Cristina Diaconu By Posted on 3 m read

Sports centres, whether it’s a gym or leisure centre attract clients, who are expected to sweat a little depending on their activity. With that, it’s very important for keeping customers happy, that these venues need suitable air condition units and HVAC systems installed, in order to maintain an optimal temperature levels and prevent overheating or cold temperature conditions.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Daikin to explore the importance of maintaining a comfortable temperature within a sports centres, as well as what temperatures are considered appropriate to achieve this.

Duty of care and responsibilities

As it goes, there aren’t any regulations regarding specific temperatures within a gym or leisure centre according to Health and Safety Executive. But normal health and safety legislation covers the vast majority of other safety requirements at the gym. In terms of temperature, although there are no fixed regulations specifically for gyms and leisure centres, we can use minimum workplace temperature requirements as an estimate of what constitutes a comfortable temperature during activity.

The Approved Code of Practice recommends that 16°C is considered to be a comfortable temperature within a workplace. Work requiring “rigorous physical effort” is placed a little lower, at 13°C. Again, this isn’t a legal requirement, but it gives an idea of what an optimum temperature is for comfortably engaging in physical activity.

Sport England had produced a handy guide for exercise spaces and fitness centres, which outlined the ideal temperatures for customers:

  • Fitness Gym – 16°C to 18°C (60°F to 64°F) in the summer, with “comfort cooling” as needed.
  • Studios – 18°C (64°F), with a slight summer rise acceptable.

High temperatures in sports centres

If a sport centre becomes too hot, it can be a torturous experience for those working out. Plus, it’s a risky activity; dehydration and heat stroke are notable risks of working out in an overheated gym. But even just sweating too much can be a problem. We Be Fit notes that while over-sweating can cause gym-goers to notice an extra pound of weight loss at the end of their workout, the weight lost is fluids from sweating and will be negated with a drink. The article suggests that working out in an overheated gym for a long period can result in a 50% less effective workout! All that sweating for nothing.


Cold temperatures in sports centres

Freezing temperatures in the gym, can just be as difficult for those working out as an overheating gym. My Inner Go looked at the pros and cons of working out in a cold environment and found that chilly temperatures brought with it a higher risk of injury. This is because muscles tend to seize up in the cold (which is why warming up before physical activity is so important). The website offered a great analogy for cold muscles: consider them like Play-Doh! When Play-Doh gets cold, it goes stiff and doesn’t stretch, it just snaps. But warm Play-Doh is stretchy and flexible.

Keeping the temperatures regulated in sports centres

It’s important for sport centres to consider all the rooms within the building when regulating the temperature. Investing in an efficient, responsive air conditioning system will help regulate a comfortable temperature within the building, with units in Daikin’s air conditioning range offering low energy consumption models to fit your carbon emission targets.

For workouts to be successful, it’s crucial for temperatures to be comfortable. Keeping a good temperature through a facility will ensure customers stay happy and are more likely to keep coming back. If the gym starts to get a reputation for being freezing cold or too stuffy, gym goers will quickly turn to other establishments.


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KellyDeli Offers Employees Free Netflix and Deliveroo During Coronavirus Pandemic

KellyDeli, owner of the well-known Sushi Daily brand, is offering free Netflix and Deliveroo Plus subscriptions to its employees to support them as they work from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

With more than 850 Sushi Daily counters in 11 European countries, including the UK, KellyDeli HQ employs a total of 175 people, all of whom will have free access to Netflix and Deliveroo Plus accounts in an attempt to boost morale and limit social gatherings outside of working hours.

As well as enjoying unlimited films and TV shows, employees can take advantage of free home deliveries, and exclusive discounts and offers, from a wide range of local restaurants.

William Shu, Co-Founder & CEO of Deliveroo, said: “These are unprecedented times, and we all need to be looking out for each other. At Deliveroo, we have a public responsibility to help restaurants in these times, help people find work, and also bring food to the vulnerable and isolated. To see KellyDeli engage in this positive manner is truly heartwarming.”

Silvano Delnegro, CEO of KellyDeli Europe, commented: “Smart working is native to our company where the average age of an employee is 35. They like to be out socialising after work so we thought to offer an alternative.

