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by CHLOE. Launches New Spring Menu

With the arrival of Britain’s much anticipated sunshine, by CHLOE. is delighted to announce the launch of its new Spring Menu made up of four savoury dishes, a daily pancake, a smoothie and a seasonal lemonade. 

Full Menu 

Savoury Dishes:
Vegetable Minestrone Soup: Served with fresh Garden Peas, Kale, Canellini Beans, Cashew Pesto and Sugar Snap Peas 
Price: £3.60/£7.20 

Spring Miso Soup: Served with Asparagus, Spinach, Peas, Kale, Sugar Snap Peas and Tofu. 
Price: £3.60/£7.20 

Smashed Avocado Toast: Topped with Cucumber, Dill, Almond Parm and Tofu Feta. 
Price: £8.40 

Market Veggie: Sugar Snap Peas, Brussel Sprouts and Radicchio, drizzled with a sweet Tahini Maple Mustard dressing. 
Price: £4.20 

Sweet Dishes:
Daily Pancake: Oat Hemp Banana Pancake topped with whipped Maple Butter and Coconut Cream.
Price: £8.40 

Seasonal Lemonade: Lemon, Lime & Basil
Price: £2.75/£3.75

Daily Smoothie (Cardi Beet) : Beets, Mango, Banana, Cranberries, Ginger, Red Cabbage, Chia Seeds, Maple Syrup and Oat Milk. 
Price: £5.80/£7.25 

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Record-Breaking Year for Tourism Show

VisitScotland Expo has hailed this year’s event as one of the biggest in its 40-year history and announced it is heading north in 2020 to the most sustainable event venue in the UK.

Scotland’s biggest travel trade show will be held at The Event Complex Aberdeen (TECA) next year following a stand-out 2019 event.

Held at Glasgow’s SEC on 10 and 11 April, the national tourism organisation’s annual tourism showcase saw 340 businesses exhibiting – the highest number ever including over 100 first-time exhibitors – to more than 550 tour operators, travel agents, wholesalers and airline vacation brands from 28 countries around the world.

VisitScotland facilitated a record 10,000 appointments between exhibitors and buyers and worked with airline partners, Delta, Hainan, Finnair and Jet2 to provide flights for international buyers from key markets.

In 2017/18 Scottish tourism businesses promoting their products and services experienced additional sales of £14.3million as a direct result of attending VisitiScotland Expo.

To give global tour operators the opportunity to experience what Scotland has to offer at first hand, VisitScotland organised familiarisation (fam) trips – from Dumfries and Galloway up to Orkney – before, during and after VisitScotland Expo. The show also saw the Year of Coasts and Waters 2020 announce the first round of supported events and marked the 50th anniversary of VisitScotland.

Next year sees the event move to the £333 million TECA which opens later this year. The new venue will replace the Aberdeen Exhibition Conference and Centre (AECC) with 48,000 square metres of multi-purpose event space, and will boast world-class conference and exhibition halls, an arena, spacious hospitality boxes and a high-end restaurant.

Nick Waight, Managing Director at TECA, said: “Both TECA and the Convention & Events Bureau teams are thrilled to secure such a prestigious event. I have no doubt that the venue will be highly complementary to the VisitScotland Expo as they both showcase the best in Scottish innovation and visitor experience.

“TECA will be the most sustainable event venue in the UK upon opening, which is a fitting tribute to Scotland’s dedication and commitment to sustainable development throughout the country.”

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Hot Cross Buns Recipe from Dominique Ansel Bakery

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Chef Dominique’s version of Hot Cross Buns differs from others recipes because he uses dried cherries, cranberries & candied orange peel within the bun and then finishes with a spiced cinnamon star anise glaze.

The Hot Cross Buns are available to purchase at the bakery’s Belgravia location, are warmed and served with butter when eaten-in and they can also be ordered via Deliveroo. They are priced at £2.50 or £12.50 for a box of five and available from now until April 22nd.

We are also pleased to provide you with Chef Dominique’s recipe for home Chef’s to recreate at home, an ideal activity for the long Easter weekend.

Dominique Ansel’s Hot Cross Bun Recipe

Makes approximately 10 buns.
The Spiced Sugar Syrup
200g granulated sugar
120g water
3 cloves
1 cinnamon stick
2 pieces of star anise


Combine all ingredients in a medium pot and bring to a boil while stirring occasionally.
Strain out the spices, and set aside until ready to use.

