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Research highlights the negative impacts of eating a low-carb diet

Cristina Diaconu By Posted on 3 m read

The movement of “cutting carbs” has faced negative press recently, encouraging people to rethink their dietary choices. Findings reveal that drastically stripping back your carb intake, to help lose or maintain your weight for example, may have negative impacts for your health in the long run. The health research coming to light, gently reminds us that including a healthy amount of carbs in our diet is important for generating energy for our bodies, particularly for muscle repair and gain. Take a read through our guide below, from knee pain relief product provider.

A healthy diet includes carbohydrates 

What is a carbohydrate? There are three types of macronutrients that form the main part of our diet, these being carbohydrates, fat and protein. Within the carbohydrate category, there is sugar, starch and fibre. 

Those who often exercise understandably need more energy to keep their body functioning properly and prevent fatigue. This is where carbohydrates are essential, as they’re the main source of energy for both our brains and bodies. When we consume carbohydrates, they break down into glucose. This is then stored in the liver and muscles and used to fuel our physical activity. It’s likely that you wouldn’t athletically perform as well without carbohydrates in your diet. 

Especially if you’re focusing training on a particular muscle group, you need your body to be equipped to repair and build these muscles. This is where carbohydrates come into play. Glucose (the end product of carbohydrates) enables nutrients in the body to be used to make energy, this means that the protein in the muscles can focus on rebuilding and repairing muscle tissues. 

It’s important to remember the difference between “good” and “bad” carbohydrates. Eating too much sugar, for example, will be bad for your health, but increasing your fibre intake is likely to give some benefits.

The negative impact of low-carb diets

Research on different diets and eating habits is continually being released, meaning it can get confusing when we’re deciding what to and not to eat. There is an abundance of recent research though that demonstrates the negatives of a low-carb diet. 

Results published in the Lancet Public Health reveal that eating a low-carb diet can, in fact, shorten your lifespan. They concluded that a 50-year-old participant who consumes less than 30% carbs has a life expectancy of 79.1 years, but this rises to 82 years for someone who eats more than 65% carbs. 

One study published in November 2018 showed that carbohydrates can play a big part in brain activity too. They found that a low-protein, high-carbohydrate diet could go as far as warding off dementia. 

Instead, scientists are recommending maximising fibre intake, suggesting that people should be eating a minimum of 25g each day. This can be difficult to get used to, considering that two Weetabix only has 3g of fibre in and a thick slice of brown bread only has 2g. 

As we can see, cutting out carbs from your diet can seriously affect your ability to work out and recover properly. Recent research has revealed that alternative dietary recommendations may be a better alternative, such as increasing your “good” carbohydrate fibre uptake. 


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London Venue Grows Its Own Vegetables

This year, 30 Euston Square has put sustainability at the heart of their vision. Announcing a new herb garden on the rooftop terrace, the venue will now be able to provide their chefs with fresh ingredients at arm’s length whilst working closely with them to curate the garden to fit their needs in the kitchen. 

In line with their pledge to always source as locally as possible, the venue is launching this new green initiative along with plans to create a vegetable patch during the winter months in order to maintain their promise all year. Providing 30 Euston Square’s chefs with freshly grown rosemary, sage, oregano and thyme, the herb garden will supply ingredients for a variety of dishes including a fresh starter of textures of heritage beetroot, whipped ricotta, lemon thyme vinaigrette or the seasonal Welsh lamb rump, rosemary potato terrine, grilled courgette, Kentish carrot puree, smoked tomato jus.

The terrace beds will offer a source of ingredients for the venue’s own exclusive home-made herb butter and the range of flavoured waters made in-house for events. The vibrant garden, thriving with fragrant lavender flower pots are an addition aimed at creating a space that provides nutrition for honeybees and other pollinators whilst also helping the venue reduce their CO2 emissions. 

Seeds have been sown and during the winter months the central London venue will harvest their home-grown beetroot, kale and Brussels sprouts to be used in a wide variety of recipes, bespoke to 30 Euston Square’s Executive Chef, Daniel Broughton. 