“Our corporate values are based on a strong sense of community and belonging. The idea of giving Netflix is just a small gesture to show our commitment to encourage our people to minimize any risk of contagion and consequently the spread of Coronavirus”.

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Coronavirus Drives Dash for Cheap Used Cars

Used car website has reported a spike in searches for cars priced under £2,000 since last week, when the coronavirus crisis escalated. The most in-demand models are small cars such as the Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa and VW Polo.

Rod Joseph, director at, said: “Last Thursday, 12th March, was a tipping point. The UK death toll from coronavirus hit double figures and the government announced a shift from containment to delay. Since then traffic on our site has been way outside normal parameters. For the seven days to the end of yesterday (Wednesday 18th March) searches for cars in the sub-£2k bracket were up 18% compared to the previous week. Greater London accounts for a massive 27% of this increase. On the other hand, searches in the £15-20k bracket were down 11% over the same period. 

“People are veering away from public transport in order to better isolate themselves but they also want to support elderly relatives even more than before. Suddenly, getting a cheap runabout with a good reputation for reliability (like a Corsa, Fiesta or Polo) makes a lot of sense. It looks like budget cars could be the motoring equivalent of handwash and dealers will certainly welcome the increase in demand. The circumstances in London mean it is a particular hotspot.”

Launched in 2001, is one of the UK’s leading car classifieds websites with around 300,000 used vehicles for sale at any one time. Still independently owned and run, it is part of the eBay Motors network. 

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New Lyle’s Golden Syrup Tin to Honour VE Day’s 75th Anniversary

Lyle’s Golden Syrup has released a limited edition version of its iconic tin, with the aim to raise funds for the charity Help for Heroes. The tin will be available in stores from April. With 5p of every tin sold to be donated to the charity, the aim is to raise over £25,000 in support of wounded, injured and sick veterans and their families and loved ones across the country. Created in collaboration with Help or Heroes, the unique tin retains the Lyle’s Golden Syrup iconic gold and green colours and features a secret Morse code message on the border.

“The 75th anniversary of VE Day is an important moment for Britain as we reflect on the huge sacrifices made by our servicemen and women during WWII. To mark this occasion, we are extremely proud to be partnering with Help for Heroes who do such meaningful work for veterans”, said Lindsay Brown, Product Manager, Lyle’s Golden Syrup.

Lyle’s and Help for Heroes encourage the nation to participate in ‘Bake for Heroes’ by hosting a bake sale, with bake sale tips and plenty of Lyle’s Golden Syrup recipes featured on the Lyle’s website. Lyle’s Golden Syrup is also collaborating with former GBBO winner and Army officer Sophie Faldo to create a Union Jack inspired bake to spread the word about VE Day’s 75th anniversary.

“Help for Heroes is proud to be associated with Lyle’s Golden Syrup, a brand with such great heritage. Through this partnership we hope to raise awareness of the work that Help for Heroes does and raise vital funds to support the essential work that we do”, said Mandy Lloyd, Head of Partnerships, Help for Heroes.

During WWII the Lyle’s factory played a huge role in the local community; it was used as an air raid shelter at night and also provided somewhere to stay for employees whose homes were destroyed, all despite coming under fire itself. One employee even raised £20,000 to fund an RAF bomber that was christened ‘The Golden Lion’ after the company mascot that also features on the original Lyle’s Golden Syrup tin.  

“The factory opened its doors to workers and their families whose homes had been destroyed in bombing raids. Even though the building was severely damaged from 67 bombs, Lyle’s managed to keep the lines running, with over 1,000 tons of Lyle’s Golden Syrup being produced every week”, said Carmen Ferguson, Digital Marketing Executive, Lyle’s Golden Syrup.

The factory also employed many women to take on men’s jobs when they were drafted to serve in the military. At that time, it was a bold move – as many roles had never been carried out by women before. Being a panswoman, for example, was an extremely skilled and prestigious job at the heart of the refining process – in the Lyle’s archives one panswoman describes her experience, “It was a marvellous job, I had about three and a half years of it and though we had terrifying nights when bombs were dropping, I would not have missed it for anything!”

By 1945, women were carrying out around half of the male workers’ refinery jobs. The work was hard but for many, Lyle’s was more than just a factory, it was a community, a place of support and an integral part of London’s East End. 