The Dough

180g whole milk
300g bread flour
6g salt
10g dried instant yeast
1 egg
6g ground cinnamon
20g granulated sugar
40g raisins*
40g sultanas*
*Soak the raisins and sultanas in a bowl of water for two hours first, then strain and squeeze the water out.

In a stand mixer fitted with a dough hook, combine milk, flour, salt, sugar, yeast, cinnamon, and egg. Mix on low speed until ingredients are combined, then add the butter.
Turn the mixer to medium speed and mix until a smooth ball of dough has formed (about five minutes).
Add in raisins and sultanas and mix on slow speed until evenly distributed throughout the dough.
Transfer the dough to a greased mixing bowl. Cover with cling film and let sit in a warm area until the dough has doubled in size (about one and a half hours).
Punch down the dough, divide into 60g portions and shape each into a tight ball. Place the buns evenly on a baking tray lined with parchment, loosely covering with cling film. Once the buns have doubled in size (about two hours), pipe a cross on each one with the glaze.
Pre-heat oven to 170°C. Bake until the buns are golden coloured (about 15 minutes).
Remove from the oven, and immediately brush the surfaces of each bun with the spiced sugar syrup using a pastry brush. Serve toasted with butter.

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The Soak Is Launching in London’s Victoria

2019 sees the launch of all day bar and restaurant The Soak. Just a stone’s throw away from London’s Victoria station, The Soak is perfectly placed to offer a new and exciting experience to everyone from local workers and residents, to tourists and celebration seekers. The latest arrival on Victoria’s growing bar and restaurant scene, the concept for The Soak is centered around fermenting, soaking, steeping and brining techniques. One of the biggest foodie trends of the moment, fermentation is at the heart of the food and drinks menu with a range of delicious dishes on offer from morning until night.

The Soak’s drinks list curated by General Manager of the entire venue, George Angelpoulos, will offer everything from signature ‘soaked’ cocktails, to The Soak house kombucha, to a carefully selected list of New World, organic and biodynamic wines and a range of craft beers. Music will also be an integral part of the experience and the diverse space will include a dedicated music platform to host live DJ sets and acoustic sessions. Guests won’t need to worry about cutting their evening short at The Soak as it holds a late license until 2am on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday – a new and unique offering in the area.

“We’re really excited to create an immersive and unforgettable experience for our guests at The Soak. Whether you’re looking for an evening out with live music and sensational cocktails or excellent food for a celebration, The Soak will have something for you,” said George Angelopoulos, General Manager at The Soak.

The menu, devised by Head Chef Chris Zachwieja, whose pedigree includes working for Michelin starred chef Tom Aikens, presents dishes like poulet noir with morels, asparagus & a wild mushroom kombucha or wood pigeon, pearl barley koji, anchovies, flat turnip & fermented mooli. With a focus on seasonal, fresh and quality ingredients, the ‘soaked’ food and drink menus will champion intense and balanced flavours.

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Far Side Coffee Launches in the UK

Premium cold brew coffee company Far Side Coffee this month rolls out its Rwanda and Peru Cold Brews, now with extended shelf lives, with an aim to increase distribution across the UK.

Containing just two simple ingredients, coffee and filtered water, Far Side Cold Brew is steeped in chilled waters for over 18 hours, and then finely filtered to leave the cleanest, purest taste possible. Far Side’s brewing process has achieved a nine month shelf life, meaning its bottles can be stored ambient and then refrigerated for point of sale. All products are brewed and bottled in a BRC accredited facility.

Far Side Coffee’s two SKUs are both bold, punchy and deliciously refreshing. Sourced entirely from women’s coffee alliances at each point of origin, the chocolatey notes of Rwanda Cold Brew (RRP: £3.20) and the bright orange peel flavours of Peru Cold Brew (RRP: £3.20) mean that each brew sings to its source and leaves consumers wanting more. The two premium bottle designs celebrate each origin and work to draw customers in with intricate illustrations and eye-catching gold foil detail.

“There’s nowhere to hide with cold brew. It’s a simple process that relies not just on high quality coffee but also the investment of time, resulting in a clean, fresh, unadulterated brew that sings to its origin and plays out complex notes on the tongue. With consumer preference moving away from sweeter tastes in the Stateside coffee sector, I have every confidence that cold brew will continue to make inroads here in the UK as a refreshing, delicious choice for coffee lovers who want to chill,” said Far Side Coffee founder Kadie Regan.

