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Sydney Receives a Very British Menu for Winter

After the sell-out success and viral international coverage for his ‘Once Upon a Time’ Disney-inspired menu, Lancashire (UK) born, Sydney based chef, Nelly Robinson has leaned back into his roots (you can thank his pub-loving dad) and embraced the cooler weather in Australia, with his latest British pub-inspired degustation and the return of the famous nel. Sunday ‘roast’ lunch.

The British-themed, pub-inspired degustation menu encompasses a comfy, pub vibe while still expressing the signature nel. style of quality ingredients, unique flavours, theatrics and flair. Under Nelly’s touch, ubiquitous soup and bread becomes a tomato soup infused marshmallow rolled in savoury tomato powder, and the potato and truffle pie is more a homage to its pie forerunners, with the inclusion of earthy truffles, pickled sweet potatoes, roast potato foam and crackling puff pastry rings.

But it doesn’t stop there. Nelly is putting his spin on all the traditional classics, such as the full English breakfast, steak and chips, chicken Kiev and even the fish finger sandwich. For dessert you can expect lemon tart, the meltingly delicious ginger parkin and, of course, a Victoria sponge. But again, don’t assume they’ll look (or taste!) the way they might at The Red Lion or The Queens Arms.

When asked why he chose the more staid British pub theme after the stunning success of the cult Disney-esque offering, Nelly says, ‘It’s getting cold outside and we need food that is comforting. British food is perfect for the dark nights and cold days.’

To be full and cosy is like being given a warm winter hug’, he says. ‘We created this menu so people can relive their memories in food and in life.’

Diners can experience Nelly’s homey and utterly unique dining encounter at Sydney based restaurant nel. from 4 July 2019. And they should! As Nelly says, ‘The UK has amazing gastro pubs that do really incredible food. I remember being rolled out of the pub because I was just too full.’

Nelly continues his love of all comfort foods this winter with the introduction of his new Sunday ‘roast’ lunch into nel.’s regular repertoire. Think Sunday at Nan’s house, with the smell of roasting meats and family and friends lounging around, laughing and joking.

This is exactly what Nelly envisions for his Sunday ‘roast’ lunch. A place where diners can have the succulent roast meats, Yorkshire puddings and sticky toffee puddings that remind them of the long family lunches of years past. With English music playing and the warm, friendly sounds of contented diners, this will be a winter experience to warm guests up.

From Sunday 7 July 2019, diners can enjoy a Nelly style roast at nel. The roast will change weekly, but always comes with all the trimmings – just like Nan made.

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Is the North Leading the Way with Employee Wellbeing?

Cristina Diaconu By Posted on 2 m read

Employee wellbeing has become an important focus for businesses in recent years. A lot of research has shown that looking after employee wellness delivers great benefits for businesses and employees alike. 

However, not all businesses have been as quick to adopt employee wellness programmes as others. There appears to be a divide between the north and the south of the country, with the north currently leading the way. Here, we’ll look at what businesses in the north of the UK are doing to improve their employee wellbeing. 

Providing wellbeing benefits 

One thing a lot of Northern companies have started doing, is introducing wellbeing benefits into the workplace. These include flexible working hours, an unlimited holiday allowance and even an office dog policy. 

These types of benefits have proven to help boost morale, productivity and employee wellness. The more wellbeing benefits you offer your employees, the happier they’ll be and the more productive they’ll be. 

Group learning sessions 

As well as offering general wellbeing benefits, one norther business is also providing group learning sessions. Hive, an HR technology provider based in Newcastle, has won the Organisation of the Year achievement from the UK’s Conscious Employer Awards. Part of its employee wellbeing benefits include group learning sessions known as “Lunch and Learn”. These are employee-led sessions and they’re great for improving skills and boosting confidence in the workplace.

Many employees cite training as one of the major benefits a workplace can provide. So, more businesses could certainly benefit from offering these types of group learning sessions. 

Employee wellness workshops

Another northern business leading the way with employee wellness is William Hill. Based in Leeds, the online gaming and gambling company has recently launched a “Be Your Best Self” physical and mental wellbeing campaign. 

The company provided workshops to senior leaders showing them evidence-backed techniques they can adopt in the workplace to boost employee wellness. The goal is for the leaders to pass on these techniques down to managers within the company. 