With this rich history, the partnership between Lyle’s and Help for Heroes came naturally.

Jo Hursey, a former Staff Sergeant with 24 years’ service in the British Army, sustained an injury to her left leg which left her unable to walk properly again, was diagnosed with PTSD after serving in Northern Ireland and now lives with depression, anxiety, osteoarthritis and a hearing impairment in both ears. The work of Help for Heroes has helped throughout her recovery journey. 

She says, “As someone who has a real passion for baking, I think it’s wonderful that Lyle’s is supporting Help for Heroes. For any self-respecting baker who is planning a ‘Bake for Heroes’ bake sale to celebrate VE Day, Lyle’s Golden Syrup is an essential ingredient!

“But it’s not just about that. Lyle’s female workers stepped up during WWII to keep the factory going when the men went to fight, and now the company is stepping up again to help with a different kind of war effort. Every donation from the special edition tin can help change a life – mine changed irrevocably, and without donations like these I would not be here today.”

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Things to Do or Avoid When Using Promotional Items for Events

Cristina Diaconu By Posted on 3 m read

One of the major attributes of the world today is that almost everything can be done digitally. However, digitalisation cannot effectively replace a one-on-one meeting with customers; especially when it comes to marketing. This is one of the reasons why the effects of using promotional items at live events to acknowledge and celebrate your customers cannot be overemphasised.

However, when it comes to using promotional items at events, you must learn how to use them to obtain optimal results. This implies that you need to understand both what you should do and what you should avoid when using promo items at events. This post will show you just what you need to know.


Here are a few effective things you need to do to enhance the effectiveness of your promotional marketing at any event:

  • COME UP WITH SOMETHING UNIQUE: This is crucial if you do not want people to toss your promo item on the shelf as soon as they get home. To ensure that the promo item you are taking to the event is useful and unique; you must consider the type of event, the target audience, and the season that event is taking place. For instance, you can make use of promotional notebooks and pens if you are hosting a conference. If you want something more unique, you can opt for a phone charger that has your brand info on it. Click this link for amazing enamel pins custom labels.
  • COME UP WITH SOMETHING THAT WILL CAPTURE THE ATTENTION OF YOUR AUDIENCE: You should be able accurately guess what will engage your audience and what they want. You should find a creative way to use these promo items to enhance the interaction between your customers and your brand. For instance, you can ask them to sign up for your monthly newsletter or give them coupons. Ask them to follow your social media handle after giving them the promotional item.
  • DON’T FORGET TO USE PRODUCTS THAT BRAND YOUR SPACE: There is a huge chance that your brand is not the only one that will be represented at the event you are prepping for. This emphasises the need to go for promotional items that will help brand your space and make your business stand out from the others. You can use tents that are branded or banners to capture the attention of potential customers.


Here are a few things you should avoid when using promotional items in events:

  • AVOID GOING EMPTYHANDED: This may sound very basic but you may be overwhelmed with the logistics preparation that you don’t have time to bring any promo items along. This will make your stand look boring and potential customers will most likely prefer going to other stands to spice up their experience at the event.
  • AVOID FORGETTING TO BRAND PROMO ITEMS: While you want to make your customers feel loved, this is not a charity case. You are giving out something that they will value and, in exchange, they are helping market your brand. This is one good reason why you should have your brand and contact information printed on the items.

In conclusion, the tips above will not only help you save on marketing costs, but will also help improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategies at any event.

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Why Commercial Temporary Buildings Are Good for Business

Cristina Diaconu By Posted on 3 m read

As a business owner, you are always looking for new ways to enable your business to reach its full potential. We live in a competitive economy, and finding new ways to enhance productivity has become a significant priority for every company. Buildings are an essential part of any given company to run its operation smoothly. Many businesses are spending a fortune in the construction of permanent buildings but end up facing certain disadvantages. 

These days, many companies are opting to use commercial temporary building structures, creating a new wave of change. Here is why you should consider using temporary buildings for your business. 


It is fair to state that as a business owner, you are always looking for ways on how you can spend less or save more while running your business. On-site construction is rather expensive, and not every company is willing to part ways with a large sum of cash. Not only is constructing a permanent building expensive, but maintaining it is also costly.