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Special Night at City Social to Mark 5th Anniversary

Jason Atherton’s Michelin-starred restaurant City Social will mark its fifth anniversary with a one-off dinner on Wednesday 1st May. City Social, located on the 24th floor of Tower 42, will commemorate the special occasion with a six-course menu curated by Jason and five of the group’s chefs including; Alex Craciun (formerly of Sosharu); Dale Bainbridge (Pollen Street Social); Phil Carmichael (Berners Tavern); Paul Hood (Social Eating House) and City Social’s Executive Chef, Paul Walsh who recently appeared on this year’s Great British Menu where he represented London and the South East.

Guests will begin with a Marinated tuna open temaki by Sosharu’s former head chef, Alex Craciun followed by a cold starter of Raw Orkney scallop, Tokyo turnip, nashi pear, black olive & jalapeño granite by Pollen Street Social’s, Dale Bainbridge. Phil Carmichael of Berners Tavern will be preparing a hot starter ofWye valley asparagus, beer battered cod cheeks, egg yolk jam and brioche which will be followed by a decadent fish course by Social Eating House’s Chef Patron, Paul Hood who will be serving up Roasted Cornish turbot with morels, pearl barley and wild garlic served alongside a cep and morel tea.

The final two courses will be created by City Social’s very own Paul Walsh and will feature Braised Irish beef short rib, celery, watercress and a red wine reduction and will finish the night with a dessert of Hazelnut ‘plaisir sucré’, chocolate syrup, biscuit and homemade milk ice-cream.

The evening will start at 7pm and will be priced at £150pp including a glass of champagne on arrival. Additionally, guests can opt for either the classic wine pairing (£95) or the fine wine pairing (£150). City Social’s extensive wine and cocktail menu will also be on offer.

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Bucks Party Ideas That Will Get Everyone “Pumped”

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In planning a bucks party, you need to understand what usually gets the guys. Experience can help, but if you do not have any experience in attending one or planning one, this article will show you the way. You can plan a successful party by putting the right ideas into action, regardless of the scenario or timing.

If you have been tasked with the planning of your friend’s bachelor party, there is no need to get nervous. You can borrow from the many bucks party ideas you think will give the boys a thrill. Be confident and leave out the fear of last-minute mishaps. It’s a huge responsibility, but one that will give you bragging rights if executed well ― not to talk of a big “Thank You” from the groom.

Do not go for boring ideas all in the name of playing safe. However, you should ensure that safety precautions are adhered to. The bride will definitely not to be pleased to see her man hobbling or waiting at the end of the aisle with a plaster on his face.

Pre-Party Activities

You can schedule outdoor go-karting, laser tag or other competitive games as part of pre-party activities. Sports should not be left out because it allows everyone to participate.

Soccer, basketball and ice hockey are not bad ideas. It is rare for most members of a group of male friends (if not all) not to like a particular sport. Just remember that safety is important.

The Outdoors and Traveling

Think big by going for outdoor ideas such as lounge or club or pool or beach parties. Of course, you will need to make VIP reservations for the boys. There is something about pool parties or beach parties; the water. A body of water in which the boys can get wild with the “hired ladies”! Read more about that here.

Avoid traveling long distances just to have a bucks party. It is possible to have a great time when your plan involves partying within your town or city. All it takes is the right selection of events and the right venue. If you have to book a flight, it should be within the country so as to avoid stressful trips. Remember that the wedding/wedding preparations need the groom and others in the entourage to be energetic.

Explore the town/city to find great venues for the party. Choose venues located at areas with a low crime rate or that are known for minimal or no gang activity.

Food and Drinks

The drinks? Well, if you fail in that aspect, then everything else amounts to nothing. For a bucks party, the meals/edibles have to fit the occasion. Men having a chat and laughing over good food and the right selection of drinks (beer, wine, vodka, whiskey and rum) is going to be memorable.

A drinking game always gets everyone “pumped”, even the most reserved dude in the squad. Everything needed for the drinking game should be in place. There are various drinking games you can try.

Read more about that here:

Make sure to let each participant of the drinking game know when to stop in order to avoid vomiting and other related “disasters”. Also, avoid crazy mixtures that have not been proven to settle well in the stomach. It is advisable to hire a professional bartender to handle the serving of drinks.

Last Thoughts

During all these, many pictures will be taken. It is going to be almost impossible to forget to do so (if there is no on-going video recording). Someone will surely remind others to do so.

As the party planner, why not take it upon yourself to ensure that all the excitement is captured in video or pictures ― with the permission of the groom and the others of course. You can be sure that most of the boys will want this. It will be useful for those that got “stoned” and cannot remember a thing the next day.