Taking care of financial wellbeing

Another way businesses are helping to improve employee wellbeing, is to offer financial aid. This could be in the form of education, access to salary-linked savings and help towards commuting costs. Some businesses also offer employee loans to help ease the financial pressures they are under. Helping towards your employee’s financial salutation delivers exceptional benefits in terms of employee wellbeing. 

So, when it comes to employee wellbeing, businesses in the north do seem to be paving the way. Seeing the success these businesses are having is sure to make businesses all across the UK take note. Improving employee wellness within the workplace is key to helping a business expand and succeed.

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Chocolatier William Curley Launches New Afternoon Tea

This June, The Orangery by Searcysat Blenheim Palace presents a new afternoon tea featuring classically-inspired cakes created exclusively by world-renowned chocolatier and patissier William Curley. The indulgent afternoon tea menu will be paired by Laurent-Perrier Harmony Champagne, specifically chosen by William to match his creations. As of this month, customers with a reservation for The Orangery Restaurant are not required to purchase Palace, Park and Gardens ticket. 

William Curley’s special Afternoon Tea menu will run throughout the summer at The Orangery. Bookings for lunch or afternoon tea at the restaurant also allows guests access to the stunning parkland of Blenheim Palace. Tickets to the Palace and the Formal gardens can be purchased online or at the gates. 

Savouries include classic finger sandwiches with fillings such as Searcys smoked salmon, dill and lemon, cream cheese and cucumber, and Coronation chicken, as well as a courgette and ricotta tart, followed by traditional Buttermilk scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam. Guests will then be invited to indulge in a selection of individual afternoon teacakes including Pistachio and raspberry financiers, Amedei chocolate Sacher torte, Lemon and Earl Grey macarons and Black Forest tart. They will also be able to take their pick from the cake table, where Chocolate and cherry, Lemon drizzle and Chestnut and rum are just a few of the cakes on offer. To make the occasion that bit more special, the William Curley afternoon tea can be enjoyed with a glass of chilled Laurent-Perrier Harmony champagne. Vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free alternatives are all available on request.

William Curley trained with some of the country’s finest chefs, including Pierre Koffmann, Marco Pierre White and Raymond Blanc, before joining The Savoy Hotel, where he became the youngest Chef Patissier in its history. He opened his own business over a decade ago, selling the finest quality chocolate creations, and achieved the Master of Culinary Arts by the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts – the highest accolade awarded to chefs in the UK, with only seven patissiers achieving the award. 

William Curley commented: “I worked at Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons for a number of years, so coming back to Oxfordshire has been particularly special for me. The most rewarding part of my work is creating new chocolates and patisserie. Experimenting with new flavours and ideas is always great fun. Everything we have created for the afternoon tea in The Orangery is handmade so I have spent time with the talented Searcys team at Blenheim Palace to ensure perfection.”

The William Curley Afternoon Tea

£34 per person (£46 with a glass of Laurent-Perrier Harmony champagne)

Finger sandwiches and savoury

 Cream cheese and cucumber

Egg mayonnaise and English cress

Coronation chicken

Searcys smoked salmon, dill, lemon

Courgette and ricotta tart


Buttermilk plain scones

Clotted cream

Strawberry jam

Afternoon teacakes

Selection of individual patisserie and your choice from the cake table

Pistachio and raspberry financier

Amedei chocolate sacher

Lemon and Earl Grey macaron

Black Forest tart

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Olly’s Olives – Ideal for Picnics and Aperitifs!

Olly’s Olives (, a London-based start-up brand with one aim, to produce and sell the best quality olives, in the tastiest flavours possible. Olly’s take juicy, mammoth-sizedperfectly pitted Halkidiki olives and douse them in mouthwatering marinades to make the most of their salty snacks. 2019 sees them launch their core range of olive pouches and their latest range of chilled pots to Sainsbury’s stores nationwide. As the business grows, the small team is launching charitable initiativessupporting women in business worldwide, and getting involved with individual causes close to their hearts.

The brand’s new chilled range (£3.50 per 180g pot) includes the bold Jalapeno Stuffed, Chipotle Olives with Pepper Drops and the brand’s best-loved classic, Garlic & Basil Halkidiki Olives. The bold and vibrant personality of Olly’s Olives makes them perfect for on the go as a satiating snack all by themselves, but they’re also crying out to be eaten alongside a cold beer or cheeky wine, popped into your favourite puttanesca recipe, sprinkled on a pizza or salad, slung into a picnic hamper, and even packed into a lunchbox.