Many businesses are adopting temporary commercial buildings because they are cost-effective. Having one will not cost you as much as on-site construction. You will end up saving a lot of money in the process and will still get the benefits of a permanent building. Furthermore, you will not be receiving a hefty tax deduction as it is common in permanent structures. It is ideal for a business that does not have a large sum of capital or any company that needs to save some money.

Quick Installation

Time is vital when running a business and it may end up being an advantage or disadvantage. It is common for the sudden need for additional storage space or buildings to aid in increasing the productivity of the company. Building a permanent structure will not help in this scenario since time is of the essence.

You will be required to have an effective solution in a short time. A quality temporary building from Smart Space will take little time to be installed and transported to the required location. Your regular business operations will not be interfered with, thus not affecting your company’s productivity, and in a short period, you will have resolved your building structure needs.


It is quite common for companies to find a need to use individual buildings for different purposes, and this may not be achieved where permanent structures are used. Commercial semi-permanent buildings are quite flexible and can be used for various purposes than they were initially intended.

The fact that they can be expanded when you need more space makes them superior to other types of buildings. Their ability to adapt can also enable you to quickly reduce the size of your building when the need arises. Though the structure can come in standard form, you can customize them to your liking or needs.


Running a business may be challenging, but some ways have proven to be vital for business success. After learning the above-mentioned benefits that temporary commercial buildings have for businesses, you should consider using them. Always ensure to purchase one from a well-established company to get the best quality product.

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Is Blogging Still a Thing in 2020?

Cristina Diaconu By Posted on 3 m read

If you are aware of the digital world, you should know the fact that it evolves very promptly, sometimes in just a blink of an eye. Something revolutionary and new in the last year and was performing high may turn out to be vague in the current year. Marketers must stay on top by keeping themselves updated to the ever-changing trends. Things move rapidly than expected, which means that people will ask consistently about what is new and working, and the things that are still considered relevant.  

Let us explore the world and blogging and see if it still prevails in 2020.  


Blogging was introduced years back, and at that time, it exploded into the mainstream. Though the core functions were the same throughout the journey, companies blogged, to stay on top of the search rankings.  

Moreover, you would agree that there is a massive difference on the internet that was ten years ago and the internet today. People are trying to find out whether blogging is still beneficial to be found.  

Trends in Blogging 

Trends rise and fall with time. Hence, we discuss a few directions related to blogging that will keep you ahead in the industry in 2020.  

  • Skimming is easy 

Not a trend though, the attention of users is reducing and has shortened nowadays. Hence, bloggers need to focus on making their content easily skimmable. Dedicated readers or your fans will spend time to read through what you have written; the average visitor won’t. New visitors might scroll through the whole page only to find that the post is too big and abandon. It doesn’t have a good impact on the metrics!  

  • Booming Video Content 

Videos are taking over the internet like a storm, and they are the most efficient ways to communicate. Try including snippets of videos in your blog; it is a lot helpful to engage readers. Traditional words only post are not able to engage readers anymore, and videos steal the show. Moreover, the video will never substitute an excellent writeup! Doing both is worth the time taken, and the tour blog will stand out in 2020.  

  • Highly Mobile Optimized 

Mobile phones are nowadays capable of doing everything. They have become the number one device used by the majority of people to access the internet today. There are chances that your visitor is having a sneak-peak on your webpage through the convenience of their mobile phone. Almost half of the views a web page gets is from a mobile device. This data alone is worth getting your website well optimized for mobile devices.  

  • More Long-Form Content 

I know that it was just said to skin content to the extent possible, but it doesn’t mean that the whole blog has to be short. Making it skimmed is easy, but not so much that all blogs on your website have to be brief. People are also seen valuing long-form content more than they were done in the previous years.  

It is an undeniable fact that long blog posts are packed with useful and relevant content. They will stay evergreen after being published. Hence, long blog posts serve as reliable sources of information that people keep coming back to depend on.  

  • Community Conversation 

It is always a great idea to draft long-form blog posts for your audience.  

Your audience goes through the whole thing, feels that it was an overwhelming writeup and then shares among their group. All of this is great! You also reply to the marvelous comments left on your blog post. 

The audience is built to talk and engage with them. The whole point lies in conversing with them through your blog post. Your audience will give you ideas to enhance your offerings.  