In 2018, 30 Euston Square implemented 11 sustainability pledges which encouraged the team to get creative and experiment to provide better catering experiences across their vast choice of services. In keeping with Searcys’ sustainability pledges, 30 Euston Square buys the best ingredients available, working closely with British farmers and producers to ensure that up to 90% of their seasonal fruit and vegetables are grown in the UK. 

“We are really proud of our sourcing and want to show our customers that we care about where our food comes from as much as they do. We buy our meat and fish directly from family run companies, grow our own herbs and vegetables, and only select teas and coffee from ethical producers. We want everyone we serve to feel confident that they are getting the best quality with as little environmental impact as possible.” comments Daniel Broughton, Executive Chef at 30 Euston Square. 

The venue’s target also includes a waste-management reduction by 20%, with disposable food packaging audited by the specialist NGO, Planet Plastic. 

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Adam Handling Launches Guest Chef Series at The Frog Hoxton

This October, critically acclaimed chef Adam Handling is launching a brand-new guest chef series at his award-winning restaurant The Frog Hoxton, collaborating with some of the UK’s hottest emerging and established chefs. 

As part of Adam Handling’s initiative to offer up-and-coming chefs a platform to showcase their talents, The Frog Hoxton guest chef series will see an exciting line-up collaborate with Adam and the Hoxton team over the next couple of months. For one night only, chefs are invited to create a unique menu showcasing their individual style whilst giving them full reign of Adam’s vibrant East London restaurant.

Kicking off the series of chef collaborations on October 1st will be foraging duo Jamie and Tasoula from ‘Foraged Fellas’ who aim to immerse guests in their fully interactive dining experience, followed by Mauritian chef and cookbook author Selina Periampillai on October 8th and alter – chef Andy Hogben (Ex Som Saa, Kym’s & Dabbous) and his exploration of vegan cuisineon October 22nd.

On November 12th,chefs Joe and Aaron of KityCow will combine the cuisine of India and Nepal with a modern British approach, followed by nose to tail duo, Sam and Alicja of Whole Beast on November 22nd.

Guests at The Frog Hoxton will also get the opportunity to experience an exclusive menu from one of the UK’s leading chefs, Great British Menu 2018 winner, James Cochran. James will be pairing up with Adam and the Hoxton team on 5th November, and Adam will return to his restaurant 1251 next February.  

Says Adam Handling. ” We’re really looking forward to welcoming some of the most exciting and innovative chefs in the UK to The Frog Hoxton. I know just how challenging it is when you’re trying to get a permanent site, especially in London – so this series is a great opportunity to support the industry and give chefs a platform to get their name out there, and for our Hoxton guests to experience something different.”   

The full line up for the The Frog Hoxton Guest Chef Series:

Foraged Fellas on October 1st

Selina Periampillai on October 8th

alter on October 22nd

James Cochran on 5th November

KityCow on 12th November

Whole Beast on 26th November 

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Edinburgh Gin Unveils OXO Tower Partnership

In a new partnership with OXO Tower Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie, Edinburgh Gin unveils an exclusive coastal-themed terrace in the heart of London, the Edinburgh Gin Seaside Terrace. 

Inspired by Edinburgh Gin Seaside – the award-winning gin distilled using coastal botanicals including ground ivy and scurvygrass – the activation has transformed OXO Tower Bar’s terrace with a distinctive seaside theme.

Running for six weeks, the terrace includes a bespoke cocktail menu curated in collaboration with Edinburgh Gin and OXO Tower’s renowned mixology team.

Cocktails made using Edinburgh Gin Seaside and other gins from the range include a Seaside Spritz, a Scottish Negroni and Edinburgh Gin’s signature serves. Guests can also enjoy a coastal inspired bar snacks menu.

Neil Mowat, UK Marketing Director, Ian Macleod Distillers said:  “Our partnership with OXO Tower reinforces our goal to showcase the very best Edinburgh Gin has to offer to consumers in the capital. Seaside has formed the inspiration for the terrace and has resulted in an inspired cocktail selection that gives OXO Tower’s guests the chance to experience Edinburgh Gin on the famous banks of the Thames River.”

Nick Jarman, General Manager, OXO Tower Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie said: “Partnering with Edinburgh Gin to create such an exciting activation concept is testament to our commitment to working with the very best Britain has to offer. It’s collection of gin and liqueurs allowed our bar team and chefs to create unique cocktails and a delicious food menu inspired by Scotland’s famous coastal views and world-famous seafood.”