The original range of ambient pouches is naturally vegan, unpasteurised and gluten free (all under 95cals per packet) and are topped off with mouth-watering marinades, with no stones, no messy oils and no artificial preservatives. The selection includes Chilli + RosemaryLemon + Thymeand Basil + Garlic (RRP £1.50 per 50g pouch).

Founder Olly Hiscocks is a lifelong olive fanatic who grew tired of poor quality snacks, so much so that he turned down Medical School in order to change how we eat olives; he says, “For as long as I can remember, the products that have been on offer have lacked character, bold flavour, fresh-tasting olives and vibrant packaging – all factors that we know the modern consumer engages with. So we thought it was our time to step in and take those chilled olives to the next level, and Sainsbury’s have been brilliant in supporting us doing so. We urge all you olive lovers (and loathers!) to give them a try – once you have tasted them, you will not look back.”

After a year of research and tasting, Olly decided to source his jumbo green olives from Halkidiki, Greece, testing all along the way on his foodie guinea pigs at Richmond’s Duck Pond Market. Seeing his customers’ reactions to his succulent olives and innovative flavours, Olly knew he had to scale up his business.

Thanks their latest growth, Olly’s Olives has partnered up with Nest ( who focus on supporting women in underprivileged parts of the world who are setting up their own businesses “helping build a new handworker economy that connects craftspeople, brands and consumers in a circular and human-centric value chain“. As a startup themselves, Founders (and brothers) Olly and Sam Hiscocks wanted to support entrepreneurs; Sam says, “Having gone through the startup gauntlet ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to get off the ground and gain traction”.  Olly’s wanted to do their small bit to redress the balance.  1p of every pot and pouch of Olly’s Olives sold will go towards supporting Nest’s initiatives – as the business grows, Olly’s plan to donate more and contribute more human resource to driving awareness of the cause. 

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The UK’s Honeypot Villages: Coping with Increasing Tourism

Cristina Diaconu By Posted on 2 m read

Once summer arrives and the sun starts shining, many of us pack up the car and head straight to idyllic honeypot villages and coastal towns to make the most of it. After all, what’s more enjoyable than a stroll in the glorious countryside, sipping a drink in a pub garden or sinking your toes in the sand with an ice cream in hand?

Not to mention that due to the uncertainty around Brexit and how it could affect our finances, many of us are doing some careful budgeting and opting for staycations. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this has led to many tourist hotspots being overwhelmed with people in the summer months. In fact, Cornwall is “struggling to cope” and the tourist board has stopped promoting two beaches due to summer overcrowding. 

Although this is certainly troublesome for residents, many rely on tourism for their household income. So how do these picturesque towns strike the right balance between encouraging tourism but managing the impacts of overcrowding?

Improve parking

In a busy tourist hotspot, adequate parking is essential. Fail to get this right and tourists will just park wherever they can, such as residential streets and main roads. This creates traffic jams and in turn, misery for commuters, locals and tourists alike.

Disperse people 

Towns can cope better with increased footfall by spreading it out. It may seem obvious, but if all tourists are heading to the same places within a town or city, it’s going to feel overcrowded. Instead of promoting one particular area or attraction, local tourist boards could encourage people to head to different sites to spread people across a wider area. 

Alternative timings

Most tourists will flock to honeypot villages and coastal towns during the summer months, so why not encourage them to come at less busy times? This will certainly reduce the impact of those busy summer months. One way to do this is to have events during quieter times of year. Alternatively, significant price reductions on activities and accommodation may encourage people to visit at non-peak times. 

Control accommodation 

For towns that are struggling with overcrowding, controlling available accommodation is another way to reduce the impact of tourism. Amsterdam is one city that has taken such measures — stopping hotel developments altogether. Doing this will help to take control of tourist numbers rather than let it spiral out of control. 

There are many effective and efficient ways that towns can better cope with growing tourism. Whether that’s introducing cost incentives for out-of-season tourists, dispersing people or stricter controlling of accommodation, it will help to reduce the negative impacts of overcrowding while still encouraging people to visit. Win, win!

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Most Suitable Cars for the Elderly

Cristina Diaconu By Posted on 5 m read

It is harsh a reality, but we all get older. Despite the fact some of us might still promote the Jane Fonda or Robert De Niro look as we pass through retirement, usually a strenuous working life has taken its toll on our bodies and we exist as more of a Micky Rourke-like resemblance. Nearly 50 years of work and this is your time to relax, to appreciate the finer things in life, and to indulge in all those things you never got an opportunity to while working nine to five.