You will be able to find out what they need by interacting with them easily. This way, you can deliver what they are searching for. Respond to the community you have built with so much effort. Don’t leave them lingering in silence.  

Author Bio

This is Sharon Winget, Staff Writer with GoodFirms, a review and rating platform of top IT companies & software. A tech geek at heart, I firmly believe technology can transform societies. I enjoy blogging about web design, email marketing, and content marketing.


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Dakota Leeds Launches New Cocktail Menu That’s Literally a Work of Art

Dakota Leeds has launched a brand-new cocktail menu that pairs art with experimental mixology.

Inspired by some of the most classic works from iconic artists across the globe including Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci and William Turner, the ‘L’art du Cocktail’ menu has been created by the bar team, headed up by Hotel Bar Manager, Mircea Mirica.

The new menu consists of 15 flavoursome cocktails and showcases different stages of art through past decades. Each drink has been created with the art it depicts in mind and is brought to life through the use of creative ingredients, garnishes and glassware.

‘Rain, Steam & Speed’ (William Turner) is a homage to the advancements of the railways in industrial Britain and the drink pays tribute with a smoky flavour to represent the steam train, with hints of fruitiness for the fields featured in the painting. ‘The Cyclist’ (Natalia Goncharova) is a refreshing tipple blending elderflower cordial with Sacchetto Prosecco and Schofield’s Dry Vermouth and features edible stones that are exaggerated in the painting. And the drink dedicated to Paul Strand’s ‘Wall Street’ print photograph uses the Fibonacci sequence in the measurements of the ingredients.

Mircea Mirica, Hotel Bar Manager at Dakota Leeds, said “The motivation behind the art inspired menu stemmed from a visit to the Tales and Spirits bar in Amsterdam, and ‘The Drop of Art’ cocktail on our menu is a true replica of the drink served in the Netherlands. This cocktail inspired the team to develop a new menu based on works of art.

“A lot of thought, passion and time has gone into designing each drink to make it as experiential and memorable as possible. The team researched the period and artist that each cocktail is based on and developed a drink that encapsulates key elements of the artwork.

“Our aim is to deliver a truly amazing cocktail experience that our guests will remember. The new cocktails are designed to not only leave a lasting impression but their interest into discovering why certain ingredients are used and the reasoning behind the presentation. There is so much more to discover when sampling the ‘L’art du Cocktail’ menu, similar to the paintings they depict, and we hope our guests enjoy our very own works of art.”

Cocktails include; Drop of Art (Vincent van Gogh), La Gioconda (Leonardo da Vinci), Rain, Steam & Speed (William Turner), After Dinner at Ornan’s (Gustave Courbet), The Water-Lily Pond (Claude Monet), Portrait of Eugenia Primavesi (Gustav Klimt), Self-Portrait in a Striped T-Shirt (Henri Matisse), Several Circles (Wassily Kandinsky), The Two Fridas (Frida Kahlo), The Cyclist (Natalia Goncharova), Pleiades (Max Ernst), Wall Street (Paul Strand), The Son of Man (René Magritte), The Telephone 2 (Tamara de Lempicka), Campbells’ Soup 1 (Andy Warhol). 

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VisitScotland Announces Cancellation of Expo

Due to a significant number of cancellations caused by Coronavirus (Covid-19) it is with regret that VisitScotland has decided to cancel this year’s VisitScotland Expo that was due to take place on 1 and 2 April at P&J Live in Aberdeen.   

Malcolm Roughead, Chief Executive of VisitScotland, said:  “As a major international event, with over 2,000 attendees from around 30 countries, this decision was not taken lightly, as Expo was on course to be a great success at a brand new and exciting venue, so we are disappointed for all the buyers, exhibitors and staff. 

“We have been monitoring the situation for some time but it is clear that we are already seeing significant cancellations from key countries, as well as concerned enquiries about the event and hesitancy from attendees to travel. With the number of cases of Coronavirus increasing across the world, we did not want to contribute to its potential spread across Scotland and beyond.  

“We will continue to connect buyers and the tourism industry and are currently developing ideas about how we can use technology and digital channels to make those connections – but we won’t be able to physically run the event this year. We are already looking at how we can further support the tourism industry going forward and will continue to monitor the situation on a daily basis.  

“We will make an announcement regarding next year’s Expo in the near future.”

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