This builds on a programme of activations in London this summer which kicked off with Edinburgh Gin’s Seaside themed installation for the Chelsea Flower Show at Peter Jones.

The Edinburgh Gin Terrace is open until Sunday, 6 October, for more information:

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Sticks’n’Sushi Arrives in Soho

Sticks’n’Sushi, the Danish restaurant group, is to open its ninth restaurant in the UK on October 9th.  The new restaurant in Beak Street, Soho, will be the group’s seventh in central London, and comes hot on the heels of its recent successful opening in Kings Road, Chelsea.

Known for its high-quality, fresh food based on a unique combination of traditional sushi and yakitori sticks from the grill, Sticks’n’Sushi offers diners a welcoming combination of Danish hygge and Japanese Noren.

The Soho restaurant is in a new building at 40 Beak Street.  Set over two floors, the Soho restaurant will have 170 covers, and operate seven days a week from 12 noon until 11.00pm  (10.00 pm on Sunday).  As a result of the group’s latest expansion 80 new positions are available front and back of house, and they are actively recruiting for ‘vibrant and passionate hospitality-loving individuals.’

Andreas Karlsson, Group CEO says: “Finding the ideal locations for Sticks’n’Sushi can take us some considerable time. We devote a great deal of energy to looking for the perfect sites, and we’ve now found the right spot in Soho.

Although newly constructed, the building we’re going into has already achieved iconic status with its striking glazed brick façade featuring 100 different iridescent shades, and Damien Hirst has chosen this location for his flagship studio and art complex.

It’s the location for us to host the local creative business community, young high-spending residents and destination diners.”

Each Sticks’n’Sushi location is individually planned, and inside the restaurant, guests are greeted by a warm and welcoming design, drawing on Sticks’n’Sushi’s Danish-Japanese heritage. The new restaurant features hanging partitions, inspired by the Japanese Noren curtains, used to separate and decorate doorways in Japan. Their soft and sound dampening qualities add to the Danish Hygge, a distinct feeling of cosiness that permeates every square foot of the two-storey restaurant.

Behind the design are Berlin-based architects Diener + Diener, who have been a trusted partner of Sticks’n’Sushi since the company’s first opening in Copenhagen more than 25 years ago.

The menu features Sticks’n’Sushi’s signature dishes such as the Hell’s Kitchen maki with bubbly tempura shrimp and Japanese barbeque sauce and yakitori skewers such as the Buta Yaki with organic, free-range pork from Denmark.

Introducing sustainable sake

To celebrate the opening of the Soho restaurant, Sticks’n’Sushi is releasing a sustainable and British- brewed sake, made from surplus rice by Kanpai, a micro sake brewery based in London run by Lucy and Tom Wilson.

The new sake is called ‘Rice Revived’. It is a bright and fruity craft sake created with sustainability in mind. Born from a shared passion to reduce food waste, Kanpai crafted this sake from Sticks’n’Sushi’s unused rice and it has been bottled and labelled using recycled materials.

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The Real Greek Launches Filoxenia Dinner Menu

This September, The Real Greek, the UK’s only group of authentic Greek restaurants, will partner  with Hellenic Hope, a UK charity that helps kids-at-risk in Greece, to launch its new Filoxenia Dinner Menu, in a celebration of authentic Greek hospitality.

Greeks pride themselves on their generosity and hospitality to both friends and strangers and call this custom ‘filoxenia’. 

The new menu celebrates this cultural tradition. For just £12.95 per person, diners can enjoy a complete meal, mixing and matching four dishes from across almost the entire Main and Vegan menu, first selecting either Greek Flatbread or Crudités, then one Cold Meze, one Hot Meze / Grilled Meze and a dish from the Sides or Salads section. 

Each time a diner chooses the Filoxenia Dinner Menu in each of its 15 restaurants, The Real Greek will donate 10p to Hellenic Hope, supporting the organisation in its mission to support children living in poverty in Greece.