Whether its spending more time with family with weekend breaks away, you’re going to want to go there in style, but your needs have changed, and what you will have considered to the pinnacle of automotive choices will more than certainly have altered now.

The general perception in society is that car manufacturers only focus on developing feats of engineering which appeal to the millennials, families, or Lewis Hamilton wannabes. This could not be further from the truth. There exists a whole host of cars on the British market which offer more in the way of catering to an elderly person’s needs than that of a young driver —however, most of what a 17-year-old driver will want is exactly the same as what a 70-year-old would.

Let’s take a look at what an elderly person looks for in a car and what the most suitable motors are.


It may seem like a cliché, but this is no myth. As natural progression has set into us all and each morning, we feel that Zebedee-like bounce we once had getting out of bed deplete, the back is beginning to get slightly tighter. Especially for longer journeys, having a car which seats are in more of an upright position is essential, as the last thing you want is to arrive to your destination unable to get out.

Volvo XC60

Available in smaller D4 diesel engines with a bhp of 188, or significantly larger T8 petrol engines with a respective 400bhp, the XC60 really does spoil you for choice. A comfortable driving position in the Volvo isn’t something you need to be concerned about as it offers adjustable lumbar support and plenty of leg room. Parking assistance aids anyone who has lost their confidence in parallel parking while a more than roomy boot space provides copious amounts of space to fit both the golf clubs and the weekly shop.

Starting price: £37,150

Citroen Cactus

Citroen has successfully built a brand on comfort and smooth driving. The French manufacturer used to test its 2CV model by driving it across a field which had been turned over with a basket of eggs — if the eggs broke the suspension needed readjusting. The Cactus wouldn’t quite meet the egg test today and you are likely to feel the odd bump on the road, but it does exist as one of the most luxurious lounge-like hatchbacks on the market. Even for a younger person, continually changing gear can become rather tiring on the calves — the Cactus however offers auto-transmission to remove that additional stress yet doesn’t take all the fun away from driving with the additional sports box.

Starting price: £17,965


As we’ve previously mentioned, the attributes a teen looks for in a car are probably fairly similar to that of a pensioner — cheap insurance, easy to park, and economical on the fuel. For this then, it is more than likely you’re going to want to look at a hatch-back or super-mini — of which there is a wide variety of now. Ideal for days out and doing the shopping, let’s take a look at some of the smaller cars on the market:

Volkswagen Polo

The Polo has established itself as one of the greatest cars on the market, selling more than 1.4 million units of the model here in the UK since its arrival in 1976. The Polo is successful in promoting the quality German engineering VW has become so synonymous for. Although the interior of the car won’t blind you with ergonomically smooth plastic, solid and sturdy matches comfort, and you don’t have to fall into the seat. Available in a range of engine sizes, the 1.0l is the most insurance friendly, however there are a variety of TSi models on offer, which provide an enhanced kick when taking off from the line. Unfortunately, for a person plus 60, there hearing might not have quite the same pick-up as it did thirty years ago, therefore having a conversation can be particularly complex in the car — especially with motorway noise. The Polo doesn’t lack in this department either, with the cabin blocking out engine and exterior sounds.

Starting price: £14,510

Hyundai i10

Undoubtedly one of our favourite cars on the market. Hyundai does exactly what you expect — and in some instances that little bit more. Climb into the i10 and you aren’t going to be knocked for six with technology, but for a city centre car, that is perhaps one of the easiest cars to park on the market, you fail to argue with what you are being offered. Unlike other city models, the i10 doesn’t lack on leg room, or space above your head, ideal for the larger drivers among us. If you opt to upgrade for the SE Blue model, not only does it offer cruise control, taking the strain out of those longer trips, it also utilises hill-start control technology.

Starting price: £8,906

Renault Twingo

The third generation of Renault’s city car, the Twingo is rear-engine 0.9L turbo with hints of that ‘va-va-voom’, that Renault and Thierry Henry were always so desperate to find. Inside the Twingo offers less space that the Hyundai i10 but it stands alone in the fact Renault actually offer owners the opportunity to select one of six packages to match their character. An upright driving comfortable driving position is couple with the fact the Twingo is ridiculously easy to park.

Starting price: £8,846

So, there you have it — don’t be fooled into thinking the world offers nothing in the way of a driving experience for you, even if it might be marketed in that way.