Seeing that being the party planner is a huge responsibility, you have to be the most sensible and least intoxicated member of the group. The boys are counting on you for smooth sailing and a morning full of mild hangovers and no regrets.

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Champagne & Chips at St Pancras Station

Searcys have created the ultimate late night offering at St Pancras station, where guests can indulge in a new Champagne and Chips menu at London’s most stylish holiday departure point. The world-renowned Champagne Bar at St Pancras Grand Terrace is the longest bar in Europe, and the perfect spot to celebrate the beginning or end of a journey.

Now, as guests soak up the Victorian architecture and enjoy a glass of fizz before boarding their train, they can tuck into new bar menu of triple cooked chips, available from 9pm until 11pm and priced from £4.00. 

Various toppings include a creamy home-made truffle mayonnaise(+£2.00), harissa sauce(+£1.50) and a rich red wine gravy (+£1.50) For those in the mood to celebrate, a whole magnum of Taittinger, Brut Reserve, NV can be enjoyed by 4 guests for the special price of £99, an excellent accompaniment to the chips.

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Half of Londoners’ Favourite Drink Is Beer

The craft beer revolution is one that has gone from strength to strength over the past few years, reinvigorating the pub industry and bolstering the hospitality sector. Statistics show that craft beer sales have grown the fastest of any beer category, increasing by 48% within the last 12 months.

With St. Patrick’s Day this Sunday, a day as closely linked to a beer as the country of its patronage, independent brewpub group Brewhouse & Kitchen have commissioned research to find out just how much the nation’s attitudes towards beer have changed. This nationally representative research is taken from a sample of more than 2000 UK adults.

  • Half of Londoners (48%) favourite alcoholic beverage is beer
  • 69% of London’s beer lovers said that craft beer was better than mainstream beers
  • Over half of Londoners (53%) drink more alternative styles of beer now than they did a decade ago
  • Nearly half (46%) of Londoners find alternative styles of beer, rather than standard lagers more exciting
  • Nearly half (46%) of those in capital would rather drink an alternative style of beer than a lager
  • Four in 10 Londoners (41%) believe that, as a style of beer, lager is a dated, boring option
  • Compared with a nationwide average of 34%, Londoners are the most adventurous with their beers, 54% stating they experiment more than they would have 10 years ago
  • 23% of women are trying more alternative styles of beer than they would have 10 years ago
  • Millennials are nearly three times more likely to be adventurous with their beer choices than previous generations

London leads the way for the craft beer movement, 53% of the capital stating they experiment more with their beer styles than they would have ten years ago. In fact, 41% of Londoners would rather drink craft beer than the mainstream beers that have dominated for years.

That being said, craft beer has increased in popularity consistently across the nation, especially among millennials, who have found the market to be more exciting than their previous generations. Millennials are almost three times more likely to be adventurous with the beer they drink than those aged 55 and over.

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The York Roast Co Reopens After Refurbishment

World-famous, family-run business, The York Roast Co renowned for their viral phenomenon, the YorkyPudTM Wrap – has re-opened its flagship York Low Petergate store following a two-week closure for refurbishment. The re-fit comes as part of an extensive programme to refresh the branding of the five stores across York, Chester, Shrewsbury and Salisbury, and represent the brand as it is today.

The 45-cover listed building, located in the historic centre of the city of York has been overhauled with a brand-new exterior featuring hand-painted gold and black signage complete with the latest branding. The new-look interiors stay true to the social media sensation’s family roots with rustic, solid timber tables and chairs complemented with natural earthy tones and a bright and contemporary geometric pattern feature wall. The kitchen has been extended on the ground floor to provide more space for staff to prep orders, allowing them to keep up with the high volume of orders at the flagship store, which often sees customers queuing out of the door.

With a passion for serving up high quality British ingredients, The York Roast Co.’s menu continues to serve up the world-famous YorkyPudTM Wrap; classic cuts of roast meat served in soft fresh bread; and an entire roast dinner meal served open inside a giant Yorkshire pudding. The business is renowned for innovation in Yorkshire pudding and traditional British fast food creations. Their most recent launch was their first sweet treat – The ChoccyPud Wrap – comprising lashings of chocolate, chunks of gooey brownies, crushed Oreos and a crumbly Flake all wrapped up in one of their world-famous giant Yorkshire puddings.

Following the refurbishment programme, The York Roast Co. is embarking on a journey of growth as it looks to secure more sites across the UK to meet customer demand and implement an investment campaign to take the business to the next level.

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