Guests can make their selection from across almost the entire menu. Diners can pick either warming Greek Flatbread or fresh Crudités, and pair this with a Cold Meze dish, choosing from a variety of dips, including The Real Greek’s daily blended Houmous to its rich and creamy Taramasalata, which it makes with undyed, salted and cured cod roe.

Diners can then choose from a selection of 15 Hot Meze / Grilled Meze dishes. Options include the Chicken Skewer, served with Lemon Mayonnaise and the Spinach Tiropitakia, featuring Three Filo Pastry Parcels with Creamy Leek, Spinach and Feta filling, handmade daily. Alternatively, diners can opt for a vegan alternative, such as the Jackfruit Stifado, slow-cooked with Button Mushrooms, Shallots & Aniseed.

Finally, diners can add a Salad or Side, including the authentic Greek Salad, served with Tomatoes, Cucumber, Peppers, Greek Olives, Red Onion, Feta & Olive Oil, and the Aegean Slaw, made with thinly Shredded Cabbage, Carrots, Red, Green Peppers & an Olive Oil dressing

The Real Greek menu development is led by Tonia Buxton, a celebrity chef and the face of Greek food in Britain. The menu embodies the culinary heritage of the Eastern Mediterranean, taking in the best of Greece’s gastronomic traditions, from its 6,000 islands to the fertile mainland and mountains to the latest innovations of the capital’s restaurant scene.

With all the fun and energy of quintessential Greek dining, The Real Greek is perfect for dates, family get-togethers and a catch up with friends. Its traditional Greek hospitality always delivers a buzzing atmosphere and occasional live entertainment makes it the ideal location for birthdays, anniversaries and parties.

The Filoxenia Dinner Menu will be priced at £12.95 per person, and available to purchase from 5.00pm, Sunday – Thursday across all locations at The Real Greek.

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Jon Hobson Appointed as Head of Operations at Salon Privé

Jon Hobson has been appointed as the new Head of Operations at Salon Privé and will oversee all aspects of the all-new live music gin bar.

Jon, 36, brings with him over 20 years of experience in the industry, having worked at many respected restaurants and bars across Leeds and Manchester.

At Salon Privé, Jon will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the new venue, ensuring that both behind the scenes and front of house runs smoothly, whilst maintaining a motivated team as well as happy guests.

With a new food and drink menu, coupled with live music sets that change weekly, Jon aspires to create the best live music venue in Leeds. Salon Privé is home to Greek Street’s only elevated outdoor terrace, as well as one of the largest gin collections in the city with over 200 varieties.

Andrew Creese, General Manager at Dakota Leeds, said: “We are delighted to welcome Jon to the team. After Jon’s previous successes, we knew we wanted him to take our bar to new heights and I am sure he will maintain and enhance the reputation of Salon Privé, delivering first-class service and an atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.”

Jon Hobson said: “I am truly excited to be working at Salon Privé. Following the venue’s launch, I have been able to spend time coaching and getting to know the team to ensure they provide a seamless service every weekend.

“Salon Privé is a stunning destination bar with unique views over Greek Street and I can’t wait to begin executing more long-term plans, creating an enjoyable and theatrical experience for our guests.”

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Town House at The Kensington Launches New Menu

Cristina Diaconu By Posted on 3 m read

Town House restaurant at The Kensington is delighted to unveil a new menu, offering guests the chance to enjoy London at its most luxurious. The menu offers guests refined dishes inspired by global favourites, to be enjoyed in the sumptuous surroundings of the Town House restaurant, and its nearby drawing room, complete with roaring fireplaces and marble-topped tables. 

New on the à la carte menu at Town House are seasonal dishes including Summer Salad of Asparagus with New Potatoes, Soft Egg, Endive & Herb Vinaigrette (£13) or Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables with Rocket, Puy Lentils, Sundried Tomato Dressing & Feta (£14) to start. Mains on the new menu include Grilled Lamb Cutlets with Crushed Charlotte Potatoes, Steamed Summer Vegetables & Herb Vinaigrette (£28), Whole Dover Sole (on or off the bone, grilled or meunière – £37) and a daily changing line-caught Market Fish of the Day (£MP)

Town House’s new dessert menu includes an opulent wine pairing for each sweet treat, selected by the hotel’s very own Master of Wine. Indulgent choices now available include Vanilla Crème Brûlée with Raspberries (£9); perfect with the Riesling Icewine, Stratus Vineyards 2016 Niagara, Canada (£9), Vegan Aquafaba Pavlova with Summer Berries & Coconut Cream (£9); excellent with Sauternes, DV by Doisy Védrines, 2015, Bordeaux, France (£6.50) or Chocolate & Coconut Panna Cotta with Honeycomb (£9); delicious when paired with Malvasia 10 Year Old, Vinhos Barbeito, Madeira Portugal (£9). 