Article provided by VW dealership based in the UK, supplier or used and new vehicles.


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Paint the Town Coral This Negroni Week

The Coral Room, London’s most striking cocktail bar, has teamed up with award-winning Italian dry gin brand VII Hills to create an exclusive Negroni menu to celebrate the centenary of Italy’s most famed red aperitif. Available during Negroni Week from 24th to 30th June, guests can sip on seven limited-edition bold, bittersweet and beautiful Negronis, all made with VII Hills Italian dry gin.

Legend has it that the first Negroni was created at a small café in Florence in 1919. Count Camillo Negroni asked the bartender to fix him a stiffer version of the Americano using gin instead of soda water and thus, a legend was born. As a tribute to the world’s most loved cocktail, seven unique serves, all priced at £10, have been created by the Coral Room’s talented bar team and include:

Negroni Classico – VII Hills Gin, Martini Rosso, Campari

Negroni Bianco – VII Hills Gin, Cocchi Americano, Suze

Coral Negroni – VII Hills Gin infused with Rosebuds, Cocchi Rosa, Aperitivo Del Professore

Café Negroni – VII Hills Gin, Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur, Lustau Rosso

Negroni al Carciofo – VII Hills Gin, Cynar, Martini Riserva Speciale Rubino, Orange Bitters

Negroni Sorbettino – VII Hills Gin, Rinomato Aperitivo, Rhubarb & Cardamom Soda

Negroni Tropicale – VII Hills Gin infused with Coconut & Dried Pineapple, Italicus Rosolio di Bergamatto, Chazalettes Extra Dry

Giovanni Spezziga, GM of The Coral Room & Dalloway Terrace comments: “I am delighted to connect with my Italian roots and be able to provide our guests at The Coral Room with a true taste of Italy, with an exclusive Negroni menu in collaboration with the Italian dry gin, VII Hills. Being part of the celebrations for 100 years of the Negroni is a great excuse to champion one of my favourite drinks!”

Paying homage to Italy in all its essence, VII Hills uniquely combines seven botanicals found on the seven hills that surround Rome, including Italian juniper, pomegranate, celery, artichoke, blood orange, rosehip and Roman chamomile. Handcrafted by master distillers who use centuries-old methods, the result is a balanced libation with sweet, bitter and blood orange notes that complement the flavours of Italy’s iconic cocktail. The perfect gin for the perfect Negroni.  

In true Italian style, kick back in glamorous 20’s-inspired surrounds and enjoy an authentic Italian Aperitivo with a VII Hills Negroni in hand. Saluti!  

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Veganuary Announces Big Changes

Veganuary – the charity behind the month-long ‘try vegan in January’ campaign – has announced big changes to increase its impact, further revolutionise the British high street and spread its successful campaign overseas.

2019 saw the biggest ever Veganuary with 250,000 people registering to take part, and yet its founders have bigger aspirations and ambitions still. To help them realise these, Matthew Glover and Jane Land have appointed Ria Rehberg as CEO.

For six years, Berlin-based Rehberg worked as the Co-Executive Director at Animal Equality in Germany before taking on the role of Country Manager for the global ‘flash’ campaign, Million Dollar Vegan, which offered $1 million to charity if Pope Francis went vegan for Lent. Now, she has joined Veganuary and has plans for significant expansion and increased efficacy.

To support her, and to guide the charity as it grows, a range of trustees have been appointed. They are:

  • Bradley Russell, an investment manager, entrepreneur and co-founder of Manchester Pig Save and the UK Save Movement. Bradley went vegan in 2014 and is a long-term supporter of Veganuary.
  • Ciara Lynch is Chief Operating Officer at The Brilliant Club (an educational university access charity), where she oversees the charity’s Operations Division including Finance, HR, IT and Charity Governance. She became vegan after taking part in Veganuary 2018.
  • Giles Fisher, Head of Category Trading at Waitrose. Giles was the driving force behind the first chilled vegan food bay in UK supermarket history. He was vegetarian for 31 years, before ‘upgrading’ to vegan more than a year ago.
  • Jane Thurnell-Read, former university lecturer, now entrepreneur, philanthropist and inspirational speaker. Jane is long-time Veganuary supporter and became vegan after meeting the Veganuary founders.
  • Marie Page, a digital and social media marketer whose expertise and advice the charity has long relied upon! Marie has been vegan since taking part in Veganuary 2017.
  • Sagar Shah is a professional economist and has worked across the private, public and non-profit sectors on a range of issues including financial regulation and happiness economics. He has supported Veganuary in measuring its impact for animals and evaluating the effectiveness of interventions on dietary change.
  • Seth Tibbott, Chairman and Founder of the family-owned Tofurky Company and its parent company, Turtle Island Foods. Seth has been a long-term supporter of the Veganuary campaign and is pleased to be waving the flag for us in the U.S.A.