On weekends, Town House serves a delectable brunch between 12noon – 5pm. New to the offering is a selection of brunch cocktails including Bellini Royal (Peach Purée, Champagne) and Bloody Maria (Tequila, Tomato, Lemon Juice, Worcestershire Sauce, Tabasco), all priced at £10. Brunch dishes include a lavish French Toast with Seasonal Fruit, Mascarpone & Almonds (£9), popular Potato Waffles with Hot Smoked Salmon & Preserved Lemon Crème Fraîche (£10.50) alongside Steak Frites with Double Fried Egg (£19) and Shakshuka with Feta & Chorizo or Grilled Shrimps (£10). 

In true Kensington style, Town House also offers guests the chance to enjoy a broad range of Champagnes, served on their decadent Perrier- Jouët Champagne Trolley. There are four champagnes to be available by the glass and on demand in the plush Drawing Room; Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut (£16), Perrier-Jouët Blason Rosé (£21), Perrier-Jouët Blanc de Blancs (£22.50) and Perrier-Jouët Belle Époque (£30)

Town House also offers guests the rare opportunity to enjoy its entire selection of fine wines by the glass, to be discovered and enjoyed alongside the new menu. The list of handpicked fine wines available by the glass includes 15 distinguished red options and has a choice of over 10 whites, from a very approachable £20. Guests can experience a large selection of some of the very best wines from around the world; whether enjoying the luxurious intimate surroundings of Town House restaurant or the seductive and sophisticated setting of the neighboring K Bar, whose new cocktail menu will launch later this year, taking inspiration from the world’s best-loved wine regions. The list offers wine enthusiasts and novices alike an excellent opportunity to fully immerse themselves in some of the world’s best wines. 

Finally, guests at Town House are able to enjoy afternoon tea daily from 2pm-6pm. The hugely popular London Landmarks Afternoon Tea takes inspiration from London’s most recognisable and historic landmarks, taking diners on a tour of the capital’s most famed structures. Tributes featured on the landmark inspired menu include architectural triumphs such as The Gherkin crafted from White Chocolate with a Dark Chocolate Ganache and The Shard made of Carrot Cake & Milk Chocolate. Alongside an iconic London Telephone Box imagined in Rhubarb Mousse and Big Ben-inspired Lemon Curd Tart, the new London Landmarks Afternoon Tea menu is complete with London’s quintessential treat, Scones served with Heather Hills Strawberry Jam & Clotted Cream and a selection of finger sandwiches. 

Town House is the signature restaurant at The Kensington and is spread across three classically designed drawing rooms, serving locally-sourced, seasonal modern dishes with a global influence. Nestled in the heart of one of London’s most desirable neighbourhoods, Town House is a luxury home away from home, a London escape complete with stylish décor, hand-picked furnishings and open fireplaces overlooking South Kensington’s tree-lined avenues.

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Searcys Pilots New Menu to Reduce Food Waste Across Venues

Market-leading events caterer and restauranteur Searcys is ensuring sustainability is at the heart of their business with the announcement of company-wide menu waste management targets across their iconic venues. Catering for conferences, events and private parties, Searcys’ have introduced a new set of menu planning procedures, with the hope of reducing food and packaging waste by 20%. 

The driving principles of good procurement and menu planning are key to reducing food waste. Across all venues, Searcys’ chefs continue to use local, seasonal produce to create delicious menus for events and parties, while aiming to reduce waste by utilising as much of an ingredient as possible. The new low waste Harvest menu, developed in time for the busy Autumn events season, is available for conferences and events in selected Searcys venues. This encompasses these aims with zero waste hero dishes, including Beetroot barley risotto, roast roots, beetroot leaf salad and rapeseed dressing, which uses all parts of the autumnal beetroot, from root to stem, by serving it three ways. Sustainably sourced crab also features in the Crab and leek tart, foraged leaves and salad cream, a dish which reduces waste by using both brown and white crab meat (rated good by MSC Good Fish Guide) as well as British Leeks, free-range eggs and wholemeal milled flour.

Alongside the menu, Searcys chefs are also encouraged to order produce daily and reduce stock holding for perishable food. Also, where it is safe, leftovers will be repurposed: Coffee grounds turned into compost, jams and relishes will be made with fruits or vegetables soon to expire and leftover bread will be transformed into salad croutons.  

In 2018, Searcys announced a set of sustainability pledges, which were expanded in 2019 to incorporate 24 commitments to sustainable practices. These ensured that 90% of all fruit and vegetables used in the menus are grown in the UK, all tea and coffee is Fairtrade or Direct impact, and all meat is UK-reared from Red Tractor certified farms. Since the implementation of these pledges, Searcys has received an impressive Two Star “Food Made Good” rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association.  

Darren Deadman, Searcys’ Chef Director comments on the company’s commitment to reduce food waste; “With a buoyant events market, we feel it is our responsibility to reduce our food and packaging waste across Searcys, to make sure we can be as sustainable and waste-free as possible. To assist with this, we have established a list of simple, manageable steps for our chefs, which we hope will help make the task of reducing waste a realistic objective.” 

Menu planning rules to reduce food waste

  1. Order seasonal ingredients: utilise the wonderful produce the UK has to offer and work with the seasons to create dishes.
  2. Use a local supply chain: all Searcys chefs have the flexibility to choose their own local suppliers to minimise food miles and support local economy.
  3. Design plant-focused menus: develop dishes that focus on using as much plant and vegetable produce as possible. Make use of sustainable pulses, grains and mushrooms.
  4. Aim for zero-waste dishes:  create dishes that use all elements of an ingredient, and do not peel vegetables unnecessarily. 
  5. Consider the proteins on the plate and feature MCS-approved fish, British poultry and wild game.
  6. Order daily and reduce stock holding: make sure to order produce daily and not to order anything before stocks are checked. Limit the amount of perishable produce you have in stock.
  7. Control portion size: design menus with portions that are satisfying but not oversized, to reduce uneaten food.
  8. Make use of leftovers: where safe to do so, repurpose leftovers – for example, make croutons from bread or use coffee grounds as compost.
  9. Offer English sparkling wines and look out for organic, carbon-neutral or bio-dynamic wines.
  10. Offer tap water where possible or use SRA-approved sustainable Belu. 

Reducing packaging and disposables waste

  1. Request that suppliers use bulk recyclable packaging.
  2. Use reusable plastic containers – aim for products to be delivered in reusable plastic containers.
  3. Recycle – ensure glass, paper and plastic are correctly recycled.
  4. Minimise the use of disposables – use glass, china and metal cutlery instead of plastic. Only use paper straws.
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National Dumpling Day at Royal China Fulham

Get sum dim sum this National Dumpling Day (Thursday 26 September 2019) at Royal China Fulham with a special dim sum selection platter for £15.00.

The tempting platter will be available on National Dumpling Day from 6pm until 10pm.

Treat yourself to sumthing extra special and get a 10% discount when you order 10 platters or more at once.

The delicious dim sum platter includes Spicy crabmeat dumplings with tobiko; Dumpling wrappers made with baby spinach juice; Prawn dumplings; Scallop & minced prawn dumpling with tobiko; and Spicy minced duck dumplings. 

Royal China Fulham seats 55 covers and is the only restaurant in the group to offer a home delivery service. Inside the restaurant, the signature Chinese mural covers one wall, while the large window frontage and windows to the rear of the restaurant create a light and airy space.

The Royal China Group consists of six of London’s most authentic and prestigious Chinese restaurants, including the luxurious and critically-acclaimed Royal China Club.  Based in prime areas of London, the restaurants are centrally located on Baker Street, as well as in Bayswater, Fulham, Harrow-on-the-Hill and Canary Wharf. 

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