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New Generation Transforms Alcohol Free Wine

The rise of a new, younger generation of non drinkers has led Eisberg – the UK’s number one alcohol free wine – to undergo a complete design update with a fresh new logo and label.

With one in five people aged under 25 now choosing not to drink – boosting the alcohol free drinks market to £43M (Nielsen July 2018) – the brand has overhauled its wine range to focus on its 0.0% alcohol credentials, and winemaker origins, with the aim to widen appeal to this new, younger audience.

The contemporary designs use bold shades of pink, red, green and yellow to ensure that the range not only stands out on-shelf, but are also easily recognisable by both the brand’s existing base of loyal customers and new drinkers to the low and no fixture. Meanwhile, the new font design, larger varietal callout and winemaker signature help to emphasise the wine credentials and quality of the brand.

The re-brand also includes a clear new message too – introducing Eisberg as 0.0% for the first time. While the liquid is the same high quality, the 0.0% message has been made clearer on the labels to avoid any consumer confusion.

Andrew Turner, Director of Wine for Eisberg, said: “The low and no alcohol market has changed dramatically over the past few years. While once it was seen as a drink reserved for pregnant women, or designated drivers, the rise of the health and wellbeing movement has made it much more mainstream and acceptable, but confusion still reigns for shoppers. What is low and what is actually alcohol free?

“We are the UK’s number one alcohol free wine brand for a reason. We continue to invest in our liquid and push for new ways to reach our customers. The new look range gives us a fresh look on-shelf and helps to clarify our real wine message yet 0.0% alcohol message.”

Eisberg is made in the same way as regular wine, with the alcohol gently removed at the end through vacuum distillation. All the grapes used have been specifically chosen for their authenticity and ability to retain flavour – the result being an alcohol free wine containing 0.0% alcohol, with a maximum of 34 calories per 125ml glass and the real flavour of international grape varieties.

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London Hilton on Park Lane Scoops Best Afternoon Tea Award

The prestigious Mayfair hotel, the London Hilton on Park Lane scooped the award for the UK’s ‘Best Tasting’ afternoon tea at this year’s Afternoon Tea of the Year Awards, which took place at Westminster Boating Base on Friday 14th June 2019.

The culinary team, led by Executive Chef Anthony Marshall, along with Bake Off: The Professionals 2018 champion, Executive Head of Pastry, Emmanuel Bonneau, had only 30 minutes to prepare the winning afternoon tea and 15 minutes to present and serve to the judges.

The team were credited for delivering visually stunning miniature fancies, pastries, scones and sandwiches as they competed against thirteen finalists. Additionally, the taste was best in class, and took them straight to the top. The team presented the Confessions of a Chocoholic Afternoon Tea, which is available for guests to enjoy in the Podium restaurant.

The chocolate-themed afternoon tea is crafted with Valrhona chocolate, one of the finest chocolates available. The delicate pastries and cakes, smooth and subtle in taste, are freshly hand-made in-house every day. The hand tempered Valrhona chocolate is also used in a variety of strengths from 35% to 70% to suit all palates.

The London Hilton on Park Lane has become renowned for its innovative afternoon teas, offering seasonal twists on a classic tradition. The hotel has long been at the forefront of the quintessentially British pastime and regularly create new concepts and themed experiences drawing on inspirations such as fashion and art.

On accepting the award, Executive Head Chef Anthony Marshall said: “We are all extremely proud of what we have accomplished today. A reflection of hard work, passion and high standards that we all show every day at The London Hilton on Park Lane. We cannot wait for everyone to enjoy what is now officially, the UK’s best tasting afternoon tea!”

The Afternoon Tea of the Year Awards is run by H2O Publishing to celebrate the best in afternoon tea service and creativity from some of the UK’s finest hotels. The awards, judged by a team of industry experts, look at all aspects of the afternoon tea experience from booking to departure, with a strong focus on the food, drink and service